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  • rebelpjones 42w

    Her Magic/ Beautiful Creation

    It was truly beautiful
    Even soothing,
    the way she loved me
    and connected to thee,

    embraced in her midnight glow
    serenaded by the sounds of
    the midnight orchestra
    within the woods that
    surrounded us.

    Her magic astounded me
    and I became thirsty for more
    and deeply and darkly obsessed.

    Thoughts of her,
    images in my head
    within my fantasies like
    I was possessed,

    picturing her undressed as
    I became erect
    but my excitement for her
    wasn't just due to her
    pure powerful sex,

    it wasn't due to her blinding beauty
    or the wisdom she subjects,
    it was something more
    I couldn't put in words,
    a feeling like I've
    never ever felt before.

    She twirled in dance
    beneath the midnight moon,
    around a blazing flame,
    her dance was entrancing as I
    became lost in her gaze.

    As we physically connected
    naked and naturally
    pastinating the seed of
    new life affectionately.

    I suddenly felt an
    explosion of blessings
    come shooting
    from out of me
    to occupy by the thousands
    in the warmth of her deep
    seas and valley's.

    Once again through
    loving creation
    more magic was born,
    The world was just brightened
    as this magical blessing took form.
    A new level of Rebel
    has now entered the world.

  • rebelpjones 42w

    Healing From Hurt

    If you're not hurting
    then what are you healing from?
    but in the chaos of this world,
    Name a person now a days
    not feeling some sort of bitter way,
    for in this wicked bitter day
    this life has a way of
    consuming human light
    and bringing out our
    darkest parts,
    Our deepest felt pains,
    Healing from that,
    Well it's going to
    take some work,
    and it's going to hurt,
    but no pain no gain
    they say and
    life for a thousand years
    has showed me this to be true.
    Life doesn't play
    when dispersing its pain
    and pains darkness will
    do its best to
    truly and
    permanently hurt you

  • rebelpjones 42w

    Lost and falling

    I get stuck
    feeling comfortable
    in the
    darkest, coldest, dampest of places,
    how did I get here?
    What choices did I make
    to lead me in this direction,
    Its too easy to become lost in the details when stretching out the meaningful lessons,
    Just move it along,
    the details are a painful addiction to revisit,
    I'm just being truthful,
    Again just move it along,
    Don't stick around here,
    These are dangerous grounds.
    There's something wrong with those of us that walk through darkness just to have a look around.
    Perhaps something dark has got me bound,
    So escape from this crevice of a soul that's trying to claw its way back up above ground,
    Seems to merely be just a distant sounds of thoughts inbound.
    So I just keep falling into darkness with nothing to land on,
    Just praying for light to pass by big enough for me to grab onto.

  • rebelpjones 42w

    What I Am

    As I begin to
    better understand
    what I am,
    I realise
    I'm merely a mortal man,
    Involved in a life
    constructed by
    an immortals plans.

  • rebelpjones 42w

    The Arriviste's

    As the fire grows and spreads hatred amongst sisters and brothers,
    we've seen this before,
    the man in charge spews off such hatred without cause,

    I've seen this before,
    behind my very own childhood doors,
    its not a good existence,
    and if you let it get to you,
    it truly rots
    what inhabits your very core.

    Don't let ones ego
    tarnish the love
    you once held so high
    in your morals
    Because of a fierce disease,
    That stemmed from greed,
    Hatred wouldn't even exist if it hadn't been for the planting of that disease spreading seed.

    Obnoxious, and ignorant,
    not a good blend,
    Like a cyanide laced cup of tea
    Offend without filter, as your disgusting wealth leads, there's no heart and soul in that, because the soul was the fee,

    So now when you bleed,
    You bleed corruption and scandal,
    And the suffering ones are we
    not in the same league.

  • rebelpjones 43w

    Implico/Interlace, Communicate

    As I sit back with my
    head in the smoke
    I enter another
    intriguing realm of thought.

    As I rewind the recorder
    of they day and the many ways
    I failed to successfully communicate,

    I see and agree with my
    inner mes' perception,
    I'm still a jerk
    I got some work.

    My ego is my biggest enemy
    Its hard to let go of
    the control of things.

    I'm still learning but
    it really does
    seem like baby steps now,
    Yes, through this life journey
    my feet really do hurt.

    See, from the first time
    we learn to speak,
    We never stop learning
    new ways to
    express what we think,

    just trying our best
    to be clear and
    not misunderstood,

    Yet most of the
    problems in the world are
    we as a whole either
    don't wish to or don't
    know how to communicate.

    Most don't take into
    consideration the
    effects of the words
    they are saying,

    or the devastating
    aggression they are

    Dying in flesh with
    regrets from
    grudges unresolved,

    grudges from words
    left unspoken,
    hearts and minds left in
    chaos and broken,

    Voids exist where
    love should be
    taking up space,

    But we don't know
    how to say
    I love you anymore.

    All we know anymore is
    division and hate
    In such aggressive ways,

    Soon to come
    a world ablaze
    Just you wait,

    You wanted change
    Oh there will be change,
    But the world we see now
    will become far more deranged,

    as the psychopaths lead us
    to a future with
    artificial mentality
    implanted in every brain.

    You now exist only to
    in an indoctrinated way.

    It is true, ignorance is bliss,
    the grass is greener when folks
    beat around the bush,

    scary is the truth
    because it can never be
    taken out of existence
    once spoken and given life.

    Our minds and our words
    are our greatest prisons,
    Until our truths are spoken,

    Then the shackles
    we were bound to
    will finally be broken,

    and our true selves
    will have finally
    ascended and risen.

  • rebelpjones 43w


    The crescent moon she blinds me with the light she shines upon me,
    At night her magic Visionary  dreams
    send waves of poetic thoughts
    right through me,
    Her gorgeous beams of light,
    Ignite something within my mind,
    The colors, the images, the sights,

    She peers down at me from above,
    I feel safe embraced by her love,
    The stars dance in sync as the moon's shine is dimmed dulled and fogged by drifting clouds.

    I peacefully sleep in ever sinking slumber,
    as she traps me in multi dreamscape covers,
    Where the acts of mysticism and spirit scribing become closer than soul mated lovers.

  • rebelpjones 43w

    seed of darkness

    Where does darkness hide
    On bright sunny days?
    I'll tell you the reader this...

    Darkness hides behind
    soulless mindless eyes,
    Of those enthralled in greed,
    Encompassed by an
    uncontrollable need
    to feed
    a famished evil
    Pulling at your very humanity.

    Sadly I see it daily
    as it blinds its slaves
    and turns them to selfish savages,
    Lost as they wander mindlessly,
    So in the time it takes
    more than one to read this piece,
    Perhaps its reached at least one
    deep enough to wake up two or three.

    The steps it takes
    to untrain
    what's far beyond a
    genetically modified seed,
    Your mind
    and brain
    I mean.

  • rebelpjones 44w

    The last of life

    As my eyes open to Wild winds and fire
    I hear no signs nor see of other human lives I stand in place shocked and astonished
    at the world's emptiness.
    I quickly begin to run
    in the direction I'm already facing,
    Looking searching for any other signs of life.

    The wind picks up violently,
    Thrashing dust and debris around me,
    I'm picked off my feet by a powerful gust and hung from a colorful branch of a multicolored tree,
    I hear a sorrowful weep and then an agonizing scream much to loud to be of another human being.
    As I begin to tremble hanging from this branch helplessly, it begins to rain heavily and I stare deeply into the  storm surrounding me.

    I realize now this is the end,
    the last of life this tree and I,
    I get my bearings and my grasp,
    As I begin to climb to a  higher branch,
    I see it now,I feel its pain as this tree and me are slowly dying, as the leaves begin to wither and fall, and the branches below begin to brown and crumble.

    The piercing cries of Earths pain inside as all this world lies slain in sin,  not a soul left to rise,and walk this soil, life again will rise an live with hopes of fixing broken history that lies beneath rock and dirt, and hidden truth.

  • rebelpjones 44w


    Please help me!
    I'm reaching in
    as deep as I can
    to stay afloat,
    Please help me!
    I'm reaching as far
    into the celestials as I can,
    I've run out of ideas,
    and I'm asking for a hand,
    Please help me!
    I can only do so much,
    for I am just a man,
    These feelings inside,
    I thought I had it all figured out,
    How wrong I was,
    Please tell me how wrong was I.
    Off base with my faith,
    still lurking in shadows,
    Still keeping one foot in the dark
    unknown waiting for knowledge,
    You tell me fear not,
    The rebel in you got this.
    This voice inside,
    it seems has such
    incredible power!
    Its overwhelming at times,
    And at times I feel
    completely devoured,
    And overpowered!
    What does it all mean?
    And why is it I get stuck
    in the realms of
    thinking such things?