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  • relatabletales 18h

    Live each day like it's the last

    Everyday is not a beautiful day
    Just like roses have thorns,
    It has petals too,
    for comforting the pain inflicted by thorns
    The beautiful days are
    the healer to our gloomy days
    The beautiful days are
    ephemeral relief to our lowness

    Every thought is not a beautiful thought
    Just like every mind doesn't think alike
    Just like every heart doesn't feel alike
    Beautiful or ugly, good or bad
    Mere words which make us happy or sad
    Relive and recreate
    your each day, your each memory
    Go for eternity. Go for yourself.
    - Disha Roy

  • relatabletales 8w

    Think for the ones who think for you.
    Don't let anyone or anything control you.

  • relatabletales 10w

    You can never explain to someone who misunderstands you for everything

  • relatabletales 10w

    To my Chucho

    When I say, I need to talk to someone right now
    It is you, who I'm referring to
    When I say, I always have a firm support
    I'm talking about none other than you
    When I say I have the most precious gift
    sent to me by the God,
    that gift is you and it's really true
    I have many people in my life for sure,
    but like you, not even two
    I feel lucky to have you by my side,
    to have shared so many memories
    of life, in all the shades of hue
    You and I share so much in common
    that even our mood swings grew
    high to low, view past view
    Not only just sisters, birthday twins we are too
    Since childhood till now
    we have grown together, be it in old times or new
    I wish the happiest days for you my little sister
    Be it any phase of life,
    today, tomorrow or any other day
    I'll stick by you

  • relatabletales 13w

    Scars are not always beautiful

    When you promise to heal someone's wounds
    When you promise to be there and cure those wounds
    When you wish to amend those wounds and make them beautiful
    Then please stay there and try
    Try to heal them, and not freshen them
    Try to fade away those wounds and bruise it with your slightest efforts
    Try to deteriorate those scars,
    cuz the scars were permanent and your promises turned them temporary
    But those temporary scars turn to be very painful when you wound them again.
    Never wound a wounded scar, nothing can be worse than that!
    When you do that..
    you just evoke pain out of misery
    When you do that..
    not only you lose your words, but you gain an unsaid injury which can never be bruised by you again.


  • relatabletales 34w

    Untill you chase your dreams, you can't chase the world.
    So start believing your dreams and work for it!

  • relatabletales 35w

    Be the reason for your own happiness!

  • relatabletales 41w

    The biggest way to sense your worth is to comprehend your happiness with your thoughts.

  • relatabletales 41w

    I expect because I love you.
    I can't give up on my expectations,
    because I can't give up on loving you!

  • relatabletales 41w

    Over involvement and overindulgence in someone's life ruins everything.