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  • rhymesbynick 11w

    A few ill informed people have been questioning my ability and knowledge in how to train my own body, subtle hints about weather or not I've used steroids, jealousy and behind my back bitch chat. If you think this is aimed at you then maybe it is. If you haven't done any of that then it is not, simple as that.
    Here's the truth:
    I got to where I am today by research and trying out what works well for me. I stepped into a gym and pressed a barbell for the first time over 12 years ago. I have trained on and off, quite a lot of time off to be fair, ever since. It has been a long journey of discovery and I admit occasionally mistakes and injury. I have no pt qualifications or bodybuilding titles just my personal experience. I will always accept advice when given and give advice if you want it.
    I love the gym, I mean I really, really love the gym! It has many times pulled me out of dark places, thrown a ladder down the hole I have dug myself.
    I will never stop going, I will never stop lifting and no one will ever prevent me from doing that.
    The gym means so much to me a wrote a poem about it awhile back. Swipe left to read it if you like.

  • rhymesbynick 63w

    Don't Do It

    Sometimes I feel like they just wanna end it
    I can not continue and there is no way to mend it
    It is stupid because I know I won't go through with it
    But the feeling is so strong that I don't know if I can control it
    I have not lived that long but I am so fed up with it
    This life is not at all what I had imagined it
    The truth is I could have achieved so much more and I know it
    I really shouldn't be sitting here ready throw it
    What is it that pushes me towards ending it?
    I should be trying to find a solution to mend it
    I need to get off this cycle and try and break it
    These feelings are wrong and I really do know it
    To those who don't understand I'm going to quickly explain it
    For some life gets harder when you repeatedly fail it
    For others they see a reflection in the mirror and don't like it
    And some can't get happy no matter hard they try at it
    Does anyone else feel like they just wanna end it?
    I hope it's just me as I wouldn't want you to have gone through it
    Should I just end it or should I survive it?
    NO don't do it I know we can make it!


  • rhymesbynick 63w

    Thank You Friends

    I speak to my friends about my ongoing troubles,
    Without them I would still be stuck in a deep dark puddle,
    I thank you my friends for putting up with these struggles,
    It must be hard though because I bore even myself with this mindless drivel.
    We talk of the past and about my sadness and fear,
    The pain, the disappointment and why my behaviours are not quite clear,
    How your encouragements have helped speed up the repair,
    But I have this doubt that I am not what you think I appear.
    Some might call me a little eccentric,
    But quite frankly I now don't really give a shit,
    Or do I, I don't know, I don't completely get it,
    My head can get out if order and I can't get a grip.
    The lads I know call me a genuine fella,
    Whose honest, humble and has great character,
    They have a way of getting through to me when I put up the barriers,
    I want them to know I will be in their corner whatever the danger.
    There are quality girls who bring me great cheer,
    They don't judge or criticise on the way I appear,
    They can see I was raised by a woman who's teachings were clear,
    That I should be a gentleman and I should know no fear.
    Self doubt can have me question who I am,
    Even though I know I am in fact a Man,
    I've picked up a habit of putting myself down,
    You've all helped me turn those thoughts around.
    I can not thank you lot enough for listening to me over and over,
    It allows this great weight to be lifted off these big shoulders,
    To focus my mind on the the real things that are important,
    Like realising I have a life worth living and that I need to keep moving forward.


  • rhymesbynick 63w

    A Damning Indictment of Friendship

    You was always there when I had money to spare,
    Throwing it around like I had no care,
    Buying the next round when it wasn't my turn,
    You was always there when I had money to burn.
    Why weren't you there when my mind was going spare,
    Throwing away my life like I had no care,
    On my own for so long it made my personality turn,
    You was never there when my mind started to burn.
    You were never there so I don't want to hear,
    Poor excuses as to why I didn't hear from you for a year,
    You stayed over there and never came near,
    Why you chose to stay away has never been clear.
    Now I live down here I don't care to hear,
    Or care even the slightest if I haven't seen you all year,
    I'll stay over here and you can try to get near,
    But your friendship is no longer needed let that be clear!


  • rhymesbynick 77w

    Extinction is Imminent

    Impatiently waiting for the zombie apocalypse,
    When it begins there is no stopping this,
    Everything devoured like a swarm of locusts,
    Waking up and realising it was all made up in the unconscious.
    Sitting here expecting the asteroid armageddon,
    We are all gonna die this time I am not kidding,
    There is one heading our way and we are all gonna be toast,
    Sitting on the edge but then it just flys by real close.
    The clock is one minute closer to impending doom,
    There is a flash on the horizon followed by a nuclear mushroom,
    I can hear the rumble getting closer and closer,
    It turns out it was just thunder and lightning and a storm cloud growing taller.
    The climate is changing due to global warming,
    The signs where all there and we were given plenty of warnings,
    It'll be an instant catastrophe like the ones in the movies,
    But in real life it will be slower and may take a few centuries.
    Mother nature or someone has released a new virus,
    It is gonna mutate in our bodies and become disastrous,
    Tension and panic will take over all thinking,
    But all we need is common sense and a bit of social distancing.


  • rhymesbynick 94w

    You Can't Judge Crazy Until You've Been There

    You can call me a tit all you like,
    Probably couldn't best me in a fight.
    Not just a physical but also the verbal,
    I love the fact that I am a little bit mental.
    Yes a bit mental but very gentle,
    Push me too far you best be careful.
    I am slightly off center so be wary,
    I'll flip from gentle to being quite scary.
    Mental is good as you see things differently,
    I would rather be free then locked in your misery.
    Your opinion of me you are entitled to,
    But keep it to your self as you have no clue.
    I can act dumb and a little sad,
    But if you think of it that's no so bad.
    You can not judge what you do not know,
    I may be crazy but I enjoy the show.
    I dance like a fool without a care about you,
    I may trip over myself after drinking a few.
    If you don't like it then walk away,
    If you do then come join in with the play.
    You see I don't care what you think of me,
    I am who I am so let me be.
    You can't stop this boy or maybe man,
    Because I am succeeding in my own ridiculous master plan.


  • rhymesbynick 96w


    Hands up, I am a drug addict and an alcoholic,
    It used to be recreational but now it is habit.
    Put a drink in front of me and I'll reach out to grab it,
    And if it's the white stuff I'll finish the whole packet.
    When it was recreational I would go out and enjoy,
    Then it turned into habitual and I would stay in and destroy.
    Destroy my bank account and also my social life,
    Removing myself from what is important and right.
    You may say, how can someone even get like that,
    It's really easy actually, I'd just head down the shop and pick up my favorite six pack.
    If I haven't quite got the money for that,
    I'll shuffle further down the aisle and buy some of that cheaper crap.
    When the mood strikes, which tends to be quite often,
    I will dial a few numbers, any decent user has more than one of them.
    It might take some time which isn't a problem,
    Because eventually I know I'll be pinging like a good un'.
    I can blame it on the boredom or a lack of self discipline,
    Truthfully there is no excuse for what I am doing.
    I'm trying to pull myself out of the hole I keep on digging,
    But something is dragging me back to ensure completion.
    I can always say don't do it and take back control,
    Yet that voice in my mind encourages the downfall.
    I think my addictions are what's causing me to feel low,
    But I haven't the courage to just say no.
    Struggling to look at myself in the mirror,
    The dark circles around my eyes give the impression of a creature.
    I've being using for so long I lost all my good features,
    Remembering my old reflection, how I do miss ya.
    My body is giving up and my mind is all manic,
    If you heard the things I say you'd call me a savage.
    I wasted all my money and now it's time to panic,
    I haven't eaten in days and I think I've got liver damage.


  • rhymesbynick 102w

    Established Order

    We're going up against the established order,
    The kind of organisations that cross borders.
    They've always been there and always will,
    That shouldn't stop you from fighting them still.

    Greedy fat men in expensive flash suits,
    Friends with our leaders and all their mates too.
    Captains of industry, yeah fucking right,
    Capitalist pigs, their wallets so tight.

    Looking down on the rest of us from your high towers,
    You really do think that you hold all the power.
    We know what you're up to, you have know where to hide,
    One day we will find you, hold to account, no compromise.

    Corporations, politicians and bankers too,
    Their only intention is to railroad you.
    They think we are all stupid and haven't got a clue,
    The damage they cause could destroy the whole world through.

    Never ever give in to the government spin,
    If you allow it, they will always win.
    Stand up and fight, fight them with words,
    And boycotts and protests until you are heard.

    They say each vote can count so go make your mark,
    Or ignore it all and play no part.
    Indifference is just not good enough,
    Some of their decisions can make your life tough.

    Low wages, no contract, abuse of your rights,
    Unions and their power being stripped overnight.
    Rise up now and fight your corner,
    Because we're going up against the established order.


  • rhymesbynick 105w

    Pack up and go

    I see these countries that man has created,
    Borders to cross, barbed wire and fences.
    Open spaces and places to visit for ages,
    I want to travel the world well into my
    Pack up and go and let's get on with the show,
    Places to visit on my list, which will grow.
    Up and down hills that are covered in snow,
    Rivers and streams that I do not know.
    Shoulder my backpack and let's get going,
    Unpack and recheck, rather that then not
    Pack too much and I will be blowing,
    Get the map out so I know where I'm homing.
    So many sights that need to be seen,
    I want visit them now, so many places to see,
    People and cultures that will astound me,
    Flora and fauna and picturesque scenes.
    Take enough money for things that cost,
    Bribes at the border, I will take that loss.
    Mountains and deserts to scale and cross,
    Hoping and praying I do not get lost.


  • rhymesbynick 116w

    I wish I could forget

    I wish I could forget that beautiful face,
    The way you looked that boundless grace.
    I wish I could forget that perfect smile,
    That golden hair you could see from a mile.
    My god those legs, the way you moved,
    Those shuffling feet when you danced your moves.
    Popping on the dance floor was your thing,
    Dub Step, that was your King.
    I wish I could forget the way you drive,
    One foot on the gas, one foot on the dash.
    I wish I could forget the fun we had,
    Pumping out drum n' bass till my ear drums blast.
    Polly Matthews you had my heart and soul,
    I felt I had known you since time untold.
    You are loved by so many, you touched us all,
    When I think you're not here, all I want to do is fall.
    I wish I could forget, you were a crazy one.
    Bombing down that hill, falling and sliding on ya bum.
    I wish I could forget, I can't you see,
    You drove me crazy just looking at me.
    The sun no longer shines quite like it did,
    The troubles you had, you secretly hid.
    I'm glad I was there for the times we had,
    I know you'll be dancing up there like mad.
    I wish I could forget, I know that sounds awful,
    But the pain is to deep, I can no longer hold onto.
    I wish I could forget, I know that sounds bad,
    The thought drives me mad but I'm glad we had what we had.
    The day I found out you had died, so did I deep down inside.
    A light switched out inside my head, Oh how I wish I had died instead.
    This world without you is nothing you see,
    Such a beautiful creature there will never ever be.
    I wish I could forget you, one day I will,
    I know I won't until the day I am still.
    I will never forget, you'll remain in my heart forever,
    Even when I'm old, battered and beggared.
    I'm no good at poems but I did my best,
    I hope I honoured you without writing the rest.
    For Polly
    11th March 1989 - 30th July 2015
    26 Years Young