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  • rabeena_fathima94 2w

    "Do not swear by the moon,
    for she changes constantly.
    Then your love would also change."

    William Shakespeare,
    Romeo and Juliet

  • rabeena_fathima94 3w

    When someone accuses you of
    doing something that you haven't done,
    Show them you can do that too.


  • rabeena_fathima94 4w

    ஆன்மத் தேடலின்
    முற்பகுதி துரோகங்கள்
    நிறைந்தே இருக்கட்டும்..

    யார்தான் கூறுவார்
    நான் தேடுவது
    இதுவல்ல என்று..?!


  • rabeena_fathima94 6w

    When he could easily
    disgrace your love to
    convince his guilt and
    hide his mistakes,
    Girl! Just realize that
    he isn't a MAN and
    he has never
    even loved you
    in the first place.

    Say 'Thank you'
    for helping you not to be
    in love with someone
    who isn't a MAN anymore.


  • rabeena_fathima94 6w

    The part that I don't understand is
    How one day a person can be saying
    how much they love you and need you
    but the next day break your heart
    by treating you as you don't
    even exist anymore.

  • rabeena_fathima94 19w

    Oh Darling!
    All I want you to do is,
    undo the dark shade
    you gave yourself
    and peep into my heart
    every morning to see
    the colours it paints
    for your
    beautiful soul..!

  • rabeena_fathima94 20w

    Having someone who has
    the fear of losing you
    is more than a blessing..!

  • rabeena_fathima94 22w

    When you trust Allah in spite of whatever happens and when you keep holding onto Him,
    Allah loves you and protects you even from the eyesight of the evils..!
    And I really felt that..!!
    Subhanallah ❤️
    Alhamdulillah ❤️

  • rabeena_fathima94 24w

    Marry a man
    who runs to you
    to convince you
    when you are mad at him,
    not to other women.

  • rabeena_fathima94 25w

    I'm proud of my heart..
    It's been
    BURNED and
    but somehow still works.