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  • rikard_the_lost 2w

    It was her

    It was her that fixed my soul. Without her my heart has turned fo coal.

    It was her that fought my demons, now left to wither from within.

    Its was her that I lived for, now broken to my core.

    I loved my autumns breeze more than she ever knew. And I lost her because we were too different. I am not a man who is loved no matter how much I plead with the powers above. A missed call was all I needed to cry till my eyes burned. This life is empty without my muse and that piano now has grown silent. My passion dead and soul lost. Why do I live?


  • rikard_the_lost 2w

    Dear Depression

    What has depression done to me? The same as so many before me who looked to the tree just wishing to be free.

    Its touch has touched me and torn out my eyes, while making me believe.all its lies.

    I let it inside me like just like the alcohol that sits before me but more toxic killing me while all I can do is look for the tree.

    I lay in bed sleepless all day but to tired to even pray.

    It didnt just kill me, it stole my will to live. Why cant you see?

    100 million face it with me, yet makes us all believe we are alone while the loght tries to set us free.

    Its not just in our head, its inside our whole lives making us wish we were dead.

    Its been so many years covered in tears, like eating acid it destroyed me and made me fear facing those i hold dear.

    Its drained my battery like my life has fallen, but now you will hear me callen.

    This is the time with these rhymes your stopped, so many ways to fight you and let the light shine through.

    The things I avoided most like friends and family, music and lyrics, rhymes and good times this is how we fight. The battle is now and I will tell others just how.... To battle thru the blight even if they dont have it in sight. It cant match our might because we have the light.



  • rikard_the_lost 3w

    As I stand at the point of no return i remember. Days of light and happiness laughs and hugs as a life I loved shined so bright. Songs and voices that calmed the storms and made me whole again. Now left to memories and shadows of the past I wish had lasted. Torn from me all that I loved. Like the cliff falls to the sea lost to the waves are all that I had. In need of a light before I give in to this blight.

  • rikard_the_lost 3w

    When words fail and the world starts to turn pale where you you stand? Will it be with the sheep who scream while the world weeps? Or with those who are real and not trying to pose?


  • rikard_the_lost 3w

    Safe harbor

    What is it that im looking for? These voices and sounds shakes my soul to the core. Tossed to the sea of sorrows and pain while searching for safe harbor.


  • rikard_the_lost 4w


    Forgive this wont be what you think. Leaving these words in a app and not ink, while think life flashes by while I blink. No im not a monster or what you may see because im more than you think.

    Scars litter my body and sorrow as all i have for you to borrow, and yet you still will judge me tomorrow. Walking this path isnt easy why not follow? Let me tell you my highs and all I new once, then I will show you just how my life became low.

    Its not tomorrow or that you should strive for. Nor should you judge a man with a pl these scars. Love your family your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, and your children. Pray you never hold your child as he dies. I have... I held my life as his eyes faded from this world. Left here saying fuck tomorrow while I pray for god to give me back yesterday.

    (This was for my son. He was pure and all a father could ask for. My air and now I suffocate praying for god to save me realizing my prayers are left on deaf ears.)


  • rikard_the_lost 9w


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    Gave my all

    I gave my all and so much more. These words dont work, what good do these words do? Not a damn thing they are as empty as most of you. "Oh look at the scars." Look at how I gave my all. "He is that biker." Brand me call me what you wish while I flop out of water like a fish. What did I do to deserve this pain?

    Wait fuck it Im sick of it Ive gave you my all but it wasnt enough. These sleeping pills dont work and the booze make me see what i need. A razor or knife fuck give me a gun while all of you run.

    I gave her my all now no one hears my call.

    (This is a suicide letter written by me. Goodbye)


  • rikard_the_lost 10w

    My best work yet. #followforfollow

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  • rikard_the_lost 14w

    My last goodbye

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    This mask

    My mind broken as my body trembles from within. Running from my past never knowing how long I can last. Sad and wanting to cry while my eyes are set to the sky.

    You see a smile and me being social. I want with people I have nothing in common with with a happy face. Shake everyones hand and say im ok when I know its just a lie.

    This walk that I wish I wasnt doing. That smile you see that isnt even real. A mask of flesh showing you all what you want to see and not what is real. Because the damage done wont heal.

    I told you I wanted more than half your heart. Needed more than just the time you wanted to spend. Ignored and forgotten by the one who said she never would. Pushed aside again treated like I'm just a part time lover. But no long with this mask cover.

    Today I let you go and let this pain within my soul blow. Blow away and hope you once gave. This mask was hiding my pain but it was your love that was all I did ask.


  • rikard_the_lost 16w

    Living in Hell

    What is inside of me? How could I ever see? No im not here to make your heart warm. This wont be a rhyme to help you pass the time. This ink on the page is the blood from my veins. Save yourself that is what I am tell you.

    Scarred on the outside but torn apart from within. The stares and whispers has scarred my mind and you call yourselves kind? Fuck you you're all blind. You never see me till I'm far behind. Calling me a monster when its you that is killing me. Laughing and pointing but never seeing its you that made my life this hell. Trapped within these wall because outside them I live in hell.