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  • riley1307 18w

    Breathe easy

    Lean into me when life gets hard
    Lean on me when life is going good
    I want you to feel safe with me
    Effortlessly, I want you to lean on me
    I am your safe place
    And you, a comforting weight on my shoulder.
    Breathe easy love ...

    I've got you.

  • riley1307 20w

    Let my heart cry out

    All I do is hurt
    I feel trapped in this life
    In this situation
    This never ending cycle of being caged
    Why do I always have to hurt?
    Why must you always make me bleed?
    Why must I hurt?
    I just want to be loved
    I just want to be hugged
    Not broken down
    I cant remember the last time someone loved me
    I cant remember the last time I was hugged

    ..I just want to feel loved.
    Its not that hard is it?
    Im not completely unlovable am I?
    Im not that bad, am I?

  • riley1307 20w


    How much hurt does one have to go through before they just give up..
    Give in
    Let my spirit die
    How much more can I take before the tiny spark thats left...leaves for good?

    Why do some people have a good life
    People that love them
    A family
    But we dont?
    We have prison wardens
    We only know hurt
    We survive
    But never live
    We get through the day
    But cry ourselves to sleep


  • riley1307 20w


    Its what happens inside of you
    When shit is falling apart around you..
    Its what breaks inside you
    As you try to keep your walls from falling apart

    Trauma, is rage that has no outlet
    Its pain, that has no safe place to go
    Its a human, being bottled up
    Like an animal.

    Trauma, is a survivor being let free
    A caged lion being let out for the first tine
    Its emotions being let out
    Its a survivor who has no idea how to live
    Has no idea what its like to live

    Trauma, is a survivor
    Who has had to start over.

  • riley1307 20w


    When hurt turn to anger
    The innocent becomes the guilty
    The soft, become jagged
    The gentle become unmerciful..

    Everyone ignores the hurt
    But fear the rage that follows
    They watch us hurt
    But fear when we turn into monsters

    They ridicule us
    They laugh at us
    They make us cry
    They make us bleed

    And yet when we turn around..
    When we change
    When we start hurting
    When we start making the tears fall
    They fear us
    They judge hs
    They hate us

    But they made us

  • riley1307 20w


    Theres something behind my eyes today
    It demands to be seen
    It demands to be felt
    For just today, let me bleed onto myself
    Forgive my lacklustre
    Theres something behind my eyes that needs attending to
    I dont want to dissapoint you
    I dont want to be not focused

    Forgive me,
    For my best today, may not be adequate for you
    Forgive me..
    Theres something behind my eyes that I cant ignore

    I thought I had recovered from you
    From this
    Guess I was wrong
    Because its still behind my eyes
    It haunts me
    Hurts me
    Makes me bleed

    So let me sit here just for today
    Let me bleed onto myself
    I only ask you dont hold it against me..

  • riley1307 21w


    I wonder....
    What would happen if I snap?
    What would happen if I let me control slip?
    I wonder what its like to be utterly free
    Not composed.
    Not trying.
    Not behaving.
    I wonder...

    What would happen if I let my control slip?

  • riley1307 21w


    Why did I have to be an all or nothing kinda gal?

    I wish I could be your friend.
    But I cant

    I know I could fall for you..
    What if?

    I dont want to be your friend
    Because Im scared I want more
    Im scared of letting you see it
    Im scared that I want to let you in

    I wish I could be your friend
    But i cant..

  • riley1307 25w


    Reading, takes you into another world
    Writing, requires you to bring others into your world.
    You need to live in your head.
    And for many, this is scary.

    Writers, are gifted but also cursed.
    Should they choose to use their gift, it comes with a price.
    To feel deeply.
    To fall lower than most and soar higher than many.
    Writers, are cursed to hardly ever feel equilibrium.
    We feel to much and too deeply .

  • riley1307 26w

    Bleeding all over you

    I think thats the problem.

    All I do is try and get over you
    I know that I am still a little bit yours'
    You arent mine yet I am still yours

    I try and try
    I cant unlove you
    What we had, doesnt come by often

    We fought
    We cried
    We screamed
    We kissed
    We made up

    You're not mine anymore
    But Im still a little bit yours

    I love you
    I love you still
    I love all of you
    I hate you and I love you

    You made me love you
    You made me cry over you..
    You made me run after you

    You pushed I pulled
    You cried and I held you

    I cant stand how much I love you
    I cant even hate without the love bleeding through

    When are you going to realise ...
    You were everything to me
    All I could ever ask for
    All I could ever want

    Im so sorry it took me so longto figure it out
    You are over me now
    You've moved on
    But Im still a little bit yours