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  • rhythmsofheart 9w

    @miraquill @mirakee @writersnetwork #poet #poetry #poem #write #writer
    #rhythmsofheart #heart # love

    Love is the music of life, we dance to its rhythm
    Sometimes its melodious
    Sometimes its soothing
    Sometimes, it's nowhere

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    Music of Life

    Where it starts
    Where it ends
    No footprints ever identified
    But it ties the humankind
    And revolves around them
    With them.

    Its light
    When it falls on us
    We shine
    The glow lights the whole world
    Immersed in eternal joy
    We dance to its rhythm

    Infinite ones are ignited by its flame
    But few are yearning
    Atleast to see its shadow

    Some are blessed
    Some are impoverished
    Is it so ?

    Every heart
    Is a symbol
    Where the eternal joy reigns.
    Unleash it to conquer

  • rhythmsofheart 9w

    @miraquill @mirakee #poetry rhythmsofheart #poem #poet # let it # rain # write # writer #life #turmoil @ writersnetwork

    Every season is for a reason.
    - @rhythmsofheart

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    Let it

    Let it rain
    Let it create a vast ocean
    And create commotion
    Ravaging the coast
    When the cyclone hits the land
    Slowly, it fades away
    There goes away your inner turmoil

    Let it rain
    Let it flow like a passage of river
    Reaching the corners
    Watering the arid lands
    Creating the paradise, full of life
    There you found your destination
    After a long trail of tribulations

  • rhythmsofheart 11w

    #destiny #rhythmsofheart # poet #poetry # write #poem @mirakee @miraquill @ writersnetwork # road

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    Never knew
    The road
    Travelling by
    Leading you
    To the destiny
    You never knew
    You will never know
    Until the moment you lived it
    It perishes, mingles with the past
    It creates, new ones in the future
    Ever tried to count it
    May be finite or infinite ones
    Created specially for you, by you
    Fulfill it in your own way
    Not in an established way
    So the road shall remember its traveller.

  • rhythmsofheart 17w

    # rhythmsofheart #poet #poetry # writer # write @mirakee @writersnetwork #regret # second #past #future

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    For a second

    In the middle of the passage
    It striked
    To stop for a moment
    Not for the footprints left behind
    Not for the unexplored way ahead
    But to look at the present landscape
    Full of ups and downs
    You chiseled it
    So for a second
    No regrets.

  • rhythmsofheart 18w


    Where eternal clock chimes
    About ecstasy of living
    Rather everywhere
    Mourning voices are singing
    The last song

    In this arena
    Could find one full of life
    Rather everyone
    Is buried in the unknown future
    Full of lies

    Where the present is a subject
    Could find a ruler
    Rather everyone
    Is ruling in the past and future
    Which is nowhere.

  • rhythmsofheart 18w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #noneedtoexplain #rhythmsofheart # poem # poet # poetry # write # writer # explain # need # she

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    No need to explain

    When they try to correct
    Your attitude
    Just because you are "she"
    No need to explain them
    That you are unique.

    When they misjudged
    Your words
    Just because you are "she"
    No need to explain them
    That you meant right.

    When they tried to control
    Your decisions
    Just because you are " she "
    No need to explain them
    That your decisions are better

    No need to explain them
    About your
    Life and above all
    About "You"
    Just because you are "she"

    But they need to explain
    The real Need of their infinite questions.

  • rhythmsofheart 18w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #hoursbeforerainfall # rythmsofheart # poem # poetry # poet # writer # write #rain

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    Hours before rainfall

    Signs of your arrival
    Made us to dance
    So, when you arrive
    You can join us
    With your own rhythm

    Signs of your arrival
    Filled our heart
    So, when you arrive
    You can bring us joy
    Of fulfilling our stomach

    Signs of your arrival
    Refreshed our minds
    So when you arrive
    You can bring life
    To our dead rivers
    Used also for recreation

    Signs of your arrival
    Made us sing about you
    So when you arrive
    We can save you
    To save ourselves
    From the vicious circle
    Of scarcity .

  • rhythmsofheart 19w

    # poem # poetry # poet # writer # write # miraquill # rhythmsofheart #dream # scream # stolendreams @writersnetwork

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    Stolen Dreams

    When the owner
    Of the clothes shop
    Shooed us away
    From the platform
    Towards the road
    Seeing us wearing
    unconventional clothes,
    Holding tea cups
    We were not there
    To steal
    It's just a dream
    To wear them one day
    Dont steal our freedom to dream
    That's our scream.

  • rhythmsofheart 19w

    # mirakee # miraquill # poet # poem # writer # write # rhythmsofheart # wind #blooms #nature #love @writersnetwork

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    With wind, it blooms

    The flower looks afresh
    Against the odds of wind
    No bruises
    No signs of its assassination
    Look inside
    It's not shaken
    Rather standing
    So the wind can have its trial
    Neither won
    The flower blooms
    With swaying wind
    But we
    Test time
    To prove our power
    Who wins
    Obviously, The Nature .

  • rhythmsofheart 26w

    # writing # poetry # poem # poet # writer # rythmsofheart # light # mirakee # miraquill # writersnetwork # darkness

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    The passage is dark
    So the light can be seen
    From the end
    Hope springs even in
    The deserted land