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  • psyche_ 46w

    What's a relationship?
    Nothing but mere longing of one's soul to have someone who belongs to you or someone you possess.
    What's an emotion?
    Nothing but mere release of autacoids in your brain firing up those entangled neuronal synapses like your entangled life.
    What are dreams?
    Nothing but mere reckoning of relentless expectations from this blatant human life.
    What is a human?
    Nothing but a mere embodiment of irrational beliefs, unsolicited doubts, sometimes belligerent actions otherwise callous reactions; living a cumbersome yet hubris existence if so one says.

  • psyche_ 71w


    There are times when you have this banal feeling of having voids inside you.
    The void keeps on extending over time while you don't even realize the exact reason behind.
    Again it's just the mind being too "unoccupied" of the grievance, commotion and that liveliness of being a part of this open yet chaotic ecosystem, while you're shut behind the four walls of an empty house (devoid of human emotions).
    It's times like this when we non-literature and un-poetic people resort to pen and paper to jot down the ocean of thoughts and an endless list of self doubts to set themselves free of these toxic riddles dwelling inside , rendering us hollow within.

    Just hope this all gets over real soon.....

  • psyche_ 90w


    Is it an illusion or something unknown?
    Is it about self exploration or just finding yourself in a different body?
    Is it about sharing emotions or just passing them onto someone blatantly?
    Is it even real or all a man-made lie just like the society we strive in naively ?

  • psyche_ 118w

    A hole in the chest

    You , your promises, your words were all a lie
    A pretence
    And now when they're gradually leaving , fading away like the fog on winter mornings fade away as the sun shows up bright
    Just that my sun isn't bright, it's rather dull . Dull in disappointment, in sorrow of your lies .

    I know there will come a day when your mere existence is going to leave the pages of my book , book of life and all that'll be left behind would be the traces of my love for you because that's inevitable.
    My love for you will stay forever and ever which instead of filling me up will leave a hole , a void in my chest. This hole is what I'll cherish my whole life because atleast there will be something your love left in my possession, which only belongs to me .

  • psyche_ 122w

    It aches

    Him not being there like me being there for him..... It Aches
    Him not keeping the promises he Aches
    Him not missing me like I miss him.... It aches
    Him not looking at me like I look at him.... It aches
    Him not loving me like I love him....

    It aches.

  • psyche_ 130w

    People change just like seasons
    so just like you get adjusted according to the different seasons...
    you also gotta get adjusted to the people you are with so that you don't fall sick with those "hard feelings" dwelling within your ill mind.

  • psyche_ 135w


    Stop looking back at life and regretting
    Stop crying over things that can't be changed now
    Stop looking out for people and expecting them to come back after they're gone
    Stop getting worked up over what's yet to happen
    Stop stabbing the soul within you and let it breath otherwise there will come a day when you'll want to live your life over, once again, but it'll be the end of it.

  • psyche_ 140w

    It's so random that even I have no clue what it'll mean to every different individual.
    If thought on for a minute can actually mean a lot deeper than it sounds at first. I guess...

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    No one can understand you the way you do...

    So stop expecting and let go.

  • psyche_ 141w


    Can sometimes lead you to the darkest truth ever possible....

  • psyche_ 142w


    Sometimes the ONE you're looking for is right besides you
    But you are just not able to see him through those lost eyes which are stuck on the wrong one...