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  • purrrrr 1w

    ꫝꫀ ꪶꪶ

    In the quiet,
    Tip toe, I hear them sneak
    "Shush" they whispered
    Awakening my soul
    Aaahhh it sobbed.
    The seas heard my wails
    Putting them at unease.
    The winds got a whiff
    Of my agony.
    Eerie, my heart raced.
    No one rushing to my escape.
    Sniff, sniff
    They commenced their feast.

    I was the kill.
    Like true gourmets,
    They sizzled my being.
    Those soul sucking parasites
    Demons I call them.
    How do I save it from 'em? ~ My soul
    Because without that,
    I'll breathe....but not live.
    A corpse I'll be.....
    For the world around me.
    My flesh ravishing the vultures.
    Oh my~ I cry and cry
    For I cannot endure
    this dreadful sight.

    The devil, I sense
    Stands at my elbow.
    "How are you old pal?"
    He greeted.
    And there! Then!
    It stopped......
    my heart
    my breath
    all foregone.
    Too choked~ to even let out a sigh
    His breath gaged me.
    The veins strangled my heart.
    Causing me my own death.


  • purrrrr 3w

    I fear

    I fear to look into your eyes
    Because I know, I'll be fooled
    by your disguise.


  • purrrrr 6w

    Our worlds

    Unparallel our worlds

    Yet, so common distorted life.

  • purrrrr 8w


    Your skies met mine

    And, all along we never knew.....

    We shared the same moon.


  • purrrrr 8w

    My heart

    It's him (my heart)
    whom I converse with,
    To water the barren
    For it to bloom someday.

    I fear to caress it
    For it can explode
    into a million pieces
    And there will be none
    But some stuns
    to pick up those shuns.

    Look! There they go....
    Busy with their lives
    Squashing my hives
    With their wild drives
    A slight peek
    would have sufficed.

    It sores from its
    deepest core.
    My feelings ashore
    from their desperate abhor.
    Scraping till they
    can't anymore.

    (Beehive~ a natural or constructed dwelling place for bees
    Just like that (hives~ exploded pieces of my heart) where my feelings resided.)

  • purrrrr 12w

    How do I tell them?

    People ask me to write tales of joy.
    But, how do I tell them it isn't my choice?
    I try and try
    But it only leads to
    more cries and cries.
    I could hear the walls
    laughing at me,
    Mocking me at my
    deserted mind.
    For the evocation of happiness
    seems impossible for me.

    The bloodless pages
    glaring at me.
    Wanting to be stained
    In the colors of my life.
    But how do I tell them? ~
    That the ashes of my burnt serenity
    have been swept away
    by the notorious wind.
    That my heart has become
    a battleground
    For everyone to play tricks on.
    And oh so, I still carry it like an Eden.

    The restless nights,
    Me not being able to do a glorious write.
    My mind's all clueless
    For the happiness cannot confess.
    And I murmur....
    How do I tell them?

    Every time I write a poem
    At the corner of my heart,
    I fear, will it be my limit?
    Will my inspiration cease?
    And all again I'll become diseased?
    Because it has been my escape now.
    But my scattered thoughts
    never cease to amaze me.
    And here I am with
    another piece.


  • purrrrr 13w

    The castle
    I you've been digging my treasures to build your own castle.


  • purrrrr 14w


    I hold the sky in my hands.
    Yet, I reach for the stars.

    (We literally have everything within our reach but we have this thirst for more.....and mind, this thirst can be good and bad as well.
    We never know when our curiosity for things can turn into greed leading to nothing but our uncontented state.
    We need to stop for a second and realise what we have otherwise we'll always search for happiness and ignore the already existing gems in our life~~)

  • purrrrr 14w

    After it rains....

    I am drowning in guilt,
    The guilt of broken promises to myself.
    The guilt of being my worst self,
    When I could have been the best.

    Everyday feels like, living
    my life in drenched clothes.
    The cloud of gloom above my head
    showering me with
    acid rain of sorrow and regret,
    almost eroding the
    jovial memories of my

    My baggy eyes
    holding the weight
    of my distant dreams.
    The fog of confusion
    blurring my vision.
    The unsettling cold
    too much for my
    already deprived soul.

    The chills pierce my senses.
    Nourishing me with
    kisses of frostbite.
    My heart numb
    from such dismal,
    That I loathe myself.

    With every step,
    I leave behind
    wet footprints of sorrow.
    But, it almost feels like
    they have conspired
    against me to again
    and again evaporate
    like a viscous cycle
    to add to my gloom.

    To escape this turmoil
    I listen to music.
    But, funny is it,
    they are even the blues.
    I am young but my
    skin's all wrinkled.
    The failures of my past
    overcast my mind.

    I am like a drenched child
    waiting eagerly for the
    clouds to go away.
    To play with his friends
    in the warmth of summer.
    I also wanna be able to
    squint my eyes
    And face that
    ablazing star.
    But, will the Blue Devils
    stop stalking me?
    After it rains,
    Will I heal?


  • purrrrr 15w


    He peeped
    My heart leaped
    Into his greed
    To be his