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  • ravenfrost 69w

    My Moon

    i talked to the Writer of our Qadr
    that i'll be with you under this Qamar
    i hanged my heart for it may fall
    your humble soul breaks my wall

    whenever fate makes us meet
    whenever this heart raise its beat
    i close the curtains of my eyes
    i shield this organ before it dies

    this adoration i choose to decrease
    for a pettish love is such a disease
    it doesn't choose a heart to break
    we're too fragile for a love that's fake

    all about you is an atypical art
    your deep mind touched this heart
    you told me a run-down soul is thee
    but you're a great masterpiece for me

  • ravenfrost 70w


    Too bad you're almost perfect to be mine
    You got those eyes and smile so divine
    If it's only right to drink some wine
    I will get drunk just to be fine

    By this love disease I'm infected
    You're the only cure I always wanted
    For all those days that I pretended
    It hurts cause I've been really affected

    What does it takes for you to like me back?
    I can't get over by this caustic tack
    Will the tears and poems I packed
    Be enough for you to mend this crack

    Maybe I'm too undeserving
    to be yours
    I'm just a trash on every shores
    I only got similes and metaphors
    I'm just a scratch paper on the floors

  • ravenfrost 70w

    "I knit all my churning
    thoughts of long rest
    into a vestment
    that's meant for the wild."