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  • purrienne_wings 4d

    I didn't realise
    how beautiful it was,
    to be looked at
    for the way I smiled ♡.
    how peaceful it shall be
    in the arms of a man
    who truly loves you
    for who you're.
    You were a mere stranger
    who played a big role,
    I would choose you
    any other feeling
    because you
    my love,
    add up
    my happiness.


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #love

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    You were mere a stranger,
    Who turned out to be my big smile.


  • purrienne_wings 1w

    I wanted to kiss you a little deeper,
    long before the autumn leaves turned crisp
    the winter's chill settled
    into my bones.
    I wanted to hold you a little tighter,
    long before the spring flowers bloomed
    tasting of your sweet kiss
    everything i can not longer feel.
    I wanted to look into your eyes a little longer,
    long before the summer stars
    in your gaze went out
    one by one
    leaving me in the dark.
    I wanted all these things,
    long before you become a memory
    One i take out......
    to remember,
    to hold,
    to live


  • purrienne_wings 1w

    things that fall ~

    •the sun


  • purrienne_wings 1w


  • purrienne_wings 2w

    Touch me with your lips,
    Heal me with your kiss,
    I have suffered a lot,
    Now lemme taste bliss ♡

  • purrienne_wings 2w


    Fights, constant arguments,tears,pain and the feeling of not being understood.
    Some relationships can hit you hard, no matter what relation it's with.
    They slowly start to peirce your soul until they leave you completely numb and defeated.
    No any doubt that you do a lot for someone but they don't care at all.
    When you're wrong they don't even listen nor try to understand,
    they will leave you with the onus of your guilt while the reality is that it's not your fault, you only try to clearup the things.

    Try to see the red flags. Don't give them the benefit of your doubts.
    It will only make them hurt you more.

    Remember it's okay to walk away from a relationship where nobody understands you. You are here to change them.

    Oh..Darllliin, don't loose hope.
    May be this was not the “ love story ”,
    But one day , you will fall in love.
    No complications,
    No drama,
    No hurdle.

    || JUST PURE LOVE ||




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    One day you'll fall in love.
    No complications, No drama, No hurdle.
    Just Pure Love


  • purrienne_wings 2w

    Ever wondered how is the sky
    so calm even after going through
    so much ?
    Sky is the place where you can
    find nothing yet everything.
    It's really about alone you and
    something which just listens to
    Vanish it all up there,
    no one will be angry, no one will question your feelings.
    Just empty yourself into the
    infinite and leave the rest to the universe.
    Just try to find peace genuinely
    in something which is helpful and somewhere absurd
    or takes you to the wrong way.



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    The heaviness inside you can only be
    vanished into the limitless, talk to the sky ♡.

  • purrienne_wings 2w

    if he's afraid to fully
    fall in love with you

    Save Your Time And Love Yourself Instead

  • purrienne_wings 2w

    ~ I want to hold your hand on a cold night,
    and wake up to your face on a saturday morning.

    ~ I want to travel the vast expanse of your mind
    and scare the evil spirits and bad thoughts away.

    ~ I want to fall asleep to the pure sound of your heartbeat
    and taste the tantalizing feel of your skin.

    ~ I want to wrap my arms tight around you
    and never let you go.

    ~ I want to fall asleep to the sound of your voice
    and wake up by seeing your smile.

    ~ I want to kiss you from head to toe
    and drown in your carefree laugh.

    ~ I want you in your eternity
    and I want to love you endlessly♡
    ©sumaiya | ©purrienne_wings

  • purrienne_wings 3w

    ~ जिनकी थी तलब उनसे रहीं दूरियां बहुत,
    जिन पर बहुत मान होता है,
    वो बेईमान निकलते हैं !!
    ©sumaiya | ©purrienne_wings