I'm a Rebel a Father a Veteran of Combat, and of a tough life, a word magician. check out my YouTube Channel for spoken word version of all my work.

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  • rebeljones777 1d

    I Remember

    I remember a time
    whence I weeped
    beneath a starry night
    As limbs of willow trees
    embraced gracefully
    my crying head.

    "Why ever do you weep?"
    asked the willow
    ever so concerned, 
    and I only could
    reply back,
    "The world has gone
    'oh so cold,
    and I grow
    ever so dreary.
    I only wonder how
    much longer must I remain,
    how much more
    shall I be forced to see,
    of this future
    I so wish to leave"

    I remember a time
    whence I,
    tip toed across the stars
    traversing the celestial seas.
    Oh how long the
    tunnels of time have
    hugged our existence,
    implanting ancient memories
    of our pasts along the way.

    There's historical stories
    in the heavenly debris
    As it reflects its truth
    into the
    burning sun that
    images of life
    upon the surfaces of
    our earthly seas,
    that speaks images to
    the muses that speak
    to my thoughts
    and dreams.

  • rebeljones777 4d

    The Miserable Poet

    I guess I'm defying life and going against its plan for me.
    My Muse says
    I'm going in the wrong direction
    I'm meant to
    just commit to
    deep thought and poetry.

    You see
    I'm a charismatic energy
    attempting to keep it all pent up,
    for the world surely isn't
    ready for all of me.

    For all of me in existence
    all at once may show the world
    a choas that should not exist.

    A mind that secretly scribes from multiple dimensions at one time,
    While gathering data from Astral travel from multiple timelines,
    where I conversate and listen
    to wisdom
    of the ancients
    as they speak through
    meditation, deep thought,
    and benevolent dreams.

    Surrounded by visions
    in smoke rings
    I begin understanding how
    the words that a poet writes intermingle with deep philosophical meaning and conversations with muses older than stardust as they often speak about true beginnings,
    long before the creation of us tellurians.


  • rebeljones777 4w

    As Thou Speaks...

    He had no form,
    just a voice that
    filled my head with a
    thunderous storm
    of words,

    as they
    tumbled over the
    seas of useless
    random thoughts
    in motion.

    He spoke then
    as a
    father would his son,
    "These thoughts aren't
    really that random,
    nor are they useless."

    This voice so mighty,
    yet caring
    grabbed at me and
    my attention with
    such a vocal grasp.

    So as thou spoke
    I was
    to listen.

    This voice in me,
    that filled my head,
    Began to speak again!

    "You see
    I learned
    not long ago
    That if
    time and attention... could
    you would
    find use in
    Every experience
    in your
    eternal existence."

    Riveted by this I
    as I
    spoke back
    from my knees
    For the floor
    no longer
    gave them pain,
    "Explain eternal please!"

    I pushed my hands together then pushed them far apart shouting out
    facing my voice in the direction of up.
    " Please just speak to me!"

    Suddenly the breeze
    rustled the leaves
    upon the trees
    making sounds melodically
    so soothing to me...

    ...until my movement stopped and
    my eyes closed as I stood
    listening to the sounds
    of the world,

    the music of the earth
    spoke deeply to me
    Giving me the feeling
    Of ease...

    as the weight on my soul
    is lifted just for a moment
    So nice not being
    so loud in my head
    even if its only

    My internal guide
    once again
    vocalised to me
    to see
    without eyes
    and to speak
    without lips,
    with your heart and mind
    " I shall respond every time."

  • rebeljones777 4w

    The Loudest Silence

    I've always found more comfort
    in the darkness,
    it's what is in the light
    that you see the
    most terrifying
    horrible things,
    plus the fact that I
    am at peace to think in
    my most purest and
    natural form
    far beyond and
    outside the
    realms of the
    In me.

    What an amazing
    magical place to see and be.

    I am piecing these thoughts together
    in the
    loudest silence ever
    carefully picking which
    to start listening
    to the inner speakings of me,
    To all the
    inner teachings in me,
    as the diverse voices of self begin shouting from the northern and southern,
    Eastern and Western
    of the mind of me,

    all at once at
    the exact same
    decimal of loudness.
    Shouting fountains of
    wisdom and knowledge
    from all possible positions...

    ...why can noone else hear
    all this loudness
    I'm supposed to grasp and
    hang on to all this
    but I don't know how to.

    I'm swimming in the
    seas of
    a rarely charted venture
    into a place
    few understand,
    I'm traveling into the inner dimensional universe
    that houses the machine
    that operates the
    inner workings of man.

    This here is where
    I can
    reach a piece of the veil
    skirts the godly energy that
    was gifted to give
    life to a soul,
    that gives life and
    memories to the mind that
    gives optical magic
    in dreams when
    Our eyes close
    And the darkness
    blankets our nights,
    and the world outside
    Of your sleep
    For a short time
    Doesn't have to
    exist anymore.

    Once you walk through that door
    to the inner you,
    you can never step back into
    that ignorance
    you were once before.

  • rebeljones777 5w

    Hard Truth/Free Thought

    Every time I find a way
    to articulate exactly
    what I've tried for so
    very long to say,

    It feels liberating
    like I
    shattered through layers
    of amnesia,
    for reasons unknown
    like I've lived this life before.

    Like when I learn something new,
    it feels more like a
    memory of things
    I already knew
    long ago.

    So life's song seems
    to continue to flow
    through the,
    rivers of experience
    That we humans try so
    very hard to control.

    We need to learn to
    let go,
    stop rushing life's
    natural current
    you know,
    its natural flow.

    I battle sleep nightly
    so I guess I'm at war
    with the
    sheets and the pillows,
    and the
    dreams that
    haunt my
    when these
    eyes close.

    And every time
    that they do
    I die a little more
    than the day before,

    For I see whats to come
    from above
    because I have learned
    to observe whats below.

    So the tragedies to follow
    the tragedies of the current
    Are about to be the future told yesterday of tomorrow,
    Of a mother/
    you know this world
    and her suffering and sorrow,

    The fall of her children
    as we head ourselves
    to hells gallows
    into an extinction level
    all for the illusion of value.

    Our vanity, and greed grows,
    our lack of compassion to those
    in a consuming struggle
    to stay above ground,

    stuck in a level of
    one way or another,
    that shows that lack of
    most of us have
    for others.

    It's a common disease
    amongst us in line to
    choke on votes
    where we're told
    will better line our pockets
    if we pick left or right and
    go for broke,

    or like the church
    when it demands its
    10 to 25 percent
    of what we got
    in the name of God
    and that
    new Cadillac
    the pastor wants
    to go with the
    flashy suits he flaunts.

    These are the thoughts
    splintered into fractured pictures
    that I see in boxes with words
    that float through my head
    when I'm not engaged
    or absorbed
    with the outside world,

    It's a matrix of sorts.
    A quaint deep seeded illusion
    Put forth for us to walk and live, with hopes we learn just enough to work and conform.

    thinking outside of the box
    keeps folks at a distance
    scared of the ideas of a man
    whom agrees and disagrees
    with a little bit of all beliefs,

    so I'm treated as the leper
    or a contagion to stay away from
    and that makes the life
    and world of a
    free thinking man
    quite a lonely place to be.

  • rebeljones777 6w

    8 Lines of Infiniti.

    1.Great beyond,
    my universe,
    my origin story,
    2. the reason I still carry on,
    3. raising hell the Rebels way
    until I learn.
    4. My thoughts are not always pure,
    5. Nor is the snowfall in the city
    as it falls from dirty skies.
    6. My heads often clouded
    as are those dirty skies,
    7.but even in my dirtiest mind
    I still recognize
    8.I'm a piece of something
    otherworldly and Divine.

  • rebeljones777 7w

    The Human In Me

    What does color even sound like?
    you mean your white and not black? You don't sound white,
    yo that doesn't sound right!
    Everyone says they aren't racist but make it a way of conversation about putting color to vocal sound
    and adding human faces.

    In my opinion that sounds racist.
    You see the mistake is,
    we didn't go into this blind but
    We all paid to much attention to
    the hateful details and
    divisional statements.

    You know who hangs out around the realms of the details
    looking for the weakend souls
    in retail
    available for a wicked resale
    into a world that thrives in the underbelly of greed and weakness
    and other slum ridden shadow lands controlled by an evilness
    that needs not nor truly cares about your skin pigment.

    You see the unpopular belief is
    Racism is a delusional illusion fueled to the point that the mind and the hate collided and fused to the minds of
    those who blindly await
    at hells gates!

    Unknowingly going
    to a place they
    never contemplated,
    being a martyr for a
    corrupted idea implanted
    by a power
    most of us
    will never understand,
    Or even know about.

    Proving once again
    we are mostly still asleep,
    yet claim to be awake,
    but that's how real dreams
    can feel when you're asleep so deeply.

    Sheepishly following the plans of another and following those referred to as members of your family putting you on the front lines of the war on humanity.

    Agape love unconditionally
    is the only way to bring
    about human unity across the globe, across the open seas clinging onto the tops of mountains, and loving as deep as the tree of life's roots will reach.

    I'm not here preach but
    this is just the human in me
    and the way thst he thinks.

    Walking away with two fingers and the rolled up green leaf yelling to the world " Thank you for waking up today and peace!"

  • rebeljones777 10w

    Journey Through Self

    Marinaded in
    deep delved thought,

    I don't make offers to
    those that offer me lies...

    I'm tempted to give libations
    to the ancients
    that muse this mind,

    Using the ink
    The paper,
    The pen,
    and the letters
    that I line.

    for as much as I know,
    I know I'm still fresh and

    all I don't know or
    is as bright as
    flashing signs too me,
    that there's
    so much more out there
    in this life
    for me to experience, 
    learn and see,

    yes I am still blind,

    and silencing of thyself
    is a guarantee
    down the right path
    of the less traveled
    towards the unseen light
    that most never find but
    only yearn for or
    picture in dreams.

    I visualize what I think
    until it becomes
    something I see,
    You see...

    I don't know or understand
    sacred geometry
    but I know and understand
    written spell and
    how its placement of letters
    and words should be.

    ...Interlude right here as I am parched and I must take a drink and breathe in  this mindstretching strain of leaf. Bare with me I will be brief...

    ... Now where were we? Ahhh yes here we are...

    I know the
    deep and dark secrets of men
    as I am of a breed
    that has such demons myself
    For demons in men is truly a thing but not as horned beasts as silly stories have made so many think and believe.

    I understand the
    human spyche, and
    the different states of emotions,
    as I have disassembled
    most of mine
    for the sake of curiosity
    and poetically
    showing those having a
    difficult time
    understanding or
    knowing themselves.
    I'm giving lessons in
    learning thy self away for free

  • rebeljones777 11w


    Above my nose
    between my eyes
    behind my face
    there lies a brain
    which contains a mind
    attached to the memories
    of my soul.

    As a switch switches on
    like a lightswitch of
    profound thought
    and like a web
    these thoughts get me
    caught far deeper than
    most deep thinkers want.

    A man once thought
    madness might be
    liberating without barriers
    or filters while verbalising
    everything in his head that spoke.

    He was wrong.

    What most don't realise
    is that
    when the mind is
    fully broken,
    it truly opens up.
    It's fully open to
    any possibilities
    the mind can think up,

    and if your not strong enough to wrestle with your own darkness,
    It will bring all your potentially horrifying thoughts and dreams
    to a reality of some degree.

    So if it's real to the MADMAN
    than friends it's real to me,
    and this is where the
    chants over and over
    in a whispering way,
    " careful how you
    perceive what you see,
    fore perception
    will create your reality."

    But will it?
    Fore we humans were
    imported from divinity
    in a sense,
    but look at us now.

    We are but
    mere stagnant sheep
    with our feet
    stuck in quicksand,
    Sinking in our
    own ignorance
    So... moves on
    ahead of us
    dragging our
    stagnant asses along... watch the
    future change while
    we continue committing to
    patterns that
    keep us so far gone.

    Pinned against one another
    in aggressive turmoil
    like we forget
    each one of us
    bleeds, breaths drinks,
    sleeps and eats,
    so why in the hell
    can't we
    pull together during
    these times of
    world conflict and
    stormy weather?

  • rebeljones777 11w



    I see the ring in the screen,
    and it's sucking me in,

    I can't look away,
    as I
    stare into a daze,

    It's teleportation time
    into the matrix
    it seems,

    welcome to virtual reality,
    plug yourself in
    and let the show begin.

    As this rectangular box
    Dishevels your brain
    Mind controlling
    what you believe in
    and how you
    spend your money
    and days.

    Just incase
    you didn't know
    the internet
    works the same way

    Making you believe
    you are currently being
    properly informed
    and entertained.

    ...Your pocket screens and TV 's
    have eyes in them now
    and you are currently
    being observed...

    ...Now back to our
    regularly scheduled program...

    When in real reality
    Your mind is being tricked
    And you folks
    trapped in the television
    Are being played.

    I'm here to tell you
    the system is fake.
    Your political sidings
    Keep you
    seperated and enslaved.

    You see the the elite
    have it programmed
    in a malicious meticulous way,

    There will always be a platform to oppose what anyone believes,
    and that isn't coincidence
    The system is
    manufactured that way.

    Making an illusion
    to use you and your mind
    to make it seem
    that your choosing
    as to what they wish to
    put on display,

    There's a hatred for
    different races
    because it was
    intentionally seeded
    into life that way.

    The oldest acts of violence
    are battles of religious
    ego driven
    power struggles basically
    based on whom
    will control the masses
    one day.

    But now see we
    can fight the machine and
    use it against itself
    the morpheous way,

    Destroying this beast
    from the internal rift,
    as we
    allow our messages
    to corrupt
    The written script.

    A book of historical scriptures based on supposed historic figures triggers feelings of being betrayed,

    Noones coming to save us
    Its all based on our
    freewill so our future
    depends on our current
    choices and behaviors,

    unplug yourself
    from the MKULTRA and
    get back into nature,
    I'll make a wager
    there will be a change
    in your mind and vibration.