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  • rahulkrishnakumar 1w

    Iam not alone here! Iam not...!!

    The adder which sleeps on the dampish stairway of old house, the ants wandering on the walls & the glittering marks of snails pathway speaking something which I really want to listen...
    The years are stagnating here in the loop of the spider lines, repeating & re-repeating, everything in this loop is covered with unknown moss, a fleck of past in the chest of timeline.
    Iam not alone here! Iam not...!!
    Richness from the past assures it's presence...
    And when I write, I feel something creeping over my head and effusing it's verdure into the depth of my poetry......

  • rahulkrishnakumar 10w


    You are an obscura, endless, dark and a narrow path in between my happiness and sorrows my sin and my regrets my poetry and my reality.
    You were here, always !
    I am drawned in your truths and reborn from your passion ... you are ensuing me...
    I am drenched in salt I am blessed with illusions
    I am embraced by elation
    As though, i am devoid of you and that nothingness fills my half !
    The memory of your ripples haunting me, still..
    I am waiting you to fill my half, with your enormous calmness and wild headiness
    Oh! Sea...!!!

  • rahulkrishnakumar 15w


    The triumphal ensign of my yacht,
    touching the gloomy crescent.
    The deity of my lineage is a hoar with a winter in her.
    I am still the same summer noon!
    Time and tide it's pitiful pace..
    If I dive in to your depths, let me hide there forever let me dissolve and let reincarnate my consciousness.
    The doors, to an unknown world sill here, in my eyes and the daydreams are defining the paths to the new me!
    I will be the chrysalis of my old days;
    I will be the heirloom of the lost parentage of my realities.....!!

  • rahulkrishnakumar 24w

    Craving for someone's presence...
    And literally being happy even when you see them online....

  • rahulkrishnakumar 24w


    I am a person who can barely talk for few minutes with others on call.

    But with you,

    I can talk for hours and still remain unsatisfied."

  • rahulkrishnakumar 29w

    Someone will willingly meet your standards without you having to be on their ass about it. Don't settle for less.

  • rahulkrishnakumar 29w


    The murmur of this wind, provokes my heart, to beat fast...
    At the end of this cold virgin forest, the eternal verity of hope, sleeping.....

    The desert within the soul of soil weeping for a rebirth...still, the bougainvilleas are blooming as the song of summer..
    The path of sin, the vacant eyed desires, creeping snakes of temptations and the taboo of my manhood.. laying on the shore..
    me...walking through this springs, to find myself.....


  • rahulkrishnakumar 50w

    Hurts...Seems like the whole world falls apart. One can't be strong all the time. But the reality is we can't be with everybody we love all the time.

  • rahulkrishnakumar 51w

    Having someone you can tell every detail of your day to without feeling like you are being clingy or boring is such a great feeling.... ❤️

  • rahulkrishnakumar 59w

    After a point man doesn't change...
    it's all adjusting to the situations...