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  • queeniedoll1924 14w

    Credit to the original wiring creator doing the introduction

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    The Move

    Hannah left her home on her 18th birthday. She knew it was a silly decision and living all l by herself was gone be tough, but she wanted to build a life from scratch and be free. She rented an old musty room in the nearby town and...

    once there she thought to herself, " Is musty and a bit old but it's mine, a little space... this could work!" In an overly enthusiastic tone to herself.
    Clean, I'll clean. Time to make this place more, Hannah. She grabbed her bag and began to pull some comfy easy to work in clothes, and eagerly swept and mopped the floors. Soon the musty scent was gone and the scent of lavender wafted through entire room. Next she laundered the curtains, a nice sheer golden yellow. Perectly perfect for inviting some light into this place, said Hannah. Music played on the record player she took from home. As she turned her space into a place where she'd love to be where she could be absolutely she. The size didn't bother and she felt happy to mold it into something cool. Hannah's light poured into it instantly. She never saw the down side of things, she always looked at things in the way of hope. Her mother said, hope that she should've named her just that. Hannah opened up one of the two windows this room has to offer to let the breeze dry the floors a little longer, the fresh air blew in and out, as if had caught its breath after being suffocating for a long time. No dust or must remained after just 3 hours that she had stayed, color up on everywall, in every corner a plant grew tall. She lay her rug by the door and one by the bed on the floor. Cleaned the dresser and put away all her clothes, added a beautiful bouquet in the bathroom with the shower. She looked around when she was done and knew that she was happy at all she had done with the apartment others said was crappy. I'm 18 years old today.. and I have my own place to stay. The first thing I was taught to do is to follow my dreams and they will come true. Home is what you make it so this is what I did, you just have to believe in yourself like you did when you were just a kid. This is my first place now I still have time to grow i am proud I did this, I look forward to see what my future holds.

  • queeniedoll1924 18w

    As I thought of you I felt my heart, a silent thrill
    Just then I grabbed my favorite quill
    I jotted down for you all my will, but I knew you would not come
    And it made me break...forever ill.

  • queeniedoll1924 18w

    Hide Away

    And when it hurts I smile
    I take a little while to gather my hurt thoughts
    I drift away before the chime of the clock
    Time's up! You've used up all your "happy" time to change the
    Pace, it's your turn to go... You're in the wrong place.
    He says to me "you don't belong"... but... But I do, don't I?
    I thought I said I do. I began to watch as the hummingbirds flew
    Right into the fire that burned high like the sun, like moths to a flame their wings softly hum, a meloncholy tune into my bleeding heart. Im not sure if I can move again or if from this place I'll part. A piece of me is gone, the rest of me, in shards. I'm shattered so injust, but when it hurts I smile. This charade is a must.

  • queeniedoll1924 20w


    You think I don't know that this pain in my head is called PTSD, that there is much more going on here than just the tear in my ligaments ripped to shreds by violence and rage. Insomnia hits for days on end and when you stay up for four days and nights the bright lights they play games with knights in flight in your sight, but you might escape it if you release the thought from your broken knees like these broken branches from trees, they seize in the breeze but there's bliss when you see. Let go just sleep... It comes finally, when your body succumbs. And you wake to the day fresh and rested no more to be tested. Don't explain to me what I know. Fine, I'm bested, who cares. I am here but I stand tall and breathing. Life inside me and time to free me. Gleefully dancing oblivious to all of this grit, who cares bout the screw loose, when I'm ready to give in I'll go in to tighten it. I'm good by the water, I'm fine by the trees, they're mending on their own much like this inner part of me. Fuck waiting around for them to say oh this is what's wrong, I'll sit around and wait to heal singing my ignorance song. For it truly is bliss to be here ignorant to this madness inside, it's smarter to be at peace with all this, than to be Mrs. Intellect with my perfected misdiagnosis that says I'll die one day soon. Truth is we all do it too, so what do I care, I'm gonna stay happy here looking at the stars til the night comes when they're not even there.

  • queeniedoll1924 21w

    Love is Love

    We love who we love.
    Whether it's a man and a woman or a man and a man
    Or a woman and a woman or a man, woman and another man... Love is love and we can't help who we love. Nobody should be hurt or discriminated over an emotion they cannot control. We as humans love who we love period. If you don't like what you see, look the other way, if it makes you uncomfortable look the other way. If it isn't hurting you in any way shape or form then kindly mind your own business, what sexual preferences people have behind their bedroom doors are of no concern to you or me or anyone else, those are private matters that need not be disclosed to anyone and even if they are publicly disclosed freely they shouldn't be shamed for it. This Earth is here for us all to live and love in it freely and nobody would ever tell my children who they can or can't or should or shouldn't love. I'll be damned if anyone dictates that and hells fire rain down on the person who thinks they would ever harm my child for their choice of who they love. This needs to stop and it needs to stop soon. This is the 21st century, with so much advancing in medicine in tech in every other aspect, in this aspect....we need to catch up and accept that love is love. Hate is ugly and dark and solves nothing. Parents shunning their own children from their families for their choice of who they love, enough!!!! Get right people, love your family, love yourselves, love your girl love your guys, this life is short and we all die spend it living not in this bullshit fight with this person or that person who says this is right. Live your light love your life. Enough already

  • queeniedoll1924 21w

    The Chat

    Kind words are never wasted, and time taken to listen, not waiting to talk makes all the difference in the world. New friendships and kindness out of nothingness, or even out of courage, the courage to say hello regardless of what anyone might think or feel. Feeling drawn to someone be it an energy or light they radiated at one point in time you crossed paths with them that suddenly sparked a tiny flame to say, "hey." A conversation that reminds you of your strength and resilience a feeling of peace washes over you and you realize you made the right call. Kindness is never wasted. I'm intrigued

  • queeniedoll1924 22w


    I wonder what he'll look like. Will his skin be pale white? Smooth with the alabaster glow of his father's? Dark hair and eyes that burn like the sunset right before it hits the horizon, eyes I fell in love with. I hope for that. Such beautiful eyes, I could look at them forever. Will he favor me, with my olive tone skin and reddish brown hair my chocolate brown eyes? I often wonder what he'll sound like when he finally says mama, when I hear the first cry, the first breath. What I do know for certain beyond any doubt... Is that he will be amazing, beautiful and miraculous. The scent of my new son in my arms wrapped in his blanket I made myself as I snuggle him close is a wonder i cannot wait to behold.

  • queeniedoll1924 22w

    The Record Player

    Nothing like music from a vinyl album played on a record player
    The sound transports me back to a place of heavy metal posters and black lights, and make out sessions with boys in the dark, to The ten dollar lids we scored from the dude down the street, and strawberry wine chilled in the garage fridge of that one friend whose parents were cool enough to let us hang there... Listening to rock n roll, Other times we were sneaking about where parents weren't home and we were just being rebellious little cheats, But oh that record player would rock the whole night through, Hendrix, Sabbath, ACDC too. I never forget my first Judas Priest album on a hot summer night in my neighborhood with my girlfriends and guys, the sound from the record player was the best thing that night, we listened and drank underneath a sky of starlight. So many great memories of that record player I keep, so I went out to buy a new one last week. Time to continue to make memories of the record player anew, oh you can't kill rock n roll. That's always been true

  • queeniedoll1924 22w

    Something was strange today. The cold breeze brushing past my face had numbed my senses and the scent of a distant lover unsettled my inner storm. The floor beneath my feet seemed like they were suddenly gaseous, about to turn to smoke underneath me. I felt thrown off balance but just for a second, I took a deep breath in. I forced myself to take in the scent that hit me out of nowhere. Desensitize myself...I could do that, I had done that before. This was an old wound healed and scarred over. Just... Yeah, out of nowhere. I grounded myself once again and the ground was solid, I had my bearings and I continued my walk around the park. I thought about looking around but I knew I'd eventually see those eyes looking right back at me. Just as I finished up my walk and I rid myself of the memories the good.... And the bad, the flood of emotions that tend to rush through the body sometimes unexpectedly...I began to make my way to my car. I was almost there and I heard someone say "Hello", I didn't turn around, he continued to say, "you don't have to say hello I've been coming here to run all week and seen you a few times I've been wanting to say hello but I haven't had the courage until today." I still faced away at my car door just listening. He said my name and asked if I would please look at him. I turned to look at him with the expectation of getting weak in the knees of being struck by those eyes that I used to long for but, I realized I was desensitized, I was not weak and I could do this. I only responded to say, "I knew you were here. I just don't have anything to say. Not anymore."
    I didn't say anything else and I drove away. I didn't look in my rearview mirror and I never will. I'm walking at a different park tomorrow.

  • queeniedoll1924 22w

    The Creating

    The Creating of a fantastical world of fairies and beauty and queens where castles are made of ivy leaves and water springs from towers high above clouds floating in the sky are dreamt up in the kind of mind that loves the whimsical tale of love where each wind carries a scent of hyacinth and honeysuckle and sunshine within. Glowing magical nights are spent underneath a star laden sky listening to crickets and other little things and the brook nearby. I sigh, I love the thought of places like this so I write about places where that bliss exists, when I sleep and dream it's where I go. It was the child who to me to go. I met him once in one of these dreams, he told me a story of who he would be. So vivid and clear. I woke the next day not feeling so well but I remember what he said and who I should tell. This fantastical world is where I was told, a new child would soon be here. Amazing, such magic to truly behold