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  • rachel_taborn 48w

    Conflict and Confusion

    I live in constant conflict and confusion.
    Being battered while I'm bewildered.
    With a clenched cardiac and considerable contusions.
    Unable to dodge any of the discord that's delivered.
    Abrasing my admiration advertently for your own amusement.
    Shame stricken and suppressed, nothing left but slivers.
    Once lovely and lively I'm no longer lucent.
    Now just a charred, cold, corpse, amongst the cinders.

  • rachel_taborn 48w


    I willingly gave up what little I had and left all I know.
    So that together, we could love and grow.

    I know that I love you more today then I did back then.
    So I was positive that we really would mend.

    But for some reason we have been clashing and colliding.
    It seems that no matter how hard we try we keep backsliding.

    Our fights have been so severe and hurtful.
    I dont know if I can jump very many more hurdles.

    And that makes my heart ache.
    I dont want to go away.

    I feel so lost and alone as I roam.
    With you is the only place that feels like home.

  • rachel_taborn 49w

    You are the epitome of a black soul.
    I never believed in the devil and demons.
    Then I seen you transform right in front of me.
    Makes sense now, all your sinful scheming.

  • rachel_taborn 49w


    I just couldn't understand your acrimony
    until I really looked into your eyes
    The angels you think saved you
    are really just your demons in disguise

    Nobody else has seemed to notice that your mask has started to slip
    If they knew the real you they'd see the new slight curl of your lip

    For the war they wage within you is starting to weigh you down
    I can see that the authentic you is almost about to drown

    Your sleepless nights are also really starting to taking their toll
    I now realize that im constantly being drawn back here because I too have a role

    Now you can securely close your eyes and without worry prepare for your battle
    I'll lay by your side and hold you close for I know your heart and soul are fragile

    Or maybe I have it all wrong and you've been getting prepared
    To be my sentinel when i close my eyes and my battle is finally declared

    For these patterns and cycles I thought were to bring out the best of me
    Are starting to look like they are meant to be the death ofme

    You will lay beside me and hold on to me tightly
    Knowing that this crusade will take place nightly.

    For 7 days and 7 nights you will stay right by my side to oversee
    That there wont be any unlawful onslaughts brought against me

    Regardless of which one of us this battle is intended
    We shall remain back to back until each centaur has surrended

  • rachel_taborn 49w

    By unknown writer

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    You think I'm flawed..
    I know I'm perfect!

  • rachel_taborn 49w


    I cant just breath for 24 fucking hours... I am fucking exhausted. My SOUL is fucking exhausted. I just want it to be quiet. I dont want to hear the phone ring. I dont want to hear anyone's voice. I dont want to hear any doors open or close. I want to hear myself breathe because I'm not so sure that I am breathing most of the time anymore.

    All I am ever confronted with is toxin after toxin, each trying to convince me that they are the least toxic. I beg to just be left to numb my pain, because I myself have become severely infected, only to be refused any goodwill. I am always consumed by the residual trappings that invade my circumference by just encountering these toxins that can only thrive as long as they can devour and absorb what little life force I have left that is barely sustaining me. And I allow them to.. It used to just be a small price to pay in return for a different kind of needed substanance detrimental to my survival. Unfortunately that substanance no longer sustains me. Where does that leave me? Why can noone hear me calling out? Is everyone deaf? Is there no sound emitting from my throat? Why am I so loud inside of my own head?

  • rachel_taborn 49w

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    Nothings ever enough!

  • rachel_taborn 49w


    I have never been a whole, complete person. That much I know to be true.

    But never has there been this many fragments of me, I just cannot construe.

  • rachel_taborn 50w


    Blurry fucking lines
    Blurry fucking minds
    Blurry fucking signs
    Blurry fucking designs
    Blurry fuckng confines

  • rachel_taborn 50w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Vanish

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    The ghosts I crave will suddenly appear.. then just vanish