I came back stronger than the 90s trend ⚡��

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  • puranidiary 1d

    ��don't cringe out on this.. ��i tried to write something different. Ever felt the burden of unsaid words and you actually wanted to convey it all but maybe too scared , too hurt to let things repeat over again.
    ��can writing a letter help? Maybe maybe not.


    ��❤ #lettermakesyoufeelbetter.

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    एक ख़त

    Ek khat likhuga kisi din tumhare naam ko
    Tapti saanso ki garmi likhuga kisi sham ko
    Tumhare bina ye dhadkan aaj bhi chalti hai
    Aur sard raato me aksar ye sukhi aankhe jagti hai
    Ki dil aaj bhi ishq ki mehfilo me muskurata hai
    par ye nazuk kadam najane teri gali me kyu ladkhadata hai
    Apne har there lamho ka hisab likhuga mai
    Aur jis jagah tu shamil aaj bhi hai
    wo saare khawab likhuga mai !!

    Yaad hai ek dafa kuch sawal kiye the tumne
    Ki mai jo kbhi rooth gyi tum manaoge kya
    Aur hath Chudakar ko jo chli gye tum wapas laoge kya ?
    Yaad hai mai kuch kahte kahte rh gya tha syad..
    Par is bar jb likhuga toh har jawaab likhuga mai
    khat me isbaar tere nam
    mohabbat behisaab likhuga mai !!

    Aur suno
    Mai likhuga agar toh tum padhogi kya
    Bas roohani ishq sa hi shi
    Suno isbaar bas tum meri rhogi kya..?
    Kya tum us khat ko apni choti almari me chipa dogi.
    Ya uske tukde kar mere pehchan ko bhula dogi !!
    Pta nhi ye likhte likhte bhut sare khyal aa rhe hai
    Mano mai shabd dhund rha pr
    bikhre jazabaat likhe ja rhe hai!!

    Khair chodo
    Tum pdho na pdho mai kisidin tumhari har bat likhuga
    Jin palon me mai tumhara hokar jiya wo har sans likhuga..
    Aur kisi din shyad tum bhi
    ek-aadhe alfaaz mere nam krdena
    Aur kuch nhi toh bas muskura
    kr mera kar mera adhoora kam krdena..

    Ek khat likhuga kbhi tumhare nam ko
    Aur tumhe bheju ya na bheju
    Nam aankho se jrur pdhuga use har sham ko!!

    Ek khat!!

  • puranidiary 2d

    Thanku wn for repost ��❤(11) i was feeling low about this ��you gave me reason to smile ��

    ��poets don't have a genre they write about every other thing, they speak whatever they want sometimes for the people sometimes against the people. Their ink knows no boundary, the yellow pages knows no limits. Every Story , every word, every rhyme, every vocab carries ten thousand emotions buried in them. You never know what exactly pushed the poet to paint the rainbow of real emotions. Appreciate the art.

    Love it or hate we all became poets once for sure :)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #wod #pod #ceesreposts
    I hope its not too long to read ��i went with the flow

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    Hidden poets in every personality.

    ~poet scribbling all grey and glitters ⚡
    When the sunflower blooms in the dark
    And scars eats up all the shining spark
    When the fountain flows upside down
    the crowd hides behind the mask of clown
    When miseries echoes in the empty chest
    sleeping on the floor doesn't provide you rest
    tongue licks upon some lies to recite a rhyme
    the twisted nib swirls upon paper to surpass time
    the metaphors oozes out of crushed collar bones
    rage beats the walls of heart made up of stone
    the aroma of dead memories leaks from old closet
    When the heart feels heavy with words
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

    ~poet ranting the red love ❤
    When stars wraps the crescent moon in arms
    And burnt ashes provides naked skin holy warmth
    When the telepathy occurs between two twinkling eyes
    Love blooms in the cocoon of fluttering butterflies
    sweaty palms melt the fate lines to sketch a forever
    residing footprints walks another mile to be together
    then the serenades shuffle upon the rosy cheeks
    neptual tunes muffles under the leaves of wedding tree
    When the heart feels lighting of comfort
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

    ~poet blabbering all the blues and black
    When a revolt breaks into the boiling blood
    And humanity drowns deep in greed's flood
    When suppressed sobbings screams to get wild
    Injustice prevails under the blind law's shield
    the firece ink flows to write a better future
    Warcries resonate to scribble society's structure
    the history pages sips on elixir of revolutionary words
    at the zenith of change pen acts mightier than any sword
    When the heart taps to tunes of triumphet
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

    ~poet reciting the rainbows
    With every emotions leaking out of eyeballs
    For every daydream and nightmare big or small
    With every darkness kissing the peeled scars
    For every hope humming lullaby with the stars
    With every crushed cries and voice for change
    For every still days and rhapsodies of rage
    With every seasons ,every fall every hour
    For every breath every heartbreak every power
    When we speak our story without any fullstop
    And scream on top of our lungs amidst mob
    When we write the things that seizes the eyes
    from every lowkey moments to endless cries
    In all those rhymes and retro, stories and sonnet
    When the heart feels alive
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

  • puranidiary 1w

    Dear sky,

    Hope you could gift me some starrdust today to rub off my scars of past and in return one day moon would whispher melodies of my strength to the darkness.

    ~your moonchild

    The star's shelter
    Night sky ✨


  • puranidiary 1w

    Ok even if i try i can never write anything that could consist all my love for Harry Potter and every other character. I can just keep on going ������
    Harry Potter has saved me in the hardest days. It is my happy home.

    I would write posts like these for other characters too
    ���� fellow potterheads please assemble
    Wands up in the sky ��

    @writersnetwork lemme know if ur potterhead ����

    @the_speccy_outsider this post seems incomplete without tagging you ������let me know if i did justice


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    Harry Potter ⚡‍♂️

    To the boy who lived under the stairs
    In a tiny room with owl on the chair
    Whose eyes shined like the mother's love
    And magic choose him all above.

    To the boy who went to Hogwarts world
    With his tiny specs and mighty wand
    Whose journey started with sorcerer's stone
    And whom difficulties never left alone.

    To the boy with a mighty scar on the head
    Who fought all the battles with his two friends
    Whose arms found peace in the hagrid's hut
    And self believe sailed the storms of every if & but.

    To the boy who feared professor snape
    marauders map always found him an escape
    Whose golden heart fell for ginny's smile
    And Weasley provided him shelter all this while.

    To the boy who made Dumbledore's lil army
    Who killed the Deatheaters with spell of stupefy
    Whose wishes reflected in erised magical mirror
    And Sirius blessed his bruises as father figure.

    To the boy who was saved by draco at last
    Who lived a life as horcrux of the evil past
    Whose life was devoted to end lord Voldemort
    And the mighty wizards never let him fall apart.

    To the boy who was greatest of all the time
    Who saved the happy Hogwarts from every crime
    Whose presence affected million of hearts forever
    And ron and Hermione stayed with him altogether.

    To the boy who lived
    To the boy whom world calls Mr. Harry Potter
    Even after million tries i still fail to ink you love letter .

    With love ❤
    from Hogwarts in my dreams

  • puranidiary 1w

    Thanku so much for EC (23) ��⚡

    Today I'm another fallen feather
    Detached from the womb of mother
    No longer i weaved the wings altogether
    As i sailed the sky in solitude forever.

    I left my shield of care to find an identity
    I swirled against the wind to escape the gravity
    With every turn i felt little light within myself
    I wore my heart over the sleeves without any help.

    I gulped the hunger to feed my insecurities
    I crossed the orchards to set my priorities
    The clouds roared at me to bring me down
    I chewed the thunderclaps with every sundown.

    I landed over some thorns and sometimes on petals
    I caressed the weight of expectations over my knuckles
    The storms of sufferings wished to smudge my sight
    I choose to be a warrior to finish my sparkling flight

    I was no longer a hidden face in flock of feathers
    I was glittery image holding the cascade of power
    With every broken wing i chased the euphoria of being high..
    I was another fallen feather which aimed for the sky.
    I was only fallen feather which still aimed for the sky.
    ©surbhi ~puranidiary .

    Pov - written from the pov of individuals coming out of their comfort zones to achieve big in life, facing the challenges to build their own identity. In this process we have to leave behind our loved ones too but at the end we all chase something high, something powerful and for that falling once or twice is important.

    Couldn't help but wrote a whole poem ��
    Quote in the bg i guess
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #pod #wod #ceesreposts #feather #quote

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    I was another fallen feather which still aimed for the sky.

  • puranidiary 1w

    Hindi typing nhi aati ��

    glti ho toh beshq btana
    Mai alfaaz likhugi tum
    Mere ahsas samjh jana
    Ok :)

    @hindiwriters #pyaar

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    फ़ितूर तो अक्सर फ़ितरत के साथ बदल जाते हैं
    हमें तलाश हैं तो इश्क़ की जिसमे काफ़िर संभल जाते हैं।

  • puranidiary 1w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    ��drop a heart if you agree.

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    Behind every broken heart lies a brave story.

  • puranidiary 1w

    I tried to write ���� based on some kache pakke true events ��✌#end #wod #pod #writersnetwork #miraquill
    Thanku wn for ❤
    Guys im on Instagram at reeled_reality_ �� you can connect with me over there ����

    @writersnetwork @miraquill .

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    First love was not my forever!!

    I witnessed a big bang again
    When your eyes collided with mine
    My galaxy glittered with your spark
    When your shadow became my shelter in dark

    I was too weak to love over again
    And you were too strong to heal my pain
    My skin puked some scars over your laps
    And it healed when you chose to stay perhaps!

    I was cosmos of cries like moonless night
    And you brought stars to surround me tight
    My heart was broken enough for the world
    But it turned out beautiful when you put me first.

    I was in love, in love for sure
    And you loved me till i find my cure
    My throat puked some thunderstorms in fear
    But you were always the lighting meant to just disappear.

    I was losing you piece by piece each day
    And you pushed yourself back in milky way
    My universe collapsed in your empty arms
    But you were the fused fire lacking the warmth.

    I was healed just to be broken by you
    And you were gone for something and someone new
    My scars were parched without your solace
    But you were always the rain chasing the pace.

    I witnessed a big bang over again just like the past
    The day your pretty eyes collided with mine at last
    My home was devastated just like the castle on sand
    I thought love would last forever but it again came to an end.

    ~thus i realized not every first love was meant to be forever. ~

  • puranidiary 1w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #mondo #wod #pod
    ❤Red as much as it signifies love it equally stands for rage and boiling blood ��

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    What's red?
    Red is the ruptured rage running in veins of broken heart.

  • puranidiary 1w

    #mondo @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod
    Black is great absorber of light and religiously black is considered to be not so happy colour ��

    I love black tho!!

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    What's black?
    Black is shield soaking up spectrum of smiles.