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  • ricoben03 7w

    Countless nights are needed to meet you

    Different seasons have passed
    Moments I cherished with you, still fresh on my mind
    Always excited whenever I think about you
    Standing front of me
    Waiting for my hugs and kisses
    and tell you that I'm real
    It's no longer a dream but it's me
    The one that you waited for a long time
    The one that truly loves you more than his own pride

    I love you
    Is still exist, and lived lively

  • ricoben03 8w

    What would you do when you see her?

    I will embrace her soul
    Kiss her beautiful lips
    Hold her hands and lock to mine
    I will spend my entire days with her
    No regrets, I feel blessed to meet you
    No second thoughts, its always you
    I choose you because I love you


  • ricoben03 13w

    Cold nights

    Storm comes in the midst of cold nights
    Hearing rain drops, my sanity keeps up
    Shivers my flesh, but my spirit is fresh
    Hand a brewed coffee, I wish you were here

  • ricoben03 15w

    Apoy sa dagat

    Sabay nating tanawin ang buwan
    Hampas ng alon sa karagatan
    Nanlalamig sa dalampasigan
    Ngunit ang ating mga katawan
    Umaapoy na sa kalaliman
    ng pusong wagas magpakailanman


  • ricoben03 15w

    Mahal ko

    Sa pagpikit ng mundong makulay,
    Dama ko pa rin ang iyong lagay;
    Sa pagdating ng bukang liwayway,
    Katabi ko'y aking hinihitay.

    Sinta, paggising ko sa higaan,
    Nais kitang unang masilayan;
    Mga mata mo na mabalaghan,
    Nakatitig sa'king kalawakan.

    Mundo mo'y pinatuloy mo sa'kin,
    Puso mo ay akin ng kamkamin;
    Alagaan, paraisong akin,
    Ligaya ko, binibining akin.

  • ricoben03 18w

    Your peaceful sleep

    Sounds so good to be with someone you fell a sleep without worries.
    Caressing her hair gently while singing lullaby until she sound asleep.
    Her face has a peaceful moment that you cannot disturb.
    Both of you are happy, satisfied with what you have.


  • ricoben03 20w

    Celebrating my 1st monthsary with my girlfriend.

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    Milestones that we set together,
    May continue to grow further

    Our distance could be farther;
    Some people opposed hearts can't be sounder,
    But our existence is always louder

    I am your lover,
    That will shine your night forever


  • ricoben03 20w

    Smile, my dear

    Your smile, the last thing I want to see before I say goodbye.
    I'm still breathing,
    but keep in mind that this is all I want from you.
    Your happiness,
    makes my soul rest in peace under your beautiful smile.
    My dear,
    don't hesitate to cry.

    You will be fine after this happy ending of my life.


  • ricoben03 20w

    My Caffeinated Baby

    It is cold outside and I'm with you
    To keep me warm inside,
    I want to stay with you
    Under the sparkling lights
    Until we see the sunrise
    I will kiss you
    I will always be your coffee
    Good morning my beauty


  • ricoben03 22w

    My love possession

    I wanna spend my days with you
    Talking about stars
    Wondering our desires
    Fulfilling our dreams

    I wanna spend my life with you
    Even you're not in mood
    To organize yourself
    Ranting all the things you find awful

    I wanna love you for the rest of my life
    Even when the time comes of disagreements

    I cannot imagine my life without you
    When the time comes
    Finding ourselves fading out of love
    I will savage it to keep our love lasting until the last breath
    No matter what cost it takes just keep you with me