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  • raul12 2w


    Why do we need to prove ourself again and again?
    Why can't people accept us just the way we are?
    Don't they understand how does it feel when you get hurt?
    Or they do it intentionally just to hide their own faults?

  • raul12 5w

    Turning point

    There is always a turning point in our life . That's up to us whether we wish to take turn and be safe or meet with an accident and suffer till end.

  • raul12 6w

    Hey, you trying to break me . Let me tell you , this world has already broken me into pieces and now those pieces have turned into powder over a period of time. So dear don't waste your precious time on me .

  • raul12 8w


    Life is the most complex thing .Noone knows how to live it.

  • raul12 8w


    Sometimes I wanna cry
    Sometimes I wanna laugh
    But life is strange because tears and smile never find their way when they are most needed.

  • raul12 8w


    Nothing is more dreadful than falling apart and shattering into pieces with each passing day and nothing is more progressive than collecting those shattered pieces and stand like you were never broken