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  • purple_river 86w

    The Flight

    One day you say you'll throw me away
    Kick me out of the place you call home
    Then you say you'll cage me forever
    Kill my dreams and play me like a drone
    But I'm not your toy, you don't own me
    And don't say I owe you my life!
    Cause it was never my choice, really
    To pick the set up where I drop down alive
    You tell me I fail and fail and fail
    Punish me for all the times I lied
    Madly scan all my actions in detail
    Yet refuse to acknowledge the tears that I cried
    And all these years of abuse and terror
    Has turned my heart into stone
    Your anger doesn't scare me anymore
    Only injects the ugly resentment to my bones
    So go ahead, rant about how you wish me to die
    And how I'm the ugly devil from hell
    I reject every pain, you'll have to watch me fly
    By rebelling and creating my own fairy tale
    Doesn't matter if you don't love me
    Cause I love me for striving to end this hateful chapter
    And if you think your fear will stop me,
    I stopped caring the day you questioned my character.

  • purple_river 96w

    Too sleep deprived to write anything coherent ����

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    So it has all come to this now
    Seconds run like centuries of sorrow
    I force myself to breathe amidst fears
    I hope my world drowns in my tears
    I'll be happy if they forget me
    Indifference will truly set me free
    Can't live with my heart shivering each day
    With burden of expectations that never go away
    And even if I suit up my heart like Ironman
    My wild hormones are waiting to foil my plans
    By forcing fantasies in my stupid head
    About cozy futures free from dread
    About distant dreams and one-sided love
    Or fighting aliens with supersonic gloves
    Look I did it again!
    Turned my sad song into another fantasy whim.
    But when you're headed to an undesirable destination
    Alien abduction still seems like a better option.
    I should probably sleep and tune up my brain
    Before I write incoherent garbage again.

  • purple_river 96w

    Claustrophobic Shell

    The window to my tiny room is just as dreary
    A train of concrete forming a view so scary
    Quarrels and affairs, dirty secrets so rare
    Tall buildings hide horrors that I'd never share
    Just how long will I stay locked in here?
    I want to go home, but I'm exiled from there
    My small town calls out my tired soul
    The fresh air, the green fields & flowers of gold
    The riverside, the open sky
    My window comes alive as birds fly by
    Maybe I'll write my way out of this hell
    Chip away the walls of this claustrophobic shell
    When I fly far away from this life of squalor
    Will the universe compliment me for my valor?
    The songs I write might be rough around the edges
    I'll win when all lost souls breaks free from the cages.

  • purple_river 96w

    The Girl Who Failed

    Motivation and purpose go hand in hand
    Ready to fuel our dreams so grand
    But hardly are our desires ever pure
    We are still kids with hearts running unsure
    Going back and forth between hope and duty
    Falling into the same rhythms of society
    We wanted to make our parents so happy
    Until the day we realized it made us unhappy
    But all these years you wasted in a dark realm
    Chasing the exotic bird of their dreams
    But when you fail 10 times, you lose all credibility
    Failure becomes a part of your personality
    No one sees that you're so alive or funny
    You're nothing until you make some money
    Elders laugh behind your back, call you unstable
    Peers avoid you cause you're beneath their level
    No one will ever call you a good catch
    Your heart and your brain squabble cause they're a mismatch
    No matter what you do, your fate is jailed
    As the lonely girl who always failed
    But amidst all the rubble, you see a flower
    The tiny angel who you call brother
    If you quit now, you're quitting on him
    Cause this world is waiting to trap him in the same ruins
    The same troubles, the same seven sins
    Maybe your purpose is to protect him?
    And then you finally open your eyes
    To the sad world they're building with lies
    We've suffered enough, and it must stop now
    We'll show the little ones how to break the ugly flow
    If we play our cards right, not one kid will fall
    Why just one, we can save them all!
    In gratitude, we'll reboot the world again
    A world free of hate, a paradise free of pain.

  • purple_river 96w

    Connection, Change and Purpose

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    Nurturing Ruin

    The winds of change are subtle and sly
    Generations transform as time passes by
    We trade our innocence and integrity
    For riches that cheat us out of our destiny
    In the bumpy road to seeking the light
    We become the very horrors we used to fight
    Tangled in emotions and times so trying
    Soul's purpose runs corrupt & ends up dying
    Like empty shells, we wander in eternity
    Hoping love would heal us from this malady
    But like our souls, our connections are just as hollow
    How did we turn into ghouls so shallow?
    Hate is now the noise in the background
    As we let ego & narcissism nurse our wounds
    This endless struggle is all I can forsee
    If this is hell, we deserve it. Don't we?

  • purple_river 96w

    Broken Symphony

    She bloomed in solitude and melancholia, like the blissful melody of an enchanted forest that only a few knew. Now, she is the faceless echo of crowded lanes, mirroring the world's ugly symphonies like a broken record.

  • purple_river 98w

    Abusing Adrenaline

    If I were to talk about being alive
    My soul would mock me with rolling eyes
    Cause the one thing that a dead soldier fears
    Is being forgotten after all the sacrifice.
    So I just eat and breathe and sleep
    Let the wounds scar me so deep
    Mourn the demise in silent weeps
    It's the one burden I'm bound to keep
    But when I've whined and sulked enough
    My soul creepily nudges me again
    Asking me why I pretend to be so tough..?!
    'What now?' I say, "You asked me to honor your pain?"
    Soul rolls its eyes again, saying -
    "I'm just stuck with a weak-willed human"
    And like this, my fickle soul throws its tricks
    Torturing me infinitely with unbearable theatrics
    How am I supposed to spread my wisdom wings?
    When I'm stuck with my shady, capricious whims!
    See I'm still fighting this volatile dualism
    Fueling my life with hope, love and optimism
    Finding a middle ground between the conflicts
    I walk on the lanes filled with risks
    And being alive might not be filled with pleasure
    But junkies like me will do anything for adventure
    Or misadventure.
    So, here I go, overdosing on questionable medicines
    Numbing my twisted heart by abusing adrenaline.

  • purple_river 98w


    Music consoled me when they didn't...

  • purple_river 98w

    A Teacher's Hope


  • purple_river 99w

    The Timekeeper

    Clocks were invented to ease our minds
    To measure the fluid passage of time
    When in the dark, many horrors would crawl
    But clocks diligently warned us of nightfall

    And now, we have fancy devices and beepers
    But they're all the same old timekeeper
    All they do is usher fear and anxiety
    Remind us of our life cruelly transitory

    A mountain of hopes and ambitions
    To fit in a puny bag of seconds
    Degenerating cells tell us youth is a fiction
    The timekeeper silently mocks us as we hit dead end.

    But my rebel heart isn't a slave of ticking hands
    Your tyranny cannot threaten me with fatality
    Flow like a river, or slip away like sand
    But I'll still fight you for my share of eternity.