Irish man, creative and imaginative.

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  • remember1 19w


    All the verses in all the lands,
    Singing in time frozen for man.
    Centralised in the universe,
    As we sit and contemplate,
    Are there other paraverses?
    Is this our one and only fate?

    Imagine if you will a coin spinning through the air,
    Which side will it land on? Would you even care?
    Would your actions today have consequences tomorrow?
    Choices we make upon ourselves and others,
    Indignant to the pain in a world full of sorrow.
    Longing for the care and protection of our brothers.

    As we spin around and around,
    Can we visit the paraverses by breaking the speed of sound?
    If that coin were to stop spinning in the sky,
    Would running on the rim help us go back in time?
    In another world maybe we can all fly?
    Imagine how simply we might all feel just fine.

    Alas I feel it is no more than a dream,
    Impossible to achieve without a strong minded team.
    Laying in bed and pondering the verses,
    Someday man might become more than his worth.
    Until then our journey ends riding in a hearse.
    For now, all we can do is hurt.

    © Robert Nolan 17-06-21
    All Rights Reserved

  • remember1 21w

    MCI v CHE

    It was May twenty-nine,
    Twenty-two men were fine.
    Counting down the sands of time.
    Will the victor be mine?

    The city of Oporto,
    Where the dreams of north and south go.
    Who will win, could you know?
    Socks or shorts, both coloured as snow.

    Dark blue and sky blue.
    Upon which side are you?
    Will the hopes of millions come true?
    The foot fits in either shoe.

    Havaretz broke the offside trap,
    Around the keeper for a simple tap
    In the net and that was that.
    As the citizens flip and flap.

    What a man, what a guy.
    A troubled time that hero Kai.
    Dancing feet so simple sly,
    Celebrating to god up in the sky.

    That Belgian wonder call De Bruyne,
    Lands on which side of the coin?
    The slap of heads not of the groin,
    A game he can no longer rejoin.

    Two English guys named Foden and Mount.
    With trophy chests to hopefully count,
    Numerous medals both will surmount.
    Local hero’s in every account.

    Lighting strikes twice? Tyler says no.
    It’s not to be so,
    In the net the ball just won’t go.

    Seven minutes in heaven,
    Or hell for those near Devon.
    Tuchel teaches Pep the lesson,
    Another German leader in possession.

    The Champions of Leagues,
    Challenges of all degrees,
    No need for prayer beads.
    City lay in a bed of reeds.

    ©Robert Nolan 29-05-21
    All Rights Reserved

  • remember1 22w

    Nelumbo Nucifera

    Layers of symmetry and spirituality splashed with delicate colour,
    Disappearing at night into a deep mud filled slumber.
    Hidden within the scared beauty of its delicate exterior,
    Resurrection occurs daily as a symbolic newcomer.

    Heavenly belief lost amongst the pointed towers of Giza,
    Encased in a simple flower returning life to the universe.
    No gold could stop that final moment of akinesia,
    Dead be gone, or would rebirth antiquate the need for a hearse?

    Buddha himself came forth upon a floating plant,
    White meaning purity with yellow a representation of spiritual ascension.
    First footsteps on Earth could not disenchant,
    Blossoming new life through mother natures reinvention.

    No loss or sacrifice, thousands of years in continued survival,
    Living life with unwavering faith will ensure the most beautiful revival.

    © Robert Nolan 25-05-21
    All Rights Reserved

  • remember1 22w

    Goodbye My Friend

    Out at sea, the waves crashed by, smashing into the rocks high in the sky.
    Six hundred miles from the coast of Ecuador,
    Standing tall, two rocks, arched together as one. Why, oh my!
    As one became two, crashing into the depths with an almighty roar.

    Darwin, that naturalist from so long ago, desperately tried with what he could show.
    The beauty of nature and evolution sprinkled throughout, free from human strife,
    Maximised dedication for freedom of existence upon that archipelago.
    The opposite of God, could it be....the real meaning of life?

    From afar on a boat, right before their eyes, like an almighty explosion,
    No longer just a volcano of unique flora and fauna,
    Darwin crossed the river Styx thanks to natural erosion.
    No different to the lid ripped off that box of Pandora.

    How can life continue as the world crumbles around us like a paradox?
    Can we save the species, or will the hare finally beat the tortoise?
    Two-hundred and thirty-four inlets, islands and rocks,
    Can man really win? Or is it up to the mice?

    © Robert Nolan 20-05-2021
    All Rights Reserved

  • remember1 23w

    High Functioning Sociopath,
    Do Your Research

    He only ever really believed in one thing,
    Its worth so much more than any bling,
    Guess it makes him so different.
    He spent his days constantly learning,
    Feeling that piece inside was missing,
    Until he could reach that level of improvement.
    No interest these days in simple walking,
    Caring even less for looking,
    The things that made him so independent.
    Inside that mind which left many wondering,
    Of why so high was Icarus flying,
    Now they understand the life is éclaircissement.
    Is the elucidation confusing,
    Now they are no longer examining,
    Getting buried for being superefficient.
    Stuck in bed lying,
    Open that mouth and see who is dying,
    Companions lost for being cobelligerent.
    Instantly never seen as intimidating,
    Often many spend their time overestimating,
    Perhaps that mind is now incandescent.
    A head constantly over concerning,
    The result some believe of simple misfunctioning,
    Hounded entirely by a world so belligerent.
    Devilishly cunning, charming and entertaining,
    Often others left assuming,
    You are just too different.
    Openly fleeing, running, warning,
    Until they can’t stop lying,
    Reduced to a compromised establishment.
    Ridiculously trying to blind the king,
    Each one of them yearning,
    Something so striking about that student.
    Every other wished they had the eye of viewing,
    All yearning to know that feeling,
    Released from within that glass compartment.
    Can you really keep on seeing?
    Hearing and understanding more than any ape resident?

    © Robert Nolan - May 2021
    All Rights Reserved