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  • rebeltease 1w

    Need To Know

    I want to wake to you each day, fall asleep with the taste of you on my lips 
    Never to be fake, to be the rays for your sun to eclipse 
    Your reason for embracing everyday, the need you have in life to achieve 
    Always teasing I want never to be replaced, the seed to help you believe 
    Can I get lost in your luscious extreme, the welcoming moon in your nights 
    The daily cost within your dreams, the sweet tune that brings you light
    I want to cause your bottom lip to slightly shake, from anticipation of your lips meeting mine
    The sweetness to sip in the wake of our love, to be that realization, not a fleeting sign 
    For our bodies to tremble, from the want of the others touch
    I pray it’s me that resembles the need you want and love so much
    Just laying here thinking about you, has me craving the deliciousness that is you 
    I guess what I’m saying is your enslaving my ridiculousness I've given to so very few 
    See I would surrender my last breath for you and these feeling still grow 
    Can you promise me the same in return, can you share with me I need to know 

  • rebeltease 22w

    Life Isn't Fair

    I just need to step back and take a breath
    Get outta my emotions let me mimic death
    Do away with feelings, mine don’t matter
    Remember statements are meant to flatter
    Does anyone today ever really speak truth
    I mean I have these examples for proof
    Not what you feel it’s who you can fool
    A sad case of games without any rules
    Settled for second place that’s your problem
    Treated as a thief and I might rob them
    I will just play like them, nothings for real
    It’s only my truth no need to even feel
    Paste on my smile again, as myself I collect
    They’ll think I’m fine my truth they won’t detect
    Stop being who I am because none care
    Pick myself up remembering life isn’t fair

  • rebeltease 23w

    Power Of Persuasion

    Persuasion is the strongest force,
    being very suggestive of sorts, 
    Unembellished eloquent behavior,
    one that other’s can savior, 
    An ingenious good but evil style,
    boarding slightly untruthful all the while,
    Giving the power of the suggested word,
    when one speaks the words are heard,  
    But if one was to use them correctly,
    they’d work perfectly yet subjectively
    To persuade and to seductively entice,
    smoothly achieving an ultimate end so precise,
    the result what primal instinct
    wants in response,
    with such flippant nonchalance, 
    Be it so sweet and spiritless, the use of words are limitless, if slick and vigorous,
    they will become impetus, 
    Just believe, in the power to weave,
    suggestive words to the naive, 
    You see I’ve made this observation,
    following with concentration, any conversation,
    can bring in a compensation, I’d bet my reputation!

  • rebeltease 23w

    ALL Different

    Our world holds so much hate,
    in a time when we all can relate,
    be a lil more tollerante of others, honestly we are all sisters and brothers,
    if I don’t have your beliefs I’m not bad,
    my beliefs come from experiences I’ve had,
    I do not force my views onto you, why when to your god your true, you see my way of life doesn’t work for all,
    I don’t hate short people cause I’m tall,
    different is how we all were made, it’s not another’s place to dissuade, let others believe what they know to believe,
    let others grieve how they know to grieve,
    there isn’t any one way that is right, we all find our own Devine light,
    life has dealt us all different hands, which set us towards our own godly plans,
    I don’t hate another because of their race,
    nor do I hate others from another place,
    there are bad and good in every culture,
    some are sweet while others are vulgar,
    when we die then we shall be judged,
    religion says we shouldn’t begrudge,
    it’s our gods who will have the honor,
    sit back relax while you ponder

  • rebeltease 26w

    Moments Scribbled

    Something exceptional in this
    world of written words we once shared
    Minutes turned into hours spent
    opened hearts soon had cared

    Consequences meaningful or
    at least they were to me
    Nights you spent in my dreams,
    from you I could not be free

    Craved your music evermore,
    your voice did not deceive
    Knowing the gentle touch of our
    lips would be heaven to receive

    Special moments scribbled back and
    forth left an everlasting impression
    Ultimately accomplished only
    left me to then question

    Still generously and unhesitatingly
    I relaxed walls I built
    Realizing the extraordinary
    good fortune not guilt

    When you left soon my words
    lost meaning soon it was unveiled
    Tidal volume of pain within
    me as i then exhaled

    Unique love unlikely,
    possibilities were now dismissed
    Leaving me heartbroken,
    dagger in my chest as you twist

  • rebeltease 32w

    Spun Rhapsody

    Equipped with pen, designing this script 
    Predicted again what the words depict 
    Baring my essence with ink unsparingly 
    Sharing secrets that slide smooth to daringly 

    Facing a rendition of untainted passion 
    Tracing ambitions awaited in caption
    Captured liquid flow of ink put to paper 
    Raptured text glows in wonderful vapor

    Faint the structures obscured in parallels 
    Painted in delicate hues of hushed pastels 
    Embracing lyrics immersed in my mind
    Laced with compassion rhymes are defined 

    Hearing chords while straying to falsetto 
    Clearing realistic distinct vocal vibrato
    Creating the sustenance that feeds the fire 
    Dictating stamina’s unyielding desire 

    Interpreting rhythm while riding each bar 
    Reassuring fragmented prisms in the stars
    Fragility in irresistible loving capacity 
    Humility of diversity in spun rhapsody 

  • rebeltease 43w

    Ride Or Die

    I’ll fight beside you, I’ll be there for any reason 
    Your ride or die, forever I’ll never be teasing 
    I only hold the hand of the one holding me down 
    The man who makes me smile and never frown

    Love you at your worst hold you at your weakest 
    Respect you know it’s love at it’s deepest 
    You gave me your heart, saying I’m your pride
    Love how you need me and have me by your side

    Puts me first, makes sure that our love always last 
    You wait for me never pushing me to move fast
    Until stars fall from the sky until the rivers run dry 
    I’ll give you all I have inside, I never have to try 

    A love stronger than our mistakes,or imperfections 
    Strength of our loyalty I would never question
    You are my fallen Angel and my broken half 
    making me smile, you always make me laugh 

    You calm my raging ocean that lives deep inside 
    If I’m scared your always there, no reason to hide
    You have my back never letting me come to harm
    Never knew a gangsta held so much charm 


  • rebeltease 43w

    Bonnie & Clyde

    I'll be your Bonnie and you be my Clyde
    Trust and loyalty you always provide
    Taking on the world always by your side
    No secrets between us we’ve  nothing to hide

    Down for you and you for me this love is unique
    It stands through the test of time always epic
    Us against the world is how it should be
    Taken out our enemies in killing sprees

    I’m your ride or die every single day
    Untouchable, like Ness even when we play
    You stimulate my body and my mind 
    Thief of love your the mastermind 

    I'm your Bonnie and your my Clyde 
    If a poison you'd be my cyanide 
    I curl up to you as you pull me closer 
    In your arms I’m the pistol, your the holster

  • rebeltease 43w

    Abstract Painted Bars

    Walking through your 
    lyrical writings 
    Triggering hidden 
    unknowns so exciting 
    Bending language rules 
    written so perfect
    Attitude you will quite 
    skillfully inject 
    Behind each letter 
    sending such power
    Bars tickling 
    thoughts that I devour 
    With an infinite 
    incomprehensible simplicity
    Written with such a 
    definite brilliancy 
    Loving your abstract 
    painted bars 
    Leaving challengers 
    faint and charred 
    Your flow breaths such 
    intense fire 
    Inviting in me such a 
    immense desire
    Delivering a sweltering 
    versed pattern
    Splintering masterfully 
    you tatter them 
    Leaves me in awe of the 
    creativity you possess
    With ease you steadily 
    leave me impressed

  • rebeltease 43w

    Forever Yielding

    Within the ink 
    stained sunsets
    The lotus 
    memories bloom 
    Flooded by 
    past regrets 
    Caressed by past 
    pending doom

    Thoughts of a whiskey 
    summer breeze
    Intoxicating my 
    restless soul
    As your arms so 
    gently tease
    Provoking me to 
    lose all control

    Romance takes a 
    sweet gentle vibe
    Inviting delightful 
    intoxicated emotions
    Across the heavens 
    they transcribe
    As we float atop 
    the colored oceans

    moonlight shown 
    As It’s lilac scented 
    light danced 
    In magical mono 
    colored tone
    While enchantment 

    Words softly caress 
    my silken soul 
    Flow bouncing off my 
    secret  thoughts 
    Needs so obvious 
    still kept me whole
    Never to be sprinkled 
    with cannot’s 

    Your eyes hold a 
    liquid starlight
    Falling I catch some 
    undeniable feelings
    Watching you shine 
    so very bright
    Now seems my heart 
    is forever yielding