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  • raghavendrabs 4d


    Would dream a hundred dreams every night,
    Some too fleeting, some with a lasting impact,
    And suddenly, without informing me about a fight,
    Life punched me in the face, it’s unanticipated whammy was it’s tact!

    With a bloody nose and a dizzy head I looked around,
    I hoped to get some help from someone experienced with this,
    Found none but a cacophony of voices suggesting something supposedly profound.
    Some suggested that I “fight back” and others that I “go with the flow” for my peace!

    Dreaming of stars from the far reaches of the universe,
    Untamed and unchallenged my dreams had no barriers.
    A jolt of reality shackling me with societal restrictions,
    Bound to responsibilities, there were only a few places that my dream could now traverse.

    What seemed exhaustingly huge was now utterly insignificant!
    From reading and discussing things that challenged my imagination,
    Ideas across different subjects, some baseless, some trivial but it always felt magnificent,
    To aridly watching the news about all the politicians blaming each other to build the nation!

    Born as a human child with countless thoughts and questions,
    Growing up to a specific idea of freedom that’s predefined in several ways.
    Its tough to be the dreamer now, the mind is tired of all the instructions.
    But a wish, to go back to that time when I dreamt, to that place filled with dreams!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 5w

    Paroled Thoughts

    Heart lamented while brain stood cold.
    Love was long lost but life moved on.
    A book, a song, a trigger and then those thoughts were paroled.
    The pain returned stealthily but it was “supposedly” long gone.

    Mistakes recounted and analysed deeply.
    Questions and doubts fighting a deadly war
    “Maybe that’s why that happened with me!”
    And several other thoughts, some even bizarre!

    Every little fight relived a million times,
    The hurtful words thundered and echoed!
    The reminder of turning a blind eye to all those signs
    Which were a stroke of luck or probably some wisdom from God!

    Despite the differences and all the fallacies,
    The heart never blamed and still lamented.
    The brain had watched and learned through the abnormalities.
    Though the brain reasoned and was devoid of emotion, it was ironically called “cold-hearted”!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 6w

    The (Un)Affected

    The thoughts were clouded with issues,
    The WhatsApp status remained empty,
    And the display picture was still the same.
    So the new world that judges and reviews
    Decreed that the affected person wasn’t “senti”
    And declared that the issues were either non existent or “lame”!

    The candle light dinner was at a fancy place,
    The boy had mustered a decent amount.
    She had told him that she’d be ok with anything.
    But after a few pleasantries and the initial embrace,
    The sulking got a raise and the conversation got a huge discount.
    All the while, the cause of all this was right on the table, an innocent ring!

    She had dreams of palaces and princes.
    She would always cherish how life had swayed It’s magic wand to land this amazing serendipity!
    While she waited at the altar happy about fate’s auspices,
    The groom’s friend broke the news that she was played.
    All she gave was boundless love but was left with hopelessness and pity!

    The guy that was left shattered on being rejected,
    The girl that was left devastated at the altar,
    Both had severe trauma and deathly thoughts.
    Their WhatsApp display picture remained unaffected,
    And their empty WhatsApp statuses were calling them both a defaulter!
    However, the society rubbished their grief and added them to unaffected lots!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 7w

    Dreams Of A Derelict Day Out

    The Google map malfunctioned and I was led to a random road,
    Filled with lush greenery on both sides and the breeze gently cradling me!
    The phenomenon was new every single time, and it was time that had slowed,
    Countryside, the fancier term, definitely didn’t do justice for this home of diamonds in a pile of scree!

    As I passed through the village roads, many inquisitive eyes followed me till I was seen,
    A huge peepal tree surrounded by little idols and it’s branches where a few peaceful sparrows had perched!
    It was right next to the village pond, although times had changed people, the pond remained serene!
    I was lost in thought when I was distracted by my phone’s ringtone, although ignored, it had left the vibe besmirched!

    The streets, the fresh air and the little birds and their songs were all refreshing,
    Glimpses of the past kept propping up regularly but fleeted soon enough!
    A sweet aroma, took me back to a suppressed memory, pleasant moments that were equally depressing.
    I smiled at how I used to think life would always remain rough!

    As I found the exit to the highway, I felt a sense of loss,
    Life on this road, in the midst of greenery that was engulfing the soul from all sides.
    Before I could sink it in one more time, I saw a Skype message from my boss.
    The desktop wallpaper was still again but I heard it say the age old proverb of “Time and tides!”

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 9w

    The businesswoman and the beggar

    The Businesswoman:

    As the clock struck five, it was time!
    Another day of serious hustling,
    The maid from the apartment would be here anytime!
    But five hundred rupees per day was always puzzling!

    The reduced number of vehicles at my regular traffic signal
    Just meant that the business wouldn’t be as flourishing.
    If the baby ever woke up, it was awkwardly infernal.
    It was apposite to say that the baby did all the nourishing!

    The drugged baby usually brought in a solid ten thousand a day!
    I lied to my contractor and would stash at least half of it.
    The investment was just about minimal, and it was a tough entree
    By evening, the baby tied to my waist would be stinking and drowned in its own shit

    The Corona virus disrupted my well established business,
    But I guess I had saved up for this,
    Some would look at me and say I’m vicious,
    But it wasn’t my problem if the baby’s parents didn’t find anything amiss!

    The beggar :

    I would wake up everyday, hopeless and fatigued,
    The corporate world always has been ruthless,
    “How do they get promoted and not me?” I was pained and intrigued.
    As a single mother, I remembered why the cribbing would be useless!

    My baby was my little light in this dark world,
    I wanted to make everything right for him.
    I would work two shifts, bear anything that unfurled
    Just to make sure his life wouldn’t be as grim!

    The watchman told me about the nanny sneaking my baby out,
    I didn’t want to believe him as this nanny was a friend’s recommendation
    One day I got back home early, just to clarify this doubt.
    My world crashed as the watchman’s words weren’t blind accusation!

    Then the Corona virus added to my woes,
    It took my little prince with a weak immune system and with that all my hopes,
    While I worked for his future, he was killed by the nanny that I trustfully chose!
    A loss of hope, job and most importantly, my prince! I was now a mope!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 28w

    Sun, Waves and Hope

    When the sun sucks out any interest that remains
    And life takes a nihilistic turn
    The moon comes along with another set of dreams
    And the subconscious has something left to learn and in some cases, yearn.

    When the waves hit harder than expected
    But the sails of determination remain strong
    Despite the rocking of the situations inflicted
    And again the ship of life sees a happy change come along!

    When hopes twinkles like stars
    Just know that the darkness that you see
    Doesn’t linger like the dark gap between those twinkles
    In an never ending starlight spree.

    When you hit rock bottom and things just doesn’t seem to change
    And you’re all set to give up on life
    Remember to wait a bit more and let life rearrange
    Because a patient and difficult living is far better than a regretful afterlife.

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 35w


    Those words that the eyes try to shout while the lips stay shut,
    Those moments where the time is moving while the mind tries to stop it,
    Those days where decisions were made, not by calculations, but by the pangs of the gut.
    Those conversations that were heard, but not said, staring at the horizon watching the sunset.
    Those hugs that lasted for seconds but lived for an eternity!
    Those tears that weren’t seen but felt as a lump in the throat.
    Those errands that had to be done, not with passion but due to responsibility!
    Those verses that were written because the heart wanted to emote.
    Those truths that were avoided,
    Those facts that were overlooked,
    Those places where trust was exploited,
    Those lies that kept you hooked.
    In the end, only one question arose,
    What did you have in mind for each of those “Those”?

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 43w

    Many times parents, especially Indian parents, forget how their words affect their children. While imbibing good values are important, it’s equally important to make sure your child isn’t feeling claustrophobic and lost with a lack of parental support!

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    Confessions From An Indian Parent

    My words can cut deep but why should I care ?
    You’re born thirty years after me,
    Whatever I say, you should calmly hear.
    If you protest or retort, I take offence even on the plea.

    I always think for your own good,
    So my baseless accusations still mean something.
    You can never do anything about it, even if you wished you could,
    I can get away with this, it’s love and care but if you did the same, it’s disgusting!

    My experiences, half of which are exaggerated and spiced up to life,
    Are meant to educate and be an example for you.
    Regardless of how much effort you put in, irrespective of your strife,
    I’ll still be pleased with the neighbour’s kid despite your breakthrough!

    I define your set of responsibilities,
    While I happily ignore mine.
    I can claim helplessness but the society has a watchful eye on your capabilities
    You can be a dutiful child but I still have reasons to whine!

    There’s no way to escape from this scrutiny,
    I’ll call it “trying to perfect you in every way!”
    I’ll ignore all complaints of yours, of how your thoughts have a mutiny!
    I am an Indian parent and you, my child, are my prey!

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 44w

    A couple of bees

    Choosing nectar from different aspects of their lives,
    And collecting those memories in their sweet hive,
    I saw my favourite couple of bees,
    Slowly dive into the married life!

    They never were the gossiping kind,
    True to their name, the bees, were hardworking and amiable,
    But it took a lot more to get their fate intertwined,
    One of which was their constant optimism that made it all possible!

    Though they come from different backgrounds,
    Their views remained the same throughout.
    Their love grew with no limits or bounds
    With every little block of honey they cemented and held out.

    It’s a curious amalgam of bliss, tears and accomplishment,
    A wonderfully unique feeling to see them tie the knot.
    Their journey will make anyone feel their sense of achievement,
    And one can see that Cupid himself is their official mascot.

    Raghavendra B S

  • raghavendrabs 45w

    Tagebuch eines Roboters - 2080

    Ein tränenloses Augenpaar
    Ein Lächeln, dessen Wärme das Herz nicht erreicht
    Die Regeln waren immer klar
    Aber mit sozialen Richtlinien verbunden zu sein, ist eine bittere Sehnsucht
    Verloren in Entscheidungen und versteckt unerfahrenen Schmerz
    Ich gehe im Kreis und weiß nicht, was ich tun soll
    Dieser Ort, ich gehöre nicht hierher, ich warte auf den Satz "Das ist ein Witz!"
    Ich erinnere mich an die Zeit, als ich voller Lebensvoll
    Mit der Zeit wünschte ich mir nur, ich würde sterben, ohne dass diese Ideen meine Sicht blockieren würden
    Als künstliche Intelligenz geboren und ich bin ein Diener, der mit dem Leben und seiner Last ist verbunden

    Raghavendra B S