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  • pseudo_synergy 6w

    I know we dont talk anymore
    But we still do
    In my dreams
    Telling our weaknesses to each other
    And strengthening each other
    And I love the forehead kiss and
    Hear you say "Everything will be fine"
    Before you go.

  • pseudo_synergy 8w


    Vekhi da ae
    Puchi da ae
    Dassi da ae
    Maudi da ae
    Badli da ae
    Dakki da nai

    - Saheb Ali Saheb

  • pseudo_synergy 9w

    I had a dream

    I had a dream
    It was about you and me
    I saw you after ages in the building i recemtly shifted
    I thought it was over and you would come and see me
    But the bell rang in the evening
    When i opened the door
    It was you
    I froze for a moment and called you inside
    The pain i was holding for so long
    It was in front of me
    I didnt knew what to do
    But I managed to ask you about your life
    Rather than answering you held me in your arms
    And I melted
    Hands trembling and body shaking
    I hugged you back
    And I kissed you hard.

  • pseudo_synergy 11w

    Mere hone aur unke hone mei bs itna farak h
    K hum hote, toh vo fir bhi apki zindagi mei rehte
    Par jab ab vo hai, toh hum nahi

  • pseudo_synergy 11w

    Unka darja humse kahin upar hai

    Unse tumne dil lgaya tha
    Aur humne toh bass
    Tumhara dil behlaya tha

  • pseudo_synergy 13w

    I miss my mornings starting with you
    I miss my nights ending with you
    I miss our long talks
    I miss our silence speaking more
    I miss you calling me pretty even when i was mess
    I miss holding your hand
    I miss the calmness in your arms
    I miss your foreheads kisses
    I miss your truths
    I miss your lies

    I miss your shoulder under my head
    I miss your arm underneath my neck n holding my back
    I miss your hand around my waist
    I miss your chest under my resting hand
    I miss your legs beside mine
    I miss your skin against mine
    I miss your whispers in my ears saying ' I LOVE YOU'
    I just miss you being part of me.

  • pseudo_synergy 15w

    Kis baat ki maafi maangte ho mujhse
    Mjhe diye gye ghaav pe marham lgane k liye
    Ya fir
    Mjhse pyaar na karne k liye?

  • pseudo_synergy 15w

    Either write something worth reading,
    Or do something worth writing.

  • pseudo_synergy 15w

    Two possibilities exist:
    Either we are alone in this world
    Or we feel lonely in this whole universe
    Both are equally terrifying.

  • pseudo_synergy 15w


    How can we trust or believe someone is true.
    Till we are not true to yourselves.