i freed the things which r not in my hands!!

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  • rachikasah 80w

    To my world
    U are the precious gem,
    Feels close to my heart
    As It listens ur voice,
    as sweet as candy
    It always sounds !
    When grief It founds
    Seeks ur words somehow!
    Simple and shy
    Innocent as child
    Mum she maintains
    Though freaky inside
    Growing like plants,
    In the same field
    We never let ourselves,,
    To put down.
    Watering each other's
    Dead parts,
    Wishing our journey to livelong
    Supporting each others
    In every ride...
    Memories ,flash backs
    Gossiping ,bitching
    We share everytime !
    Wish I never ever loose this vibe.

  • rachikasah 84w


    News lines : A woman ran with a guy leaving
    her three children ....

    Le me! : Ab to OXYTOCIN ka
    (Bio stu) v asar km hone lga h !


  • rachikasah 92w

    We feel love ...
    Firstly Where we don't need to make efforts!
    And secondly where we rejoice to make efforts !!

  • rachikasah 95w

    I don't know

    What life brings to me
    I don't know,,
    What makes me strong
    In those stroms
    I don't know,,
    What makes me rude to me
    I don't know,,
    Why ever It hurts me
    If it's about u
    I don't know,,
    Why my deeds
    Sometimes haunts me
    I don't know,,
    What makes me to
    go deep In my every writes
    I don't know,,
    What makes me to seek
    Clarity In my every move
    I don't know,,
    What makes me to put
    myself aside
    I don't know,,
    What will bring my life
    To its peak
    I don't know,,
    But I know
    One day I'll be at peak !!

  • rachikasah 115w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Journey

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    Risk ride life

  • rachikasah 115w

    "Love is somehow distracted by my passion. "

  • rachikasah 120w

    @mirakeeworld @writerstolli @writersnetwork @freespirit13 @yamini_poetry
    do share ur views as what u feel about this...?��
    Though this is poetry-cum-story ...❤️❤️❤️

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    U were the key
    to open feelings,
    which I
    In part of
    my heart
    my feelings Were
    like butterflies
    which Freed,
    and touched
    ur heart gently,
    desperately ..!
    They feel homely,
    Cherished over there
    But after years,
    heart became stony.!
    and they moved hopelessly.

    Once again, caged In
    my heart
    which can't be unlocked again
    as the key
    got mould , somehow
    Into an another shape ..!


  • rachikasah 121w

    I stuck
    my emotions
    and priorities
    Scratching mind
    Every now and then
    Haziness In thoughts
    Critical it sounds!
    Poking others to Clarify
    Risky It found !
    May become heaven
    Or deadpool
    In between though,
    Then how let
    Others to brief.!
    Turmoil mind
    Openness it seeks
    To wonder
    The world around.


  • rachikasah 122w

    Blank space !
    To be filled with
    Present thoughts
    Colours of life
    Kindness of mine
    Positive vibes
    Hopeful nights
    And Essence
    of My writes.

  • rachikasah 124w

    I wished
    somewhere someday
    If I would be alone
    In this journey of love,
    I would have not
    given u the reason for this!
    Those scars on my heart
    Still screaming
    Of ur sweet memories
    My love wasn't blamed!