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  • rincythewriter 1d


    Sometimes,people can't neither
    Understand you nor leave to out of their love
    Its called as pressure inside themselves.

  • rincythewriter 1d


    Don't touch me,
    When I am in pain,
    Maybe I will burst into valcono
    And you could say I am fire that burns.

  • rincythewriter 1d

    Is this all

    What have I done to myself.
    To hide this pain
    Or hide myself into the pain like
    The girl behind the curtain.

  • rincythewriter 1d


    So i was alone in home,
    I felt pain if being lonely.
    And I transformed into sollitude.
    I couldnt make anything right..
    Afterall I am just a human too.
    Isn't too much to ask for..
    To be with someone,whom i can all home.
    And just lay my heads into the arms.
    And also be there for them whenever they think of me.
    What have I done dear god,to deep cut into this pain..
    How will I recover ..from this wound.
    How can I go further and long alone.
    What can I do to undo this.
    Is this going to last forever...

  • rincythewriter 1d


    How blessed is to
    Have someone who loves you
    And prays for you

  • rincythewriter 5d


    Love is softly smooth,
    It makes you better.
    Love is calm ,it make you improve.
    Love is cool,it makes your fear go away.
    Love is silence,it will make you learn.
    Love is the way,you can walk slowly.
    Love is breezy ,it makes you blush.
    Neither greater nor a stimulator..
    Love has grown into all places from shadows to hills from rain to flowers.
    Love is peace and love.all over.
    And again.hope .humble.smile.sexy too.

  • rincythewriter 5d


    If someone's being rude to you,
    Please note that ..
    Its not okay to accept the abuse.
    Its not love.
    Its their own trauma.
    Unplug from any situation that causes you
    Mental,physical and emotional abuse.
    MOVE AWAY from the place and people
    Who abuse you.
    You are free to live your life.
    Choose to love your own self .
    Be with people who love you.
    Takecare of your own self.
    There are good people in this world
    And universe will guide you ..
    Darling ,have a good day.


  • rincythewriter 1w

    As we grow,

    We learn that , there are some people
    Who have hurted us ,and we moved
    On but
    we wish them good...

  • rincythewriter 1w


    People say, it's so dangerous to be in love.
    May be they haven't found the right kind of love .

    As I realise,. Love is the most beautiful feeling .
    Its so simple.
    Its like a child crying while the loved one
    Goes faraway for work.
    Love breaks all fears.
    Makes you a better person.
    Love creates you the pathway.
    Love even makes your dream so clear.

    It doesn't makes you pressured.
    It doesn't makes you frustrated.
    It doesn't makes you sad .
    It doesn't makes you suffocating.

    Love calms the soul.
    Love makes you believe in life.
    Love makes you a softer person.
    Love is the most safest treasure one could posses in this journey .

    Love breaks all barriers inbetween untrusting ,it creates bridges of hope..

    Here's the toast to people whoever believes in love and be in love.your souls of
    Loving makes this world a happy place to live.

  • rincythewriter 1w

    His moves

    Between the nights ending and days beggining,he came into my room ,closed my windows which were scratching ..all day.
    Took my hands into his chest...i could feel those tiny hairs dancing into my fingers skin.
    And he pulled me into his arms ,as I woke up and saw his face .he smiled and kissed me.
    I fall asleep .how could he leave without saying ....
    My ears whispered,to me...he doesnt wants to wake u up..
    I felt his smell all over my dress.
    Was this love?!