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  • rainbow_salt 29w

    Like a river's crimson shoal
    glisten bodies of brave hearts
    beyond the field of mutilated souls
    They'll never have a grave to sleep...

    The pride bearing shoulders
    moving right earth to left
    pain has no identity to cry
    wind that carries red velvet shawl...

    For their death is echoed victory
    seemed to ignite in eyes infernal
    and forever from thereafter
    dine the hunger made eternal...

    Crowd that waiting to reward
    hero that soars lifeless in the wind
    once they were of great allure
    in a crown of famed esteem
    of a soul benignant and holy
    treasuring many dreams dearly...

    He would shine upon the sky
    with his mane of feather pale
    breaking walls of shields not will
    Mashing helmets earsplitting mail
    equal strength defeats the world
    with speed unseen, bayonet that crown
    the swiftest line, pride of monarch,
    all hundred arms....

    Gold was dazzling on their shield
    even more so in their coffers
    when the hour came to fight
    with steeds of arrows filled
    all but one gave in to soaring
    fearing lifetimes disenchanted...

    None but he, who wore courage
    gave their blood to save their own
    lying cold when they swore to taste
    the joy, they breathe to serve the throne
    all the knights were undeployed
    as the war had been won
    all the children laughed with joy
    and all the women except one,

    All the soil from which they hail
    they were corpses of blood and sweat
    their fathers wept and mothers grieved
    and their hands scattered in between
    to the midnight since that eve
    Earth has quivered at his ire
    for he gallops to rescue
    every breath within his path...


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    when I drift to sleep every night
    the bedroom door will come ajar
    as through the moonbeam
    and the ocean tide, gallops and
    roars the Winged Hussar....


  • rainbow_salt 29w

    there are salt drops between these lines of night

    healing them like the summer soil in autumn's garden

    torments are crawling under the layers of ink 

    pleasure lies on the warm lap of metaphors

    night falls asleep in poet's final dots.....


  • rainbow_salt 29w

    from shades of new dawn rays
    to fireflies of twilight pray....

    the hymn of the wind she breaths,


  • rainbow_salt 75w

    gazing my night moon
    little she knows my pain
    the places I've been
    the dark I've seen
    ashed lungs I'd clean
    spitting poetry

    she remembers the smoke
    my husky voice is still there
    smiling rose, oh raindrop!
    unlike the tears in my heart
    surmount and paint freedom
    I'll woo... Life is great...

    © rainbow_salt

  • rainbow_salt 78w


    "চিত্ত যেথা ভয়শূন্য উচ্চ যেথা শির,
    জ্ঞান যেথা মুক্ত, যেথা গৃহের প্রাচীর
    আপন প্রাংগণতলে দিবস-শর্বরী
    বসুধারে রাখে নাই খণড ক্ষুদ্র করি"

    _Rabindranath Tagore

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    Smelling the fragrance of rose, dissolving in the revolutionary wind coming from the horizon, placing my bare feet on diaphanous ground, opened the door of my heart along with my hair... Seems solicitation is granted by the God... Tearing up those dry pages of my life, redrawing my silhouette with better smile and walking and walking, reciting my favourite poem....


  • rainbow_salt 78w

    I literally don't know what I've written....
    #lame (may be)

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    My death is sleeping
    though my words have
    seen maximum sunlight
    when fireflies knock the
    broken window, my pillow
    is almost wet and stars
    look brighter than never

    I write better with
    past fire of tears
    but the flames have
    left me ashes rain
    in my lungs and
    I can only hide them
    gazing the grey horizon
    from the balcony which
    is flooded with past
    monsoon, this night
    was once a romance
    between autumn and me

    I've walked to the mirror
    mocking the poet inside
    silently, but who is more
    afraid............ It's me,
    losing the flames over
    a few minutes, I realised
    we are afraid of
    symbolic dying
    the more it's day,
    the more it fades

    There are only
    old melodies
    no crawling pains
    beneath my flesh
    hiding in caves,
    in my blue cells
    my incitement
    for seeing the night
    with numbed body
    and breathing heart
    I wish to be bleed again
    for there must be a way
    for there must be a ray

    I want to swim
    without draining my own
    with my closed eyes
    I wish to draw the best
    smile in the hungry child's face
    till my night stop dreaming
    till my last sigh holds me in arms
    and my soul pours into
    another empty body


  • rainbow_salt 78w

    sudden thought

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    tiny dreams breathing in my goosebumps, pores after pores they crawl and changing their sheets of bed, I would feel better, better and better, emotions are feeling cold, my bones hold them tight in the night blood drops

    "i just could not make the dreams feel comfortable"


  • rainbow_salt 79w

    There is no enough life to be lived, not enough time to be reached to the destination, not enough food to be eaten, not enough night to be slept, not enough love to be felt, not enough words to be spoken and not enough thought to be scribbled... Just some hands we touch in our bygone hours, some voices we hear in the playlist of time and some faces we see in the path through which we pass at the same time and same moment....

    The whole life is a journey from birth to death and we spend every moment by remembering things.. everyone expect us only to REMEMBER... Remember our color, remember I'm not beautiful or I'm beautiful, remember our gender, remember the things that we are allowed to do or not allowed to do... Remember all the people around us, those last night tears, food that we swallowed but not tasted, songs that we heard but not sung and those poems we read but not felt....

    All those felt unfelt moments are we find in our journey towards an another life which is a loop but we don't want to believe the fact... We controlled our emotions, prayers and curse at the same time to be accepted by the heaven's society... Only then we can be felt more than alive...

    The more time we breathe, the more distance reduces.... But on that journey, apart from remembering our entities, million times we feel alive or dead... When our hearts breathe and we deny to accept...

    //walking miles and miles in this journey, don't know where should I stop and where I'm going with fast heartbeat, I can only trust my eyes and feet.. what I touch is the perfect skin of reality... the journey is taking years, minutes and centuries//

    I was about to die in my birth, reality denied my homecoming, but I survived because of the blessings of her womb, she knitted dreams by her falling lashes and hold me in her arms, so similar those eyes, she painted her constellation in my skin, I felt alive. When I wrote my first alphabet and my father taught me to write my name I felt alive. When I first visited my dance school and my feet first touched those metal beats I felt alive. When I first saw changes in my body with growing age I felt alive. When I came back home from school and my pets were waiting for my touch I felt alive. Still when I go to sleep and various imaginations run in my veins to be written to be said to the world, I feel I'm alive...

    At the same time I tasted the salt of hell, when I hardly felt my breathe. When I first lied to my parents, when I first saw my grandmother so calm and lifeless, sleeping her last sleep, when I saw one of my friends after many years and she couldn't recall my name, when I walked through the same lane everyday and then also no one smiled at me. When I tried to write my days of Autumn but the summer night wiped my ink by its tears... Still sometimes I feel myself empty handed when my heart and mind dancing in their own monologues.

    //there are days when I lay on the wet soil in my own quagmire of tears and death comes around unexpectedly time after time, I see some fruits of hope so well matured to eat... I feel like dying but I don't want to... Gather those tears for another day cause all of a sudden I've found the meaning of its language//

    All I know, we don't need the sky to fly. When I feel the breeze tickles my hair and pores drenched by the fire, old skin fell on the ground and became the misty grass and I call my name by broken all the fears, I drift with the sparrow, I just need to open my arms wide and just soar to the home where I barely cry...

    There's no enough life to be lived but enough moments to breathe...

    -- rainbow_salt

    Last night thought

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    I don't need the stars
    those fireflies are enough
    to see my smiling eyes
    that I'm longing for years and years


  • rainbow_salt 79w

    You don't have to look at the sky everytime to taste the stars, you can see them in your loved one's eyes that'll become the treasure for you, will brighten up your path towards life always


  • rainbow_salt 80w

    Walking in moonlight blue
    I wish the breeze that kiss my lashes
    And whispered on the pine baby leaves
    Ambiguous as the dream
    To murmur your name

    Floating in the night
    Lost, dirty, broken by storms
    Climbing towards the height of mountain
    To reach to the star, calling me from my birth
    To find you

    That anticipation gave birth to a new dawn
    Where I sing for my Autumn
    Cried for my summer to bloom
    For the rainbow of whiskey eyes
    To hold you tight

    Running through the woods
    Bare feet touching every drop of the Earth
    Poked the blossom of last rose thorn
    I'm feeling you in my arms, in a blink
    You turned into ashes in my lungs
    My words fell on that early night phlox

    I roam in every metaphors of Creator
    I trick with the clowns of my night
    Morning that still in disguise
    Those eyes I've seen, infinity mirror
    Where a perfect illusion lies

    Caged those unbridled illusions
    In words, I picked from the wet soil
    That cry for me every season
    Emerging poetry that I touched in your palms
    Your desires holding the hands of my wings
    Found a new sky to
    Fly and Soar, Fly and Soar



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    Caged my unbridled illusions
    In words, I picked from the wet soil
    That cry for me every season
    Emerging poetry that I touched in your palms
    Your desires holding the hands of my wings
    Found a new sky to
    Fly and Soar, Fly and Soar