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  • rishabhmyjoopress 6w


    namaskar sbko..

    well now I know why..
    the things that are awesome to many
    does not lure my eyes, not any
    I got different views as sight in mind
    that's not gonna change cause held so long
    might be atheist of those believes
    could be lunatic if seen like much
    but should I change of course to adjust
    with all the blues when the light's not up
    gonna dim my sights for days now
    In a hope that I get some answers
    with all nows.

  • rishabhmyjoopress 15w

    I quit

    I Quit
    I Came Back
    The Thing I Miss
    Keep Holding Me
    I Dare
    I Might Should Not
    At Last I'm Here
    With These
    I Know
    I Should Try
    The Thing That
    I Do Believe
    I Know
    I Have To Try
    Better Things Aren't
    Always Easy.

  • rishabhmyjoopress 16w

    I know no one read my previous post posts.
    The way I used to be... Was that dumb?

  • rishabhmyjoopress 16w

    I used to say... I have learned what 3 idiots movie wanted to teach. it was not only enjoying life but a lesson that I missed.
    I read all those things considering I have learned everything as the curriculum and theories wanted to teach...but life is more than that... I see now. regretting now... even if I felt I was doing the right things, the right way... but sincerely I'm not. Maybe I worked hard to understand everything... but I wasn't a good persuader... it all went wrong cause of my irresponsible nature of learning things as much as they wanted me to learn... to pass exams. may be I did good... that's why I can teach a little what I learned but not everything.

  • rishabhmyjoopress 16w

    Had I Thought
    Someone Would Care
    Don't I Have
    Any Gracious Chair
    Lights Are Dimmed
    And The Night Getting Up
    I Miss Myself
    Standing In Fear

  • rishabhmyjoopress 17w

    Little less

    a little less than I found in life
    the little less that I hold inside
    that little one gonna jump out someday
    I hope
    a little less than I know isn't good
    the little less isn't right but yet
    that little less will be with me always
    I hope
    The sadness or happy
    The swings and me
    Are gonna be not always
    Like this
    The turning of leaves
    And the shadows at bliss
    Are not gonna be always
    Like this
    Yeah, I hope...
    I do hope.

  • rishabhmyjoopress 17w

    I'm stuck

    determined was I,
    but weakened by time.
    guidance I missed,
    cause of nature of mind.
    don't know how long,
    would I stay like this.
    I know it's not okay,
    yet shifted at fixed.

  • rishabhmyjoopress 17w

    A Friend Can Stay With You At Your Worse.
    But Can Not Take Actions For You To Lift You Up

  • rishabhmyjoopress 17w

    Did you?

    Did You Ever Have A Feeling That You Could Not Sleep Cause You Didn't Do Something Good For Anyone For Days?

  • rishabhmyjoopress 17w

    I will

    Whatever he did,
    But did not meant.
    Whatever be price,
    Made out to me.
    The thing is in past.
    Horizon did last.
    But yet mind collapsed.

    Whatever being nice,
    He does for now.
    Whatever he tries,
    Doesn't make me bow.
    I guess it happened.
    Just changed my ways.
    Causes thoughts to crumble now.

    Yes, it is in past.
    A part of me.
    Apart through time,
    Nonetheless standing.
    Cause it makes me aroused,
    Snatches all the vows.
    That I know got to make.
    Within stint.

    I do know, feels sober.
    But no time to back rover.
    It must be done,
    Breathed out.
    However, be hard.
    Yes, I would make a path.
    I can and I will,
    Feel Life.