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  • rah_ul_93 7w

    Miss you Maa

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    Tere baare mei, kya hi likhu Maa,
    Itni haisiyat nahi meri, ki bhagwan ke Roop ko kuch aksharo mei qaid kar saku...
    Na Gita, Na Veda, aur Na hi mujhe upanishad ka gyan Mile,
    Mile to aane wale sare janmo mei kewal tera hi pyar Mile

  • rah_ul_93 8w

    I miss you Maa

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    Two years without you Maa

    Maa, it's been two years.
    I'm still looking for your lap to rest my head on anytime I feel like giving up.
    Even when my stomach is full, I'm still looking for the food you cooked.
    Even when tears are trapped inside me and want to thrush out, I'm still trying not to cry.
    Still trying to figure out how to live without you, even though I do dream about meeting you again and not returning to the realm.

    Maa, I miss you.

    I wish I could have you instead of only your memories...

  • rah_ul_93 13w


    Fear becomes more attractive when you understand you are always tormented by one emotion, dragging you to your downfall...

  • rah_ul_93 15w

    Kuch samay

    Kuch Samay beet jaane do..
    Fir dekho kaise har rishte
    Apne mukalat ke hisaab se badalte hI

  • rah_ul_93 24w

    A goodbye is silent..
    yet loud when heard carefully...

  • rah_ul_93 26w


    If getting Periods makes woman impure.
    I'm relieved because it was that impurity that gave birth to me.
    And I'm glad to be a byproduct of that impurity.

  • rah_ul_93 28w

    I would rather

    There are times when I would rather have an ear to listen to me than a mouth to correct me...

  • rah_ul_93 29w

    Tera Pyar

    Ye tere pyar ka sanak hi kuch aisi hai, ki tu duur rehkar bhi mere paas mujhe mehsus hone lagi hai..

  • rah_ul_93 29w

    I wanted to date a south Indian girl back then only so that I could play "Mast Magan" in the background during my wedding.

  • rah_ul_93 29w

    Humesha der karta hu mei

    Humesha der karta hu Mei, apne pyar ka izhaar karne mei..

    Shayad tu duur hi thik hai..

    Kyuki dharta hu Mei tujhe paas laane Mei,
    Naa Jane kaunse mere alfaaz banjaae,
    tujhe mujse duur jaane mei