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  • ray____ 6w


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    कोई हंसे तो तुझे गम लगे
    हंसी ना लगे
    कि दिल लगी भी तेरे दिल को
    दिल लगी ना लगे
    तू रोज रोया करे
    उठ के चांद रातों में
    खुदा करे तेरा मेरे बगैर
    जी ना लगे

  • ray____ 11w

    The explanation of love
    Varied all the time
    Some thinks it is aesthetic and exquisite
    Some thinks it is fallacious and decry

    When I think about
    The explanation of love
    What does it means
    And how it differs??

    The diplomacy of love confounds me Everytime
    I couldn't imagine of anything fine
    The explanation of love
    That I wanted to pen down

    Love is elusive and stellar
    Over your wounds, it acts like healers
    But it is just a hoax of words, This is, maybe
    The explanation of love

    #viator #wod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite

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  • ray____ 16w

    कमबख्त इश्क में उठे सवाल क्या करें
    दिल में उठा है बवाल क्या करें
    हमें तुमपे नहीं एतबार क्या करें
    इश्क का जनून सिर्फ हमें है
    फिर हम तुमसे सवाल क्या करें

  • ray____ 17w

    a moonlight date... ��
    The eyes sweetie.... I hope I just drown in there

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writerstolli

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    I will lend the eyes of the moon
    To see the beauty inside you

  • ray____ 18w

    Most of us... Don't share a good relationship with our father... Even if it's not bad but we have least conversation with them.Because of some reasons we create distance and boundaries with our father, we start judging him on all the harsh decisions he took in life, without looking into his eyes.... We just break our bonds with him. If once you will look into his eyes you will realize all the sacrifices he made for you.To give you a luxurious life... He spent his entire life working... But sometimes he still fails to fulfill our desires and expectations. Be aware of the fact that expectations never dies. Look in your father's eyes... You will see a working man who has lost his own people. So helpless, so tired, so frustated wanting to say something to you... But being the man of the house, he can't. He can't explain his problems, he can't cry and even he can't ask for your shoulders to lean on.... Don't be so harsh with him.... His decisions might be wrong at times... This doesn't make him a bad person... He always loves his children but being a man.... He can't say I love you...
    It's easy to run away from responsibilities and say I hate you dad....


    @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writerstolli @readwriteunite

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    It's very easy to say.... "I HATE YOU DAD"
    But how hard it's actually being a dad

  • ray____ 22w

    चलो आज फिर कुछ लिखते हैं
    किसी की बात, कोई जस्बात लिखते हैं
    दिल में उठे दर्द का सैलाब लिखते हैं
    जो उनसे न कही फिर वही बात लिखते हैं
    मेरे दिल के ज़ख्मों की वही दस्तान लिखते हैं
    जिन्हें पढ़ के छोड़ गया तू, फिर उसी को बयां लिखते हैं
    बेजुबां आंखों का हाल लिखते हैं
    आज फिर रोएं तेरे लिए,
    हां हम तुझपे इल्ज़ाम लिखते हैं

  • ray____ 32w

    So many thoughts, I m confused
    What to pen and what to use?
    So many feelings, I m confused
    What to choose and what to refuse?

    Which thought should I pen down first
    What is unnecessary and what is must?
    Maybe I should pen the love for you
    And if not this, then what's next?

    Maybe I should pen my fear
    But what if I break down into tears?
    Or maybe I should stay quiet
    And leaving myself into fight
    The fight to stay or to leave
    If not this, then what's next?

    Maybe I should pen my grief
    Don't worry it's always brief
    Maybe I should say "GOODBYE"
    With scorching thoughts in my mind
    My thoughts fluttered with time
    A chaos was in my mind
    What to choose and what to refuse?

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite

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    What is unnecessary and what is must?

  • ray____ 33w

    I made a peace with nights
    I will be awake
    Until the moon dies


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  • ray____ 43w

    [Physical Abuse]
    It was around 11 in the night. My life lost its sounds. When I looked around the place, All the chaos were settled down till the time. I didn't want to go back home... EXACTLY MY HOME WASN'T SWEET ANYMORE FOR ME... A thought of his presence horrifies me... It wasn't the first time he touched me....

    But this time... It wasn't just a touch, he tries holding me crossing the threshold, he pushed me down to procure the pleasure of coercion...

    I was damn so uncomfortable. Even his breathe scares me... His presence was like caveat to me.... I told my mother... She asked me to ignore... When it was the first time... The second time I told her... She shuts me up....
    And this time.... I was broke... She told me to forget.... But I couldn't...

    His breathe near mine was so petrifying... I wanted to speak and shout.. but I didn't know how?... After some time I got unconscious and when I woke up... I didn't know what to do.... My house, my room, everything felt so scary.. I ran away from there... I don't want to be there anymore... I don't know where I will go what I will do...
    Yeah... I survived... I didn't know how...

    The man once I respected became so terrifying... I lost faith in love and something called divine... Yes, the evil returned... And it was inevitable... Yes I feel the pain... His face hasn't been blurred yet... I couldn't sleep though it's been more than 10 years... I wonder how he slept so well... Didn't his conscience stopped him once... To spare that little girl in that room

    Even I survived... I know how hard it will be... The little girl is still terrified of this so called society... Which made my life tougher... I wished I was dead that night... I wished that I shouldn't survive... This is harder than I thought...

    @writerstolli @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld
    #timesup #wod #pod

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    It started when they asked me to shut

  • ray____ 44w

    Why are so alone love?
    Trust me I won't let you down
    Hold my hand and let me kneel down
    I won't let you hurt....
    I will hold you and take you where you want to go
    Let's not think the future... Walk without destination
    Let's go on a long walk.......

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    कि थोड़ी देर और रुक जाओ
    रात अभी बाकी है
    ये तो मुलाकात है
    प्यार अभी बाकी है
    अकेले आये हो तुम
    साथ चलना अभी बाकी है