Drooling in ink and words poetry became my certainty

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  • rasheederh 3w

    My feelings sat on dark
    Edges of an unoticed haven of affection.
    A vessel of crushed petals.
    Awaited soul lost in this fabled love.
    Loneliness and agony hushed in craddled poetry.

    © Rasheederh.

  • rasheederh 3w

    I am a midnight of forgetten memories.
    A solemn wildness of hunted pages,
    Stuck in lightening and thunder roar,
    An exiled Empress were only words served her loyalty.

    I am a midnight of forgetten memories,
    A free bird with lost voice and harmony,
    A blond future in despair and frail,
    A memory dipping from horrid Oblivion.

    I am a midnight of forgetten memories,
    An orchestra of sad hymns and Divinity.
    Dipped in dull colours of didactic discrepancy,
    And binded in holy melody of fadeless solitude.

    I am a midnight of forgetten memories, buried
    In the blossom of a full moon.


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    Forgetten Memories

    I am a midnight of forgetten memories
    Buried in the blossom of the full moon

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 4w

    I fell in leaps overheed in my pain
    And I found myself in slain memories and chains.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 4w

    Knitted in solemn web of life
    Weaved emotions in divine oath.
    Watered in the garden of affliction.
    A poet is an incomplete tale.

    Crushed flowers of golden spring.
    Hushed desire in cloudless storms.
    Blank pages in darks holes of hope.
    A poet is an incomplete tale.

    Daunting silence, bereaved of solitude
    Fading in dusk, time craves blue harmony.
    And dawn claps in enthusiasm for dead verses
    A poet is an incomplete tale.

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    A poet is an unending haven
    Of words and metaphors.
    A poet is always an incomplete tale.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 4w

    In bits he takes it all away
    And left me nothing but his
    Empty words.
    "You are mine for ever"
    But I guess forever begins in every end.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 4w

    Words are silk
    blanket of emotions.
    Wrapped in the warmth
    of a writer's pen.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 5w

    Little Ambers
    Of life shines
    In dull spectrum.

    Woven guilty
    Of hope tagged
    In hazy Arts.

    Cuddled verses
    Clipped in blurred
    Lines of hazy fantasy.

    Stolen metaphors
    Dance in crippled
    Lines of sipped poetry.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 5w

    Only those with deep contrivance
    Could understand a poets true emotions.
    A poets words could be an opposite
    Of what they entail.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 5w


    The aurora of broken souls
    Sniffs In the peculiarities of
    Caged words and emotions.
    Beautiful hearts burn in anguish,
    Melting in hushed lullaby of love
    These words of trust decorated in fading
    Piles of unwatered petals.its solidarity
    Drown in Waters of stolen allegiance
    And the rays of its affection crown
    In golden Shalf of mourning hyms.

    © Rasheederh

  • rasheederh 6w

    Love is a limitless
    Sensitivity.vast, with
    No beginning or end.

    © Rasheederh