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  • riley1307 4d


    The Endangered Species Act serves as a biological halfway house, a protective legal custody for all life forms at risk of disappearing.

    But, in the end

    What saves species, in the end, is human restraint, the ability to balance our needs amd wants against the needs of the rest of the lives on this planet. ( National Geographic, 2009)

  • riley1307 1w


    Turn me on with your words
    Let your thoughts tickle my mind
    Undress me with your words
    Tease my soul
    Mark me
    Own me
    I surrender

  • riley1307 2w


    I want you to see me fly.

    Maybe then you'll understand.

  • riley1307 7w


    I wonder what its like to not love a ghost...


  • riley1307 9w


    I wish it was easier
    Moving on
    Moving forward
    Moving up
    All of it
    Its so hard when you have no fall back plan
    To risk it all
    With no safety net
    No support
    No comforting shoulder to lean on
    No guidance
    Its so,so hard
    And yet...

    We still risk it.

  • riley1307 10w


    I react big when it feels big to me
    I lose my balance... for things that throw me off
    Im human
    If its big to me, I will react accordingly
    Im only human
    I may seem big
    But I feel small
    I yell, because Ive been silenced for so long
    I feel alot
    Its the only thing I can do without reacting
    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react
    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react
    I think I tell myself that atleast five times a day
    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react
    If my emotions get the best of me
    I shut down
    I cant risk reacting

    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react


  • riley1307 10w


    The more I get to know you
    The more I like you
    The more drawn to you I am
    Your mind
    Your heart
    Your voice
    The way you uplift
    The way you support
    My my my..
    How I wish you would look at me..
    I wish...
    Nevermind what I wish
    I could only ever hope to find someone like you
    You are magic and
    Your partner, is one lucky human
    He is one lucky guy
    The way you look at him
    I wonder if you would ever look at me that way
    I wonder if you would risk it
    I wonder if you would ever consider it
    Consider me
    How I wish
    Either way, know that you are magic
    You will always be magic

  • riley1307 11w


    I see the light in you
    It shines through
    Like a shooting star in the dark sky

    I see the light in you
    Its warmth in my darkest moment
    Its in the way you understand what isnt said

    I see the light in you
    Its in the tears you shed
    The smile you rarely share

    Its in your laughter.
    Oh it's in you my darling

    I see the light in you..

  • riley1307 11w


    I will love you always.
    Not just for this life
    But for all of them
    Every world that has a minute chance of you and me
    Even if there was never any chance
    Even if we were only meant to be passing souls
    Living parallel lives
    Close but never close enough
    A love meant to transcend ever universe
    One never meant to clash
    A love never meant to reach
    Lovers that were destined to never touch
    Only hover
    Orbit one another
    But never close enough to touch

  • riley1307 12w

    Breathe easy

    Lean into me when life gets hard
    Lean on me when life is going good
    I want you to feel safe with me
    Effortlessly, I want you to lean on me
    I am your safe place
    And you, a comforting weight on my shoulder.
    Breathe easy love ...

    I've got you.