Letting my heart drip from my fingers instagram account :- recluse_1122

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  • recluse_1122 29w

    Grace! Only thing I can sense in her character.

  • recluse_1122 30w

    And now we drift away into the scorching sun(life) from the comfort of our canopy (parents care). It isn't the grand gestures we miss the most, but infact we miss the small things our parents regularly did. The ones which always went by unnoticed. The bitter truth is the things we took for granted are the same things for which we so dearly crave today. Sometimes distance does teach us simple yet important lessons.

  • recluse_1122 31w

    Expensive gifts?? we can buy it for ourselves,
    But love, care and attention cannot be bought and even if bought it won't last long. It always has to be given/received.

  • recluse_1122 34w

    It's hard to love a woman who is scared,
    It's even harder to love her when you know it,
    But someday it will be worth it.

  • recluse_1122 39w

    Slowly, day by day, i break the shackles of inferiority complex built up over the years. The journey is tough yet it is mandatory.

  • recluse_1122 39w

    This juggling of words with my emotions has been a boon as well as a curse for me.
    Where it decorates my success, and the failure's are displayed as a scar.

  • recluse_1122 42w

    I wasn't the person i am today, neither will i be the same tomorrow. The daggers stabbed in my back have drained the warmth from within prompting me to be more colder with each passing day..

  • recluse_1122 49w

    I know a girl who is afraid at every step in life,
    Little did she knew that her potential was like the phoenix
    which could rise even from the ashes.

  • recluse_1122 50w

    Kisi ki khoobsurti ko shabdon me sajaana(decorate) gunha lagta hai (×2)
    Kahi ashiqui ki jurm me mujhe zaleel na karde iska mujhe darr lagta hai.

  • recluse_1122 52w

    Each genre of music is love,
    The boy who's starts his day with eminem songs in the morning. Sleeps listening to Kishore kumar and Rafi sahab at night.