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  • protiti 7w

    Dear love,
    I admit that I'm obsessed with you but I promise that I won't bother you anymore. I will just disappear from your world. I am sorry for doing all the things that I've done before. I guess I was blind in love.
    Forever yours,

  • protiti 11w

    One Wish

    I wish if I could walk over that bridge holding your hand. I am talking about that bridge where you usually stop and pose for a photo. I have never seen that bridge in reality but I've seen that bridge in photos just like I've never seen you in real life still whenever I close my eyes I can see you.

  • protiti 15w

    Real Magic

    Love blooms like a flower,
    It's lovely and fragile.
    Water it everyday
    to keep it alive.
    Let this eternal flower
    heal your heart with
    It's magical fragrance.

  • protiti 17w

    My mom is the coolest mom on earth ��

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    On Mother's Day I Asked My Mom

    Me : Mom do you know which day is today?
    Mom : Is it your crush's birthday?
    Me : No mom it's mother's day. Happy mother's


  • protiti 18w

    Out of sight is not always out of mind

    You can delete someone from your phone but you can't delete that person from your mind

  • protiti 18w

    Love is forever

    I loved a boy four years ago.
    He was really cute.
    Now he is a man
    And I still love him.
    Love at first sight is true,
    I fell for his cuteness.
    Slowly I fell for his heart, his soul.
    Now I am in love with a perfectly flawed human being.He has changed a lot.He is no more cute in other's eyes but in my eyes he is the cutest human alive on earth.

  • protiti 19w


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    My crush resembles Zayn at some extent. I don't know if I like him because he resembles Zayn or I am a fan of Zayn because Zayn resembles my crush. I am confused. Someone please help.

  • protiti 19w

    Background Music

    Sometimes when we are busy with something with all our attention suddenly a music starts to play in the back of our mind subconsciously and we loose our focus.I was preparing my study materials and Neha Kakkar and Yo Yo 's "Manali Trance" starts to play in the back of my mind I don't know why ‍♀️

  • protiti 20w

    Enchanted Evening

    Evenings are high on love and
    we got drunk on feelings.
    Stay close to me don’t go anywhere.
    Right now all I want is you.
    Those stars are looking at us.
    Look there's a shooting star,
    hold my hand and make a wish.
    Everything looks surreal.
    Don't tell me it's a dream
    Even if it's a dream,
    don’t wake me up.

  • protiti 21w


    My playlist has changed over years. There's not a single song that you used to sing