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  • rekesh 52w

    Parody of broken hearts.

    Oh! How well did you fall for it so easily, didn't you ? For eternal love sunsets, and romance deeper than the seas?
    About how love would wrangle your soul ,and let you see dreams.
    See, I know you loved yourself once, before being a glass toy before a sea Strom.
    Stars and Saturn rings promised to you.

    Now you sail, sorrowed but seeking a horizon somewhere,
    Salty yet sweet , hoping for a serene something.
    Lovers parody, yet a lover's sun.
    Perhaps realized now,
    Before lovers, you should have loved your own soul.

  • rekesh 69w

    It came late

    God made me thick skinned,
    Cause it all came late to me.
    I had no Instagram when I was fourteen,
    Nor do I lose my mind on a hate tweet.
    Love came to me late,
    And by twenty three,
    I was still a virgin.
    It didn't come, I just wouldn't,
    I had no camera in college,
    So I hate taking selfies.

    But something did come ,
    A sense or originality and ,
    The love for whiskey.
    So even when all seek publicity,
    I get drunk and write poetry.

  • rekesh 72w

    Paper Queen

    She was floating , on what looked like paper wings posing like a rising Phoenix , she was perfection personified.
    Perhaps I wasn't prepared for my paper world to crumble like pastry art every time she passively passed by.
    But now, I picture her in each one of my paper words, trying to put together pieces of her in praises inside of a poetry.
    She is picture perfect, and my paramount prison crashed down as her presence painted sunsets in my horizon.
    She probably won't even ponder upon my poetic whispers floating like plastic on a windy day kissing the perfect picture.

  • rekesh 73w

    Do I know anyone here?

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    Sometimes ,
    When You walk pass by my house,
    I see your eyes automatically search for mine.
    almost like a muscle memory.
    and by any chance if our gaze happens to meet.
    In awkward silence we greet.
    Though we try hard not to smile.
    we both lose the battle after a while.
    We turn numb, almost paralyzed..
    Frozen in time.
    I see your cheeks turn into rose, and your lips into wine.
    Though we don't share a word.
    We live each other for just a while.
    Now we both hang our heads low,
    Try to take our first steps.
    We almost feel like babies.
    Learning to walk all over again.

  • rekesh 75w

    Let me cascade into the abyss of my thoughts, forged from the scars of hollow goodbyes .
    Let love remain immortal inside drops of ink.
    For weary eyes have searched the horizon waiting for a known silhouette to linger.
    Let not the embrace that withers away be my eutopia.
    But rather musky fragrances of old pages save my choking soul.
    They whisper love comes in million new disguise.
    I hope mine arrives in books as words showering new reasons to survive.


  • rekesh 89w


    Your mist, forming clouds of serenity upon my scorched heart. I stood elevated from the grasp of abbyss , wanting to catch the horizon of your embrace.
    Like the fragrance of mud kissed by the rain, my worth renewed in your presence.
    A tale to tell , a story passed upon by drunken lips,
    Of how you taste like a shot of old whiskey,
    Slow poison disguised as gentle bliss.

  • rekesh 92w

    Choke hold

    Suffocated and restrained,
    Choking on love ,
    That dwells on hatred.
    Moves restricted.

    Unplanned, unloved .
    Perhaps unknown.
    Who does care,
    To hear the voices.
    Of awaiting love.
    Of hope shattered?

  • rekesh 94w

    A lousy memory of years spent in fantasy. There were times we cashed fireflies and made wildfire. Sat beneath the rainbow and kissed the horizon.
    Remember how I gifted you love? Like crushed berriers in the palm of my hand. Lavender still reminds me of the fragrance of our time. We sipped whiskey from the same cup, shared secrets of our own worlds and hoped it finds shelter in our empathy.

    Time has a folly , it doesnt care to stop. For if there was one day I hoped that this world would stop, it was then with you when our souls sang hallelujah, while our bodies made love beneath the stars.

  • rekesh 97w


    She was obsessed with the color red,
    This dangerous girl with scarlet lips,
    Her reckless kiss written in blood
    Upon a page I could not turn...

  • rekesh 108w

    Nights like this.

    The city sleeps tonight, wrapped under the blanket of billion stars . Dreams flutter on eye lids of weary minds and kiss pain away, like rain bestowed upon a barren desert.

    Sleep has departed my lashes like past lover whose promises of forever didn't even see tomorrow. There is something intoxicating about this Autumn breeze tonight. Cool and soothing like melody of countless harps , I lose myself into the music of my own creation.

    There is no shadow of lonliness lurking in the dark tonight. There are no forgotten memories incarcerated as tears when I look upto the sky. It's just me, the moon, the breeze whispering how glorious it is to be alone in nights like this. Nights when you gift yourself a long awaited forgiveness. Nights when you find peace within yourself.

    The city loses herself in deep slumber. A soft music plays on my phone while I take a deep breath with lyrics from the Passenger's song singing,
    "Life is for the living so live it or you're better off dead."