Infp | Piscean♓ | Aspiring Actor Like to dabble with poetry through inspiration.

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  • r2poet 16w

    Andy's Shadows now available on Amazon:

    In kindle, audible, paperback and hardback versions

    Andy is finding is his inner power and talents hidden deep within himself.

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    Andy's Shadows

  • r2poet 16w

    My newly self published book. Andys Shadows.

    Available in kindle, audible, paperback and hardback.

    Now available on Amazon.

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    Andys Shadows

  • r2poet 16w

    My newly self published book. Andys shadows.

    Available now on kindle, audible, paperback and hardback.



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    Andys Shadows

  • r2poet 16w

    The True Vacation

    I bow my head to the true guru with love and sincerity in my heart.
    For what can be a better vacation than from my ego?


  • r2poet 49w

    1s and 0s

    If you look at the analogy of the matrix it's encoded in 1s and 0s. If we are to survive as a civilization we have to see it as 1 people other wise we will become 0.

    -Randhir Rana

  • r2poet 123w

    Too Far Gone

    He got too close to her, he lost his purpose. Lost in love, crippling his vision.
    Blocked heart, feeling like black shards of crystals.
    He needs an incision.
    Looking back at his beautiful memories, he thought he had this life won,
    Paying the price for love and now he's too far... gone... too far gone.

  • r2poet 137w

    Poem a day

    A poem a day keeps the physciatrist away


  • r2poet 152w

    Granules of Time

    Granules of sand compacted together to create such a beautiful art piece. One with a castle, mountain even fond memories of city life near the mountain side.
    Till the ocean tide comes washing in.

  • r2poet 157w

    Mountain Top Visions

    When he saw the sun come up in the morning over the mountain top he was reminded of his journey and he smiled.

  • r2poet 161w

    "Mankind is like dogs, not gods - as long as you don't get mad they'll bite you - but stay mad and you'll never be bitten. Dogs don't respect humility and sorrow."

    -Jack Kerouac