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  • riddhi_bardia__ 5w

    for my muse
    for I write a lot about you
    for people usually call me a lovesick fool
    for my muse
    for what we have might not be true
    but whatever it is
    it has to do.

  • riddhi_bardia__ 5w

    we love love
    we want to fall in love
    we want to be in love
    we want to love
    but we're scared to love
    for we haven't seen love solve any problems
    but seen it create many
    we have seen compromises
    and compensations for it
    we have seen deaths for love
    and suicides for the same
    last day my father asked me
    that beta do you have a boyfriend
    for your uncle saw you with a boy last week
    i said no but still my mom freaked
    she said don't fall in love
    and even if you do make sure
    you don't create trouble for your family and you
    love seems easy when i see
    it through eyes of people around me
    but love needs change now
    but change only looks good
    on debates and written sheets
    for every fight I know has been won
    there are ten i fight alone

  • riddhi_bardia__ 8w

    cloudless visions, hazy rhythms
    all i can feel is chaos and mayhem
    slipping, dreaming, slipping
    stagnant living

  • riddhi_bardia__ 8w

    standing in the daylight
    yet i can see nothing clear white
    all is just darkness
    i might as well be bleeding red

  • riddhi_bardia__ 10w

    crack my brain open
    pull all those issues out
    solve them one by one
    for maybe it would kill my demons and doubts

    break my heart with a hammer
    let all the hurt pour away
    for I'm tired of crying
    and letting it drown my place

    tickle my tongue
    let it speak the unspoken
    for I'm ill from all that I have hidden
    for all those secrets unopened

    let me rest in peace
    let me sleep a proper night's sleep
    for I have stored things
    in places nothing is supposed to exist

  • riddhi_bardia__ 10w

    Aapki kahaaniyaan aapse zyada dusro se suni he
    Aapse baaton se zyada ladaiyaan huyi he
    Aapne aaj tak kisi cheez ke liye roka nahi
    Par har baat par toka bhi toh he
    Ache marks aane par na koi tareef mili
    Na fail hone par koi daant
    Aapne hamesha yahi sikhaya ki marks koi mayne nahi rakhta
    Bas ho ni chahiye toh padhne ki chah
    Aapko dekh kar hi kitna kuch sikha he
    Aapke har sapne ko pura karne ki umeed ko dil mein rakha he
    Aapse dar bhi lagta he
    Par aapke saath bethkar khushi ka ehsaas kuch zyada hi hota he
    Kabhi himmat nahi hogi aapko kabhi yeh batane ki
    Par mera dil aapse pyaar bahut karte he

  • riddhi_bardia__ 17w

    I heard you said she's pretty
    that she makes you feel so giddy
    omg I'm so petty
    but I can't really help it
    i have waited for so long
    for her to be just gone
    but then she's back again
    and I wonder now
    would you fall for her games

    she's sweet, she's smart
    she got you in one chance
    she makes you laugh, she makes you smile
    but God she also makes you cry
    she's perfect
    your pair makes people jealous
    I think she might be the one for you
    but it's sad, I have been wanting to be that too

  • riddhi_bardia__ 18w

    I will most probably cry
    every night
    until there's an inkling of hope
    that every minute ahead
    is still to be lived

    I will blame every single decision
    curse without reason
    until nothings left in me
    no pain to feel
    for I would have happiness
    sometime later
    but i would have it

    I will be sad
    not see the joys around me
    for the dark has to be felt
    before the light emerges
    so yes I will be crying
    for it will be tears of joy

  • riddhi_bardia__ 19w

    I can give you
    my last piece of cake
    I can give you
    all the things I bake
    I can give you
    all those thick creamy shakes
    cause you're my love
    and food is bae.

    I can give you
    all of my spare time
    I can give you
    those stories in my eyes
    I can give you
    whispers of poetic lines
    cause you're my love
    and these are my love signs

    I can give you
    study calls and coffee
    I can give you
    long walks in the morning
    I can give you
    all the answers to your queries
    cause you're my love
    and your future makes me happy

    I can give you
    all that your heart desires
    for all I want
    is a piece of your fire
    I can give you
    the meaning to your life
    for all I want
    is a little effort from your side
    I can give you
    anything you want
    for you're my love
    and I wish to give you all

  • riddhi_bardia__ 20w

    His addiction is like a sugar rush
    unhealthy but I like it so much
    and I can't help falling for him again
    even though he breaks my heart like 10 times a day
    and then they ask me who is he?
    cause I keep writing and writing about him
    and I say I'm never gonna reveal it
    for he's himself a mystery
    His smile makes me feel goosebumps
    seeing him makes my heart jump
    and I can't help falling for him again
    even though he will break my heart 10 times a day
    our story's unique
    I'm obsessed and he remains mad at me
    but he still listens to the tunes that I speak
    for my addiction is rubbing of on him
    and I can't help falling again
    for I know he'll love me back one day.