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  • quarterto1 66w

    A tree

    I'm rooted to this spot,
    With an itch to move. 
    I'm green, pleasant & calm,
    With barks & sprouts too.

    Of despair I must reek,
    Of despair I do leak.
    As everyone moves somewhere,
    Rooted here, I just peek.

    I am but a tree,
    Who dreams to be free.
    Chained down by myself,
    I no longer have the key.

    I'll stand tall
    Through the sunshine & rain
    Till the day I fall,
    With regrets & vain.


  • quarterto1 67w

    Dear Mother Nature

    Mother nature,
    Why do you weep?
    We've sown our sins,
    And so we shall reap.

    Mother nature,
    Learn to move on.
    Without us,
    Farther you will go on.


  • quarterto1 68w

    Ture relief

    When the positives of
    Giving up outweighs
    The positives of going on,
    Is sometimes when
    You realize true relief


  • quarterto1 71w


    To the someone,
    Who ruined everyone else.
    Did someone else,
    Ruin me for you?


  • quarterto1 73w


    "I have a theory.
    In life, we aren't looking for joy. 
    We aren't even looking for love.
    What we actually look for is maybe hope.
    A hope that helps us survive."


  • quarterto1 74w

    In these walls by MGK

    King of the underworld, what a damn name
    'Cause he killed all the other girls in the damn frame
    For a queen that he never realized had fangs

    - MGK

  • quarterto1 75w


    What's wrong with being numb?
    Atleast I don't feel pain anymore.
    Okay, I don't feel joy either,
    But I don't wake with eyes that are sore.
    And I have a heart that's calm,
    The kind that doesn't want to keep a score.
    So, it is okay if I am numb,
    I did wish for a day I don't feel anything anymore.


  • quarterto1 76w


    You have your issues,
    Mine, I seal.
    They might not
    Be the same meal.
    Doesnt mean
    What I feel isn't real.


  • quarterto1 76w

    Another start

    Tell me,
    Plans do fall apart.
    Do you have to the courage
    To charge for yet another start?


  • quarterto1 77w

    Not Today

    It's not today,
    When I start to feel okay.
    And it is okay,
    That I want to move far away.
    Miles away,
    From everything that I feel today.