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  • rachbennur 3w

    A Poetic Night

    As the night grew darker and colder
    the wind rushed through the open window
    Caressing her bare arms and hands gently
    And leaving soft kisses on her frosty cheeks.

    The midnight stars had a unheard tale to tell
    the fireflies glowed as they danced in melancholy
    To the beats of a musical night the insects had
    Her heart rolled back into the graved memory.

    The white paper on the table longed to get scarred
    with the dark blue ink that whispered the secrets of her heart
    As the soft lamp sat there showering on her warmth
    A new poem made it's between her deep breaths


  • rachbennur 31w

    As she caught him smiling at her
    The waves of love hit the shore of her heart
    As she found him spread his mystic aura
    The breeze enchanted her enticing whispers
    As she felt him seductively kissing her soul
    She the ocean, fell in love with the moon...

  • rachbennur 31w


    Emily, you know poems are not just written words. They are the soft taps of reassurance for everyone that it's okay to be imperfect, unique and misunderstood.

    They are the warm whispers of your heart that's longing for an embrace which can soothe the spurring emotions within you. They are the cold silences frozen in the form of a perfectly aligned sequences of words laced with beautiful meaning. They are the fragrance of lavender that bloom in the morning sunshine and open their petals wide, so that you just get immersed in their scent.

    Emily, poems are not just words. They are the thoughts that you never speak, the truths that you never acknowledge, the love that you never feel, the pain that you never forget, the lesson that you never unlearn. Poems are the magic. They can break you into a thousand pieces and can also fix a thousand broken pieces to transform it into a beautiful art.

    Emily, poem in itself is a universe
    dwelling inside you.