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  • queerchildzw 8w

    Heartbreak do-over

    I pulled myself apart to be whole again. No. Maybe less of these lies I tell myself will heal me. Maybe.
    The truth is I tore myself apart so you could love a piece of me. You were always so good at loving broken things, you picked a piece and you loved it, loved it so much you convinced me you loved me whole.
    So I broke my heart loving you and needing you. just a piece. A piece of you to make this feel real?
    You say all you ever did was love the parts of me that needed it the most. You never planned on forgetting that I was more, yet here we are. broken pieces.
    Maybe we should never have fallen in love in the first place. Never made promises. Never hoped for more.
    Because all we ever do is break each other's hearts, one piece at a time.

  • queerchildzw 14w

    Love, trust, honesty, relationships

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    You can't build love on a foundation of love and hurt.

  • queerchildzw 17w

    I am falling apart just from breathing

    I'm falling apart just from breathing. Morning after morning I wake up with a broken heart. I keep begging for mercy, begging to keep parts of myself at least. This monster knows no mercy. How do you fight when there is no hope? Surrounded by poverty, disease and death.
    Breathe child. Breathe. I'm just trying to make it through the day.
    I can't hear anything with these screams in my head. They are louder than reason. Louder than love. Louder than any ray of light.
    I feel empty. I do not know how to describe this feeling of hollowness and nothingness inside me. My soul is infested with pain and sadness.
    I am falling apart just from breathing.

  • queerchildzw 19w

    Writing prompt: Objectified beauty

    You're beautiful. Words fall short in describing your beauty. When you walk by everyone is mesmerized. Women want to be you and men want to have you. You're adored. Yet there is an emptiness filling your soul. You crave connection and intellectual conversation.
    You want to be seen not as an object but as a person. You want your legacy to be something more than just aesthetics but for it to be a story of courage, hard work and love. That void inside grows with every compliment that feasts on your body and is blind to the person within. You're not an object. You're kind, loving, smart and brave and if they looked beyond the curves and glowing skin they would know that too.

  • queerchildzw 19w

    Writing prompt: My unborn child

    My dear baby,

    I love you so much. It may seem strange to love a person you've never met but I've met you a thousand times. Chose you over and over again. I've held you in my arms. Sung you a dozen lullabies. Of all the things I've done in this world  being your mother has been the most rewarding. You're my blessing. I await the day we will meet. There's so much I want to share with you. So much I want to teach you.
    Hurry on and come home... we've been waiting a long time.

    All my love,

  • queerchildzw 19w

    Writing prompt: I can't unlove you

    I can't unlove you. I said the words and gave my heart away. I gave it all. You were the one and I was brave. I braved the lies. I braved the broken promises. I sold my time for happily ever after and a dream that never was.
    I can't unlove you. Even as I drown in this pain. As excruciating grief pierces my soul for all the things that will never be... I can't unlove you.
    With all the things I know. With all the things I've felt. With these tears running down my face. I can't unlove you.

  • queerchildzw 20w

    Writing prompt: Unrequited love

    How sad it is to love a woman and fall short of her favour.
    It's a different kind of pain knowing your heart is given but not taken. Somewhere in limbo, waiting and hoping.
    To have this love burning inside of you, yearning to be embraced yet unrequited.
    How sad it is to love a woman so deeply and fall short of her favour...such is the curse of an unrequited love.
    It will keep you up at night replaying all the moments that could have been.
    It will make your heart beat so fast and loud when she smiles and fall into a slow rhythm knowing she'll never be yours.
    It fills your entire being with this feeling of loss, the grief of losing something you never had.
    Such is the curse of unrequited love...

  • queerchildzw 20w

    Writing prompt: Even though we're in a long distance relationship.

    Everyone keeps telling you this won't work. They tell me I'm a fool to believe that phone calls and occasional visits will be enough for a girl like you. Your friends say there's no way I'll stay loyal with this distance between us. As if my loyalty is measured by kilometres and meters. Even if you're here , even if you're there, anywhere you're, my love for you remains constant. We met on the mountains, grew closer with each text and fell in love on the road. Our love knows no bounds. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. So tell your friends not to worry I'll never tire. Our souls will meet no matter where we are.

  • queerchildzw 20w

    Zoom fatigue

    Meeting after meeting. Day after day. Talking to people through screens and microphones. Gun to your head, put your hands on the keyboard! That's the life now. Covid holding us hostage. We went digital so fast and hard just to avoid catching something only to catch that zoom fatigue. Who knew staying at home could be so exhausting. They say a work-life balance will keep that zoom fatigue at bay.

  • queerchildzw 20w

    I'm back on my feet

    I was 6 feet under. Buried in pain and regret. I was drowning in a sea of fear and shame. I worked hard to become. To be a true version of myself.
    I let my truth out for the world to see. I was a self-made man. I say self-made because I had to teach myself what it means to be a man, I had to unlearn all of my chilhood lessons. They said I was breaking rules and bending nature so they beat me down to make me right. They threw hate at me at every turn, tried to kill the man I was with words and fists. Sticks and stones broke my bones and words had me sitting across the same stranger every Wednesday asking me how I feel. I told her I couldn't sleep because in my dreams I had the same body I had when I was 12. She told me to look at the man in the mirror and tell him he was amazing, strong and perfect till I believed it. Now I'm back on my feet. Went from 6 feet under to on top of the world.