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  • quanta_void 16w

    I am not a hero , but I lived a story created with you, carried by me and finished on us.

  • quanta_void 17w

    Darling, We just exist in this universe sometimes half sometimes whole, shining but unfelt.

  • quanta_void 17w


    As our love grows, the stars witnessed and glowed.

  • quanta_void 17w

    A Mysterious Girl

    Far from the stars or the planet of moons,
    Landed a mysterious girl on this planet of ruin,
    The first step marked the greenery of boons,
    And the rest a spark in vein.

    Her face had a charm of thousand suns,
    And a smile of moon complementing her form,
    Her eyes were made of some stars,
    Whose tears could bring flood and storm.

    Common yet discoverable among millions from far,
    Complicated was she yet of simple nature,
    Whose one word would end all the war,
    Whose presence gave the feeling of some heavenly creature.

    Blessed are the creatures of this world,
    Whose life with her is burled.