Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper is the impression it makes.

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  • realityofmyworld 58w

    तन्हाइयों का ही कुछ सहारा रहा था,
    दम घुटता शायद उनका भी जा रहा था।
    जो अब तलक पत्थर बनाए बैठे थे दिल को,
    मोम सा अब बस पिघलता जा रहा था।

    कौन सुनेगा यहां तेरी, ऐ फ़राज़!
    नाम बदनाम, हुए जा रहा था।
    वो कल तक था, जो तेरा अपना सब ,
    जाने, मुट्ठी से कैसे फिसलता जा रहा था।

  • realityofmyworld 58w

    A reformer cannot afford to have a close intimacy with him whom he seems to reform.

  • realityofmyworld 59w

    By unknown writer

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    Yes I am cold hearted;
    It's not easy to get applauded for your every pain you have ever written.

  • realityofmyworld 75w

    टीस ज़र्रे - ज़र्रे से उठती रही
    कभी थमती, तो सांसे कभी चलती रही,

    बोझ सीने पे हो रखा कोई जैसे
    आँखें सारी - सारी रात बहती रही,

    मन सहमा था दुबका रहा
    कलम चुप - चाप लिखती रही।।

  • realityofmyworld 75w

    तू आ, के एक कर्ज़ उतारना है मुझे,
    जो जिंदगी सा हुआ, कफ़न उतारना है मुझे।

  • realityofmyworld 78w

    Who am I in this visage,
    I know myself no more.
    Merely playing my parts for a mirage,
    I won't have, I know for sure.

  • realityofmyworld 78w

    एक अनकही बात सी रही,
    अधूरे किस्से सी , कुछ अधूरी जज्बात सी रही|
    ए जिंदगी तेरी दोस्ती में कमी ना थी,
    बस राह- ए- मौत ही जिंदगी से रही||

  • realityofmyworld 78w


    Tonight the sky feels lonely,
    The horizon has lost.
    Tears pouring down slowly,
    "Have reached the top",but at what cost?

    Convoluted has our relation gone,
    "We are together" only from a distance.
    That soothing touch of ours has flown,
    We are together now, but only in reminiscence.

  • realityofmyworld 88w

    By unknown writer

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    The toughest battle that one can face, is the battle with himself to be himself.

  • realityofmyworld 89w

    Since time immemorial, history showcases how women have been subdued to decisions of others. From practice of sati: when even life, right to life was on whims and jantas of society.
    Child marriage where women were married off at tender ages of 6-7 and politics was a man's game. Women had been at the receiving end of other's wisdom. The imposition imposed historically can be seen in modern day societies.

    The modern day societies which are allied with cancer of patriarchy. A woman is considered "a property of man".
    In a sleepy town of Kolkata, a girl of 14 was forced to marry someone twice her age. Deprived of her basic rights of education, free will, a dignified life. What followed her marriage was torture, domestic abuse, sexual assaults, became daily rituals for her. But one day she decided - she had ' had it enough '. Selling the only piece of jewelry jewellery she had on her. The girl 'ran' she fled to her freedom.

    The place is new, means are less, with no resources at hand. She had one asset she never had - A FREE WILL. With her new found freedom, she began from washing dishes, doing house hold works. Mean while educating herself , getting basic skills and investing. Over time the girl falling and rising but choosing her own path. The girl now a woman, is the head of a million dollar company - Actiogen. She helped plethora of women and is a living inspiration for many. The women is Chanda zaveri - A Woman who set herself free.

    The above except details, how a woman faces imposed decision in her life, be it marriage, education or job. Every step of hers is guided, directed. Chanda Zaveri's ordeal and success indicate/imply one basic truth-- A Woman is and can be much more than a father's daughter, a son's mother, a wife. She can be "herself".

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    "Breaking Free" - from the iron cage.
    She can be "Herself"