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  • pur_ple 48w

    I'm so sorry that I couldn't come up with a poetry or something good for your special day. And I'm also very sorry for being so damn late. But still, please accept this token of my love ��

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    the sunshine of our hearts <3

    Dear you,

    First of all I'd like to say, happiest birthday! May you have an amazing day and a more amazing year ahead. And secondly I'd like to say a big big thank youu for collecting all of us armys and bringing all of us together. Mirakee was just a place, just an app before I met you. But after you, after I got our purple family, it doesn't feel just an app to me, it feels home!

    Everytime I disappear from here, I always see your texts asking me about my well being and how you miss me. Trust me, my heart feels so much of warmth just by your notifications. Your presence here is like a sunshine itself. You're the sunshine that keeps us all hopeful and cheery. We don't talk regularly, but still our bond doesn't get affected. And that's what I love about us. That's what I love about you. You know words will never be enough for me to tell you how much you mean to me, how much I'm glad to have a friend like you!

    Thirdly, I'd love to address how wonderful of a writer you've become. Your poems make me wonder and wonder and wonder!!! Your poems have this unique taste of literature mixed with fascinating stuff. There is so much more in your write-ups than just mere vocabulary. One can lay and find peace between your verses. One can also bawl his eyes out, fight and find an escape from the harsh realities, just in between the the lanes of your verses. Yes, that's how powerful your words are sunshine. And I'd never stop admiring how beautiful of a writer and a person you are!

    Sunshine, your existence itself is so precious. You make all of us elated just by being there! I hope you get everything you ever desire. May god shower his blessings in truckloads upon you! You deserve all of it. You deserve the world! I love you so so much!!

  • pur_ple 70w

    ~ �� ���������������� ��������

    I remember meeting her
    On a velvety summer afternoon.
    When the scorching sun left
    no stone unturned to make
    my skin burn;
    I saw her swaying her feet in
    the field full of roses.

    She was dressed in rich
    coloured petals.
    The frills of her frock,
    when swayed,
    sprinkled stardust of hope
    over the dried and hopeless
    petals of roses.

    Her irises are the ocean of nebulae
    Oh-so-dreamy !
    Yet the corners of her eyes,
    aren't oblivious to the harsh realities
    of the despotic world.
    She is a beauty with brains,
    With a heart that can contain the
    entire colossal universe.
    A rare combination, I must say!

    The locks of her glossy raven hair
    carry wools of the most meticulous metaphors,
    which she weaves into a comforting cardigan
    of poetry when the broken hearts of some
    can't sustain the sullen wintry chills.

    She is a rebellious queen.
    At the times of adversity,
    She lifts the hem of her
    lazuline flowy dress;
    Oh-so-gracefully yet fiercely,
    Defying the atrocities of season and time.

    At the time when the night arrives,
    Knocking at my door step,
    Boasting to me about her moon,
    I smile,
    And recite to her the poesies of
    my Margeurite's heart;
    Which shines like the starry diamonds
    in the sky, even on the eve of new moon's.

    /she is a blue marguerite daisy
    in the field full of red roses/

    ©purple | 7 April '21

    PS :Margeurite is a girl's name which means 'pearl'. Also, blue margeurite daisies are the daisies which are blue in hue, as the name suggests. Daisies are the April's birth flower.

    Happiest 19th to my dost who is no more my nayi nayi dost @arya_abhipsa ! Thank you for being my dear bestie, the chimmie to my hobi and the ary to my darshie! ��
    Me lobes you okay! ��
    I can't believe its already a year since I made an acquaintance with this beautiful hooman. Time really passes fast, huh ಥ‿ಥ

    #chimchimbday #aryabirthday #flowers

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  • pur_ple 71w

    There's a girl with kaleidoscopic heart and a soul made
    of crushed stars. Her poetry feels like a ethereal
    A cappella which soothes my tenebrous mind.
    Meandering through the lanes of her verses feels like
    floating in artistic shangrila
    A moonchild she is, with her eyes holding the most
    beautiful constellations-cassiopeia and libra
    Novel notions with an electric ancephalon she is,
    Name which synonyms with wish, a desire
    Auroral persona, she is a essence of magnificence.

    ~the one who owns a chunk of my heart,
    a sister, a friend, she is an inspiration,
    she is my very gorgeous Tamanna~

    ©purple_ | 3 april '21

    Happy happy birthday @tamanna3 ��
    Meeting you was one of the most beautiful things happened to me here. You're an elder sister but you're more like a fellow buddy to me. Thank you for being born. I love you so so much! ����
    PS: I'm a big big fan of your brains. Just thought of mentioning it today hehe ��
    PPS: I'm sorry if this is too lame, wrote in a hurry. I'm literally being sandwiched between my assignments ;-;

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    Happy birthday Tammy ♡

  • pur_ple 86w

    It's her birthday today.The girl,I met just a year ago here;who came so unexpectedly that I never realised how badly I needed someone like her in my life.She is my first (real) friend here and a really caring and sweet 'eonni', as I call her,which means 'elder sister' in Korean.I was the first one to call her 'eonni' and the thought of it makes me smile every single time!
    She is almost 7 years elder to me,but talking to her feels like talking to someone my age,whom I know since years.
    She is an amazing writer and even more amazing human.I've been learning a lot from her;right from writing to being kind to everyone,she has always being a mentor to me (my favourite one to be precise ��).She has always been my pillar of support,she liked, reposted and applauded my writings even though,I, myself didn't know what I wrote !
    We became closer with each passing day,as we shared our fantasies about our favourite idol group (BTS) and our biases(ofcourse��).We shared our interests,our dislikes,our happiness,as well as sorrows.
    She lives miles away from me,but I've always felt her by my side.This might sound too cliché,but believe me when I say that she is the SWEETEST person I've ever met !She only knows to love and love and LOVE !
    If love would've been a person,hands down,it would've been her !
    I'm so so grateful to have you in my life.We might not talk daily,but my heart always makes me remember you.I wish,the number of times I dream about you were the number of times,I met you !

    Wish you happiest birthday eonni!!I wish you all the happiness in the world ��
    I love..Love..Love you ����

    #daechwita_bday #suga_bday


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    She wears her heart on her sleeves,
    Love is all she has,to give !


  • pur_ple 100w


    Every morning,
    As I lay on my bed half asleep,
    Too lazy to wake up;
    She knocks on the chiffon amber curtains,
    Waiting for me to rise and shine.

    Seeing her tiptoeing slowly through the curtains
    And scattering evenly on the bed;
    Makes me chuckle at
    her childishness !

    I open the blinds of the window to let her in
    And embrace me with her warmth
    and serenity.

    She enters ,colouring the white walls and marble white floor of my room with the hue of yellow.
    She slowly kisses my forehead and heals my
    gloomy soul with her radiance.

    Donning her yellow polka dot frock,
    she sits on the windowpane for the rest of the day,
    As I get delighted seeing her close to me
    And feeling her warm presence.

    When the night approaches,I tell the moon about
    how i miss her and yet again,
    I see her sitting on the moon
    As she doles her shine to the moon
    To make it glow and my heart smile.

    ~she ain't a fairy,
    But an angel;
    She makes my cloudy days better
    She is my cheerful SUNSHINE~


    HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY @thesunshineloves ������
    I'm glad to have met you.You are the reason why mirakee feels like a family.������
    Saranghaeyo ��

    PS: I know this is lame,but my love for you isn't ;)

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  • pur_ple 113w

    From "JUST ONE DAY" to "MAKE IT RIGHT"����������������

    A Dedication for the People who made my life a lot more easier and happier just by their existence,
    My boys , BTS ����������

    If just one day,I can be with you
    I'll hold your hand,
    My fingers betwixt yours and
    My head resting peacefully in
    the crook of your neck.
    I'll ruffle those fluffy hair
    And whisper my intense desires in your ears.
    If just one day ,I can be with you
    I want to peacefully fall asleep in your arms
    Intoxicated by your musky scent
    And wake up to listen your sleepy faint
    "Good morning"
    I want to look in your eyes and see
    My reflection getting prettier encircled by
    Your love ♡
    //Let's meet when the lilies bloom and say goodbye when they wither//
    ~just one day,one night~

    •~♡ If just one day I could be with you,
    I'll show you ,I can make it right ♡~•

    I was a never ending gloomy night
    You're the one who gave me this pristine golden morning
    I keep singing all night;
    Everything is to reach you,
    You are my only destination.
    Just hug me tight now,
    And spell your love to me,
    The way you did that ONE DAY
    I'm a desert,please save my life,
    With the ocean called your love.
    Because nothing in this whole world
    Matters to me.
    Nothing but you...
    Now that you've held me.
    Don't ever let me go..
    I'll show you ,
    ~I can make it right~

    #1306_7yrs #BTSXARMY #BTSfesta2020
    #7yearsofbangtan #7toeternity

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    ~7 years of bangtan~

  • pur_ple 117w

    Happiest birthday to my sweetipie eonni ,I met here @the97_introvert ������
    Eonni , I feel really lucky to have met you here,I'm really glad I did.You are the sweetest soul. Please stay the same always:)
    Today,on your special day,I wish you truckloads of happiness and joy you deserve .Don't let toxic people ruin that beautiful smile you adorn:)I hope you are fine now..!
    Memories I made with you here are the best, though its been hardly 2 or 3 months since we met!I remember that night,when I told you bout my past and you comforted me with your soothing words and also played the roleplay with me and anjali eonni;our vminkook roleplay xd ;you being the Kookie,the cute bunny you always are,and me and eonni being jimin and tae respectively .I hope you remember it. That night,you made me feel really better and loved.Thank you so much for that eonni..❤❤
    You are always a inspiration for me.Your writings do something to my heart (kuch kuch hota hai bunny,tum nahi samjhoge xd)
    And that LeJINdary day,I remember it was 23 April,when we did our Bulletproof roleplay,haha,I was your hobi hyung that day (dope jdope,you see��)and you in your natural role,kookie♡ I wanna let u know a thing,I really feel like I'm talking to Kookie when I talk to you.You emit that Kookie energy;and I'm glad you do .It satisfies my desire to talk to him !

    Okay,so you are 23 now,hmm,don't worry you are still young eonni(forever we are young,you remember,right?) And I know bunnies love carrots. So sending you some virtual carrots ❤��
    And as you are my cutie dongsaeng,and as I'm your sweet hobi hyung, I'm sending you some Banana milk too ����xdd

    Once again, happiest birthday eonnii❤❤❤
    Thank you for existing ♡♡♡

    I hope you are smiling like this ��after reading it :)
    Are u?
    Haha..Keep smiling ��������
    I purple you ��

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    Happy birthday Kookie ♡

  • pur_ple 120w

    A jejune persona,
    Like I always was and am,
    You came like happy rain
    on my barren heart and
    kept feeding it with
    showers of your love,
    Blooming kaleidoscopic flowers
    of ecstacy and ardour in my heart;
    Which I adorned with the essence
    of trust and passion.
    What a crazy being I was,
    To have thought that your
    heart belonged to me,
    That I was the only one
    who possessed your
    enslaving sugarcoated love.
    For,I was just a way to assuage your ennui.
    Now,I lay on my davenport for hours
    Wondering ;
    Where did i go wrong ?
    To have trusted your
    picayune promises,
    Which are now just a
    futile cacophony in my mind,
    Incessantly alarming me about
    the perniciousness of being attached
    to someone so much,
    The catastrophe of fake love.
    //You being a gregarious human,
    And me a taciturn,
    Darling,now as I look back,
    We were never a match//


    Jejune: naive and simplistic, uninteresting
    Ennui : feeling of listlessness,boredom or dissatisfaction
    Davenport : outdated term for a couch or sofa
    Picayune : trivial, unimportant or worthless
    Cacophony : harsh, unpleasant mixture of sounds
    Gregarious : An adjective that refers to a person who is very sociable and fond of company

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for appreciation and kind repost ������

    #cees_sensat #cees_wacwed_chall @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    You being a gregarious human,
    And me a taciturn,
    Darling,now as I look back,
    We were never a match

  • pur_ple 120w

    We are bulletproof~Eternal��

    Our murky dreams have become pellucid
    A dazzling miracle graced by the legions
    Holding us seven in their cosmos till eternity
    No pellets can falter the melody resonating in
    Our hearts in unison, the bulletproof anthem
    My brothers who protected my vacillate mind
    in our struggles in the solidity and proudly
    own to step into the spotlight each day
    to witness my dreams come true and
    Army is the cause of my Euphoria

    We had nothing but dreams
    However hard our
    First day,
    First dance,
    First song was,
    Because of someone else,
    We never gave up and didn't fall down
    Painful nights,sulky days,all were,
    Giving scars that even stars can't deny.
    All the 7 of us want to be with all of you
    To strengthen your souls and arms,
    And give you wings to fly high
    To ignore the world and reach the sky .

    Our first song,first stage, first performance,
    Our first fight with the world;
    We faced lots of criticism;
    //So much pain~too much cryin'//
    We endured everything,and now we are here being THE BTS !
    Now,I heroically shout,
    "Throw whatever you have
    Throw stones at us,
    Now we are not only seven
    We are now blessed with the most beautiful Armys
    We aren't afraid anymore.
    Together we are bulletproof forever~

    We were seven holding hands
    Lost in unknown paths
    But now we are millions.
    Like beautiful stars interconnected
    Giving us bright paths
    By firming galaxies giving lights
    We are unstoppable
    Chasing more and more
    Towards our dreams
    Because of you guys
    © breadjinieee

    We all chose the thorny path in life
    Knowing we will have to suffer a lot
    As expected we had to face ,endure it all
    Judgement and criticism
    Flinched looks that came out way
    Discouraging a bud dreaming to bloom
    Those nightmares we kept as memories
    Inspite of the results we try again
    We perfect our parts with our passion
    We've blocked bullets of all criticism
    Because we are bullet-bullet-bulletproof
    © suga_bultaoreune

    Its autumn already,our last concert wasn't decent
    The stage was raw,we tried our best.
    But something was still lagging.
    I'm just wondering if army misses us?
    If they want us to make new music?
    Seven years with Armys
    Seven years with my boys
    Seven best years of my life
    And,many more to go.
    From 5000 audience to 5 million ,
    Together we are bulletproof.
    © president_namjoon

    Were wandering alone when suddenly united
    And 7 became 1 just like our dreams
    We became family,we became BTS
    On a single dream,we were hanging
    That too was hazy in fog,in our winter cold lives.
    But when you came,the warmth came and
    Everything became crystal clear again
    You became our steps, showing paths to sky
    Until we reached there.
    And as each day ends in smiles and comfort
    Your love embraces our exhausted selves.
    And we realise in that moment,
    We are together and forever,
    A very special collab with the biggest love, armys.��
    I Purple you , my dearest crackheads ������

    @_jeon_jungkook ( the97introvert)as JEON JUNGKOOK
    @kimtaehyung_v (thesunshineloves) as KIM TAEHYUNG
    @breadjinieee (nivisa_gryffindor)as KIM SEOKJIN
    @suga_bultaoreune(ak_anjali_daydreamzz) as MIN YOONGI
    @president_namjoon(fairytales_) as KIM NAMJOON
    @park_jiminshiee (aryaabhipsa)as PARK JIMIN

    BTS ����������������������

    #bts #BtsXarmy

    NOTE: Haters NOT allowed..Stay away.. its injurious for your pride..
    If you are a hater,kindly,ignore the post and don't ruin our Beautiful moment..
    Thank u !

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    We are

  • pur_ple 120w

    Our first song,first stage, first performance,
    Our first fight with the world;
    We faced lots of criticism;
    //So much pain~too much cryin'//
    We endured everything,and now we are here being THE BTS !
    Now,I heroically shout,
    "Throw whatever you have
    Throw stones at us,
    Now we are not only seven
    We are now blessed with the most beautiful Armys
    We aren't afraid anymore.
    Together we are bulletproof forever~
    #bts #bulletproofeternal#jhope#hobi#jdope
    #upcoming BULLETPROOF ��

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    Together we are bulletproof forever~