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  • randy_ 139w

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    Nine months,She recalls bitter sweet memories
    First experience were new chapters to old stories
    Finally she arrives and Her smile says it all
    All pains now lost,bitter memories She could no more recall

    While crying I seek Your comfort
    When sick i crave Your support
    My heart owes a big debt
    My soul upholds Your daily precepts

    My number one,after You there's no other
    May we never depart prematurely-"O Sweet Mother"

  • randy_ 156w


    I close my eyes and count to ten
    What joy it brings to see the night stars
    I close my eyes and count to ten
    For joy never comes cheap, but comes with emotional scars ...

    I close my eyes and count to ten
    Broken in pieces, I sit alone watching the sunrise and sunset ...
    I close my eyes and count to ten
    Wishing I could let go, wishing I could forget....

  • randy_ 165w


    Our race never began in slavery..
    Hierarchy were based on powers and bravery..
    Our cultures were passed on and rooted in our soul..
    We had reasons to live and beliefs to uphold..

    Our journey was cut short when the invaders came..
    Created as one, but in their eyes we were never the same..
    The brave ones fought but were bound in chains..
    With all hope seemed lost, we wait and mourn in pains..

    Our cultures made forgotten but our roots were still there..
    Still in captivity, our burdens were too heavy to bare..
    Squee!!.. Our brave warriors have fought and won...
    We sing and dance, for a new era has just begun...

  • randy_ 169w

    In my feelings

    Have you been hurt countless times before?
    Have you cried till you can cry no more...?
    Well that's not enough to bring you down......

    Have you had your heart shattered without repair?
    Have you never found true love but would not despair?
    Well you don't always get what you want but what you deserve....

  • randy_ 172w


    Mere words cannot express it all
    Your sincere care and concern, in ways I cannot recall....

    I don't wish to see the end of this flowing river..
    For your love grows stronger and lasts for ever....
    Priceless, irreplaceable are you.... O Sweet Mother....

  • randy_ 172w


    Hey stranger....
    Mysterious:'cus I know nothing about you..
    Enlighten me, 'cus am puzzled without a clue..

    Bye stranger
    Your profile remain clouded in uncertainty..
    Enlighten me, lest I drown in my curiosity..

  • randy_ 172w


    All we ever think of is joy and no PAIN
    But couldn't see the fact that there is no rainbow without a little RAIN

  • randy_ 172w


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    Never gets old to buy her a flower.
    Hold hands in late night hours..
    Rest closer to my chest and hear my hear beat louder...
    'cus u and I will forever hold the gift of power....

  • randy_ 172w


    Love is within and without
    Hatred is a feeling you pour out
    Opposite in direction like the north and south
    But they are reflections of what LIFE is all about