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  • ranikuberan 48w


    Never Ever give up on;
    Anyone or Anything,
    Without trying.

  • ranikuberan 53w


    In 20s all of us are with filled with energy and dreams.
    In 30s most of us are with filled with energy and dreams.
    In 40s few of us are with filled with energy and dreams.
    In 50s a handful of us are filled with energy and dreams.
    Life is all about dreams and energies...fulfilled or not.
    Set a new dream/ goal...wherever you belong a fulfilled life.

  • ranikuberan 53w


    Is in Movement and Moment

  • ranikuberan 61w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Ambition

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    Ambition is Destiny.

  • ranikuberan 62w


    The day fills you with energy and exhausts you.
    The night soothes the exhaustion and prepares you to fill for the next days energy.

  • ranikuberan 62w

    Radio Fm#radio script#Wod

    You seek love everywhere.
    Till you find in yourself.
    You are so full of it.
    You have become a giver.
    And the world changes for you with it.

    Stop looking for it outside.
    Get in touch with Self.
    You will find it enough for yourself.
    To cherish a life time.

  • ranikuberan 63w


    As woman, we are so conditioned.
    To take care of others, we live life for others.
    Till one day, we realise and then one by one,
    We try to find all that we have lost.
    We are not the ones who would give up easily.
    We only forgot to nurture ourself, while nurturing others.
    Slowly and steadily we build and enjoy ourselves.
    To the warmth of life.

  • ranikuberan 66w


    As the sun sets on one side.
    The tables with candlelight comes up on the other side.
    The fresh breeze along with the sound of the waves fills your heart and soul.
    As the space gets dark, it's filled with moonlight and the shining star.
    The candlelit table is surrounded by family and friends.
    The food platter keeps coming till you are full.
    The mind and body is relaxed among the chatter of the loved ones.

  • ranikuberan 66w


    Achieve all that you need to,
    With all the dignity and respect.

    Live the life you desire to the fullest.
    This will surely help you to forgive.
    Everyone on this earth for everything.
    They have done for you ; not to live the life they were enjoying.Amen

  • ranikuberan 68w

    If I Were a bird #Personify#Wod

    If I were a bird.
    Would be sleeping somewhere at the moment.
    Being less bothered of expressing myself.

    If I were a bird.
    Would be freer to be myself.
    And not restricted to family and social demands.

    If I were a bird.
    Would travel without being bothered.
    Of different restrictions.

    If I were a bird.
    Spend time sitting on trees and flowers.
    Observing the concrete jungle.
    Knowing the people living there.
    Would visit regularly the ones who.
    Remember to keep water and food for me.

    If I were a bird.
    Would enjoy the moment.
    Least bothered of the future or the past.