I write everything according to my faith my fears , my love for Jesus and my struggles.

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  • proverb 4d


    Do you hear it do you hear it the beat move in your seats clap your hands the night so still my thirst a burst of imagination of her.
    The dreams are strange my heart beats slow I thirst for something cold I listen to the pipes hoping to hear ah drip ah drop so I could sip up.
    Stones like rain they bounce and startle me I wait I write I thirst I will wait and have faith because if I trust in what I see then ,then ...I listen .

  • proverb 2w

    Take me to that place.

    Why in a place that is meant to heal people hurt so much.
    Why monsters are created in that place
    Isn't it suppose to be a taste of heaven on earth.
    It's just like school trying to fit in pretending that everything is ok.
    And the so called losers are always alone.
    I want to feel that heaven see it imagine it I know it won't be like this place.
    Souls looking for a place in this place.
    But would they let them in.
    There is no losers in God's eyes in his house.

  • proverb 2w


    Ever since I was young I always heard about the man who died for me and all of mankind.
    Bed time stories at night the picture books was a delight.
    Yea I saw all those things as stories Noah and the ark, the good samaritan
    Turning water into wine
    Who knew those stories would become all so real to me.
    The big guy in the sky was amazing to think about he still is.
    I always heard "God loves you"
    That was good because that means if the king of all things loves me then I'm not a nobody.
    Then I am something I am someone in The Christ ,I can learn to love I can learn to love ,I can live.

  • proverb 2w

    Behold man has become like Us.

    You can eat of any tree accept the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
    I won't encourage you to look at it
    You might be tempted.
    I won't talk about it you might be tempted.
    I won't play around it you might be tempted.
    I won't talk to anyone hanging around it they might tempt you.
    But if you do give in dont blame anyone.
    When God comes looking don't hide confess
    Yes sir yes sir.

  • proverb 3w

    Worthy indeed.

    Remember mummy how you felt when you first saw me.
    Remember Daddy when you named
    Me and called me son.
    Remember brother how we suffered together
    Remember friend how we enjoyed talking to eachother
    Remember sister how I held you in my arms
    Remember Pastor when you baptized me
    Remember teacher how you bought food for me
    Remember girl who gave me a poem to read .
    Remember me God in my time of need
    Remember all who you hath set free.
    They shall be free indeed.

  • proverb 4w

    Oh happy Day

    Oh happy day, oh happy day ,oh happy day, when Jesus washed ,when Jesus washed my sins away.
    Sin is not something to play with like fire it will burn down your house .
    People council and always talk about God but yet they never believe Jesus can make a person a new creation.
    If you think you are too far gone or deep in sin that your evil works are unforgivable try Jesus because at the end of the day every knee shall bow down and every tongue shall confess.

  • proverb 5w

    Which Samaritan

    If you see a person beaten, broken scard and probably vulnerable would you forsake them turn your face away from the sight of their suffering , would you take advantage and cause more pain or would you help without expecting anything in return.
    Learn this I require mercy not sacrifice.

  • proverb 5w

    One way to go

    There's only one way to go one way to go and that's up.
    Praise the Lord
    All that's before my sight all that's before me. I see men walking talking living.
    I do the same
    Again I'm thankful to be alive
    Everyday is a blessing
    Sometimes you feel like somethings missing
    All that's before my eyes men blaspheming men joking men teaching
    Men singing
    Life under the sun is worth living once you know who you are living for.

  • proverb 7w


    Keep breathing in all the oxygen
    Worrying weeping scrapping at the door open up ! I can't turn back repeating the same thing under the sun na not my thing . The past I can't look back my skin turns to salt everytime I'm running breathing harder every step . I see the door I'll knock tik tok will it open up, if I ask will I receive, if I seek will I find. Sing throughout the haul way sing thoughout the journey dance clap keep on giving praises and when you reach the end , life begins.

  • proverb 7w

    Time waster

    Mr. lazy man . I duh understand why I cannot plan my own way .
    I stay up late watch a book and look and look but the book refuse to explain to me why and how this is so and this is why x = a and a = x and all that stuff making me vex .I sleeping like a babe ah suckling , wake up before you trigger poverty My God You are my security armor me give me understanding give me strength. Smile watch up duh watch the storm!