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  • ratofficial 17w

    Paper Boats

    I set sail a paper boat at the river bank,
    And watched as the boat eventually sank.

    I wish I had used a different kind of paper,
    I wish I could just change the flow of the river.

    So that it may have reached its intended destination,
    Your heart.

  • ratofficial 19w

    It is important to be patient when people give their negative opinions only to put you down.

    #patience #opinions #notgivingafuck

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    Time and time, again they say,
    Do this, or do that they say,

    I patiently listen, to what they say,
    And with patience, I decide, let them say,


  • ratofficial 165w

    On My Way

    Oh, those memories of when we were young.
    To our wretched lives we uselessly clung.
    We strode forwards with unwaivering devotion.
    But now you're gone and my life has no motion.

    But don't you worry I'm on my way.
    Tell everybody I'm near my destination.

  • ratofficial 165w

    A clumsy poem that just came out of nowhere while I tried to procrastinate about procrastination. :-)

    #procrastination #pod #writersnetwork #wordoftheday #beginning #naps #time #procrastinator #mirakee #clumsy

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    A Thousand Procastinations

    To begin or not to,
    Is the question I ask,
    Is beginning it even worth it,
    I think before a task,

    I'd rather have a nap now,
    Sleep rises from within,
    I still have time,
    That's what I believe in,

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Time flies by,
    But that's simply hearsay,
    And I rightfully deny,

    And when I actually woke up,
    It was already mid-night,
    I had slept all day,
    Perhaps hearsay was right,

    I wish I hadn't,
    Slept when I did,
    A voice says within me,
    Gotta complete your homework kid,


  • ratofficial 166w

    That Girl

    She sat in the corner thinking of the days,
    When life was easy and she felt no pain,
    Now her life had turned into a maze,
    All attempts to return had been in vain,

    She thought of her parents who had sent her away,
    They left her to rot despite her young age.
    She thought of her siblings who didn't want her to stay,
    These thought filled her of unending rage,

    Her face wet with a familiar taste,
    Her eyes numb with the same regret,
    She knew her life had been a waste,
    Disturbed by the things she couldn't forget,

    The atrocities she suffered were barely bearable,
    The things she saw were completely unspeakable,
    The risks she took were hardly repeatable,
    The life she lived was inconceivable.

  • ratofficial 166w

    LIFE #2

    It took me a lifetime to realise the truth.
    How I was free, happy and content in my youth.
    Now I curl up in the corner and cry.
    Because I found out my whole life was a lie.

  • ratofficial 166w


    I look around and ponder at things.
    I look around and wish I had wings.

    I think of life and of every breath.
    I think of life as it scares me to death.

    Why is it so hard for it to be easy.
    Why are these fragments of life so cheesy.

  • ratofficial 188w


    When the Twilight took over the day.
    When the world started fading away.
    When the lights are shut, and so are the eyes.
    Well that's when I finally come to realise.

    I'm starting to shift to a different pane.
    I'm wondering what's down memory lane.
    I'm going numb, no feelings, no pain.
    I'm starting to worry, perhaps I'm going insane.

    It's time for a dream, a nightmare no less.
    It's time for a dream, a dream of stress.
    It's time for a dream, now my brain's a mess.
    It's time for a dream, no breaks, no recess.

    It's hard to think with all these dreams so long.
    It's hard to sleep when they all go wrong.
    After all they're dreams for me.
    I've got to face them, I've got to see.


  • ratofficial 189w


    Living life, for an eternity.
    A rather fascinating concept, it seems to be.

    Would've loved to explore it, had I had the ability.
    It seems however as though such life has no tranquility.

    No matter, no matter, at least a great experience it'll be.
    The things we'll discover, the sights we'll see.

    Oh what a pity, it's only fantasy.
    We can't have such a life, neither you, neither me...