A mix of rationale logic and erratic emotion ❤️

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  • rabiya_masood 70w

    Where I belong...

    Articulating words & channeling thoughts...
    In the midst of creating sense, feelings got lost!
    I gave up on hopelessness, a while ago
    Started looking with curiosity, what life's gotta show!
    Found my composure and some closure!
    After being witness to some indecent exposure,
    I learned that feelings are fleeting, indeed
    Yet, you never grow if you never bleed!
    Life is a mess, needless to confess!
    It's gratifying pleasure & at times utter distress...
    They say you need darkness to see the light,
    To claim your peace, you have to fight...
    I have been fighting and I will tread light!
    I have always stood and will stand for what's right!
    For I have faith and faith so strong!
    With Almighty's grace I will reach where I belong!


  • rabiya_masood 71w

    Sombre Friday

    Room drowned in utter silence,
    Subjected to visual violence!
    Something broke that day...
    Causing a subtle pain in the chest that stays...
    Those wrecked emotions and faded feelings,
    Still hinder the process of healing...
    Expectations led to frustrations...
    False attachments maybe lustful admirations!
    She pressed hard on platonic intimacy...
    Yet refuted to nothing more than a complete fallacy!
    A bond that severed was to last till the end...
    That sombre friday, someone lost a friend!


  • rabiya_masood 83w


    My heart is blue...
    And you are without a clue!
    I reminse the time,
    We believed, we'd get through!
    May has gone by, now its June...
    Thinking of you every night,
    I speak to the moon!
    Hours and moments fade away!
    You have painted my perfect blue skies,
    a gloomy shade of grey!


  • rabiya_masood 89w


    Realizations, revelations and repercussions!
    Where we stand today is quiet a discussion,
    We started the year with same aspirations!
    Some unkempt wishes and desperations,
    Deadlines to meet, projects to complete!
    The well scheduled plans to meet and greet!
    Absolutely no one in their wildest dreams!
    Imagined anything this obscene,
    How the planet earth just got closed!
    Empty malls and empty roads!
    An invisible enemy is at large!
    Humans, home arrested since march!
    A lot has happened since then...
    However, I deem to write its very end!
    2020 affected everyone's vision!
    Brought clarity to our lives that was missing!
    When the outside world got closed!
    Our numbed insides arosed!
    We got time for self-reflection...
    Found how we were living in the facade of perfection!
    How we undervalued the moments spent!
    How direly we need the close ones to vent...
    We are scared, helpless and praying everyday!
    For the Almighty to grace us with his blessings soon one day!
    What I have learned amidst all the chaos and hurdles!
    That sooner or later, life comes full circle!


  • rabiya_masood 89w


    A little blurry, hazy and just happy!
    Life's better in a euphoric high,
    Until things become crystal clear!
    And you begin asking the questions why?
    Love, hate, envy and resentment,
    All the neurological glitches, mind creates.
    The very dilemma between want and need!
    Is how the gullible takes the bait!
    The condition of being human,
    With complex emotions and choices,
    The wisdom to differ between the right and wrong!
    Above all the personal biases!
    Breathing in, she stands staring at the moon!
    Beautiful in its every phase!
    Taking on life as it comes...
    Putting on a brave face!


  • rabiya_masood 94w

    Look out

    When they said stranger danger
    They were not wrong...
    You are never too safe
    Not for long!
    One emotional mistake
    And you're far gone!
    This fragility is frailing
    Even for the strong...
    Searching for a haven,
    Where we truly belong!
    On a look out for someone,
    Who sings the hearts' song!


  • rabiya_masood 105w

    Friends and feelings...

    All the magic and butterflies
    Ironically, it was anything but lies!
    Honest to the core!
    Just perfect, say no more!
    Two souls in their own domain!
    Fighting demons, enjoying sunshine and surviving rain!
    Crossed paths for a brief while...
    Legit attraction, old school style!
    Started off as just friends...
    A sacred bond of which they could not vend!
    But feelings got in the way!
    Then blue was the color of the day!
    No matter how compatible they were!
    Certain realities made them to deter...
    Now, they are strangers with each other's secrets!
    Last thing they want was to be each other's regret!
    Realizing that friends with feelings is an utter myth...
    And they were never meant to be each other's to begin with!


  • rabiya_masood 107w

    The way forward...

    She sees the world with her rose colored glasses!
    All tinted in perfect light!
    Looking for the one in the masses!
    Whose heart shines, just as bright!

    She is a wide-eyed dreamer!
    With her feet planted firm!
    Sporting a happy demeanor!
    Living life on her terms!

    She believes love is chemistry!
    It's more mind than heart!
    Learns from the subtle alchemical history...
    Like an oxymoron, she's gullible and smart!

    She comes across distractions!
    Every other day!
    Their words never justify with their actions!
    So, she never forgets to pray!

    She is grateful to be blessed with wisdom...
    Unlike the mortals, God always comes through!
    She is the victor never the victim,
    She is always hopeful even when her heart is blue!!

    She practices reckless optimism!
    Believing to find rainbows on days that are gray!
    Her mind is equally ruled by rationality and pragmatism!
    She knows despite the odds, she will find her way!


  • rabiya_masood 108w

    Silent treatment!

    A brutal, brutal game,
    Oh, such a shame!
    Feelings and desires...
    Scaring emotions like forest fires!
    The overthinker going insane..
    Heart wrenching smiles in seething pain!
    The player plays his games!
    The one being played is the one to blame!
    Searching for the answers to reasons why!!
    Will end in vain to even try!
    So, girl just cry! Just cry your heart out!
    Your tears are crucial to end this drought!
    And when the silence will finally break,
    Leave him behind like a gruesome mistake!


  • rabiya_masood 108w

    Beautiful Creatures

    What beautiful creatures men are!
    Alluring, exciting and intriguing from far...
    Capable of explosive emotion!
    One cannot unsee their agressive devotion,
    Oh, the pretty words they can speak!
    Make a womans' walls go weak!
    They ignite feelings and passions, giving her butterflies galore!
    Oh, the dopamine rush! Leaves her wanting more...
    How they love to make promises they cannot keep!
    And how casually unaware they act knowing they're the reason why at night she weeps!
    Smooth enough to get inside her head and make it home!
    And just vanish leaving her in dread, all alone!
    It is their world after all,
    They take pride in making a woman feel small!
    Not all are the same you see!!
    Yet, all have the tendency...
    What glorious beings, indeed!
    Over logic and rationale they can make gullible emotions supercede...
    A wise woman once said, they are useless before thirty-three!
    Younger or older they are quite predictable yet a mystery,
    Love them or hate them, you can't ignore them so, women pay heed!
    Train yourself to like them, want them but never make them a need!