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  • proper_noun 8h

    Jabr-e-furqat - Oppression of Absence
    Takht-e-tasfiye - Throne of Decision
    Qissa-e-afsurdagi - Tale of Melancholy
    Maazi - Past, Tapish - Warmth

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    Jabr-e-furqat mein uljha hai koi
    Takht-e-tasfiye mein suljha hai koi
    Qissa-e-afsurdagi mein sil gaye hain dono
    Ek maazi odhe jisme koi tapish nahi


  • proper_noun 14h

    I fall short of any end,
    by a start in shambles!

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Status Quo

    Before baking a bread,
    the dullness of the dried dough,
    seeps in the spine,
    and the starvation is staved with scepticism;

    Before reading a revelation,
    the loquacity of the laconic liabilities,
    irks the iris,
    and the inquisitiveness is inoculated with inconsequence;

    Before fixing the flowers,
    the reek of the rotten remorse,
    forsakes the fingers,
    and the aesthetics is abolished as abomination;

    Before smiling at a stranger,
    the denial of a denounced demise,
    limps the lips,
    and the conversation is culled as confrontation;

    Before shedding the skin,
    the weight of the wronged woes,
    lulls the legs,
    and the grimace is gimmicked as getaway.


  • proper_noun 5d

    Hadaf - Aim/Target, Qayaas - Estimate
    Mukhatib - To address someone

    Libaas - Clothing, Vaaqif - To be aware

    Hubaab - Bubble, Mizaaj - Demeanour,
    Gaafil - Careless, Mehroomiyat - Deprivation/Neediness

    Meyaar - Scale/Standard, Marz - Illness

    Hijr - Separation, Muraad - Wish, Naazil - To descend
    Rabt - Relationship

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    Hadaf ke qayaas mein woh humse mukhatib hue
    Humne bhi dil mein charagh ek jalaye rakha

    Harf ke libaas mein woh humse vaaqif hue
    Humne bhi aankhon mein khat ek chupaye rakha

    Hubaab ke mizaaj mein woh humse gaafil hue
    Humne bhi haathon mein mehroomiyat ek dabaye rakha

    Hisaab ke meyaar mein woh humse qaabil hue
    Humne bhi laqeeron mein marz ek ghataye rakha

    Hijr ke muraad mein woh humse naazil hue
    Humne bhi waadon mein rabt ek nibhaye rakha


  • proper_noun 1w

    Curate a corsage,
    and cover the corpses!

    /An ode to strangers that couldn't even be acquaintances/

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Lost Cause

    The glasses looked grim,
    that had to be filled with spirits,
    and held close enough for an encounter,
    that made one part the lips;

    There was turmoil on the table,
    waiting to be pushed aside,
    to make way for a manageable mess,
    a mirth of our own making;

    The chairs had been reified as a throne,
    waiting and withering for a treason,
    and there was no charm in that season,
    that could make a leaf fall for it;

    The windows were unhinged,
    in expectation of a breezy bickerence,
    that compelled one to jerk a tear,
    and tear off the locks on the entrance;

    Alas, our pleasantries weren't potent enough!
    to stir the bottom,
    and cause an upheaval,
    so we smiled and coined a repercussion,
    that we spent on our reasons to not care.


  • proper_noun 1w

    amavas ke mahtaab ka zikr hai
    phir abr ki usse kyun fikr hai

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    Yeh khudgarz si karwatein
    kisi be-noor raaton mein jaise koi kaafila
    na kisi harf se hairat hai
    na koi khamoshi hai kuredti

    Ab daraazon mein koi raaz nahi
    aur deewaron pe koi naaz nahi
    kuch kharch hua kuch girvi hoon
    meri keemat bhi kuch khaas nahi

    Ek falsafa jab faans hai
    ek fitoor phir saans hai
    sawaalon ki soorat pe fida hoon
    jawaabon se dil ab bharta nahi


  • proper_noun 1w

    Muted Mutiny

    The fire is overworked,
    for the fuel discarded as leftovers,
    futile seems all your furore,
    as dudes and dudettes,
    are busy dropping jaws on vain vignettes;

    Death is famished,
    as people are reduced to statistics,
    a tiring job for the loons,
    of tying pins on floating balloons,
    a becoming tale of miseries,
    summed up in untold obituaries,
    spurred by a hasty death,
    and being spared in the least-favored grace,
    the dark deeds in a newer dress,
    hoarding air and drugs in a race,
    there's no point in exhumation of enigmas,
    as tomorrow still looks like yesterday;

    All of this feels a pretext,
    when the premise is out of our purview,
    and we look so self-assured,
    and likewise, our denial!


    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Their sins search for a leverage,
    and your demise is an overcompensation!

  • proper_noun 1w

    tu mohabbat se koi chaal to chal

    haar jaane ka hausla hai mujhe

    - Ahmad Faraz

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Regurgitated Renascence

    Assuming a silence,
    you yielded,
    in an art of conquering;

    Foretelling a storm,
    you untied the boats,
    in an art of abandoning;

    Kissing the eyes,
    you watched the clocks,
    in an art of unloving!

    Plucking the flowers,
    you salted the soil,
    in an art of forgiving;

    Swallowing the silence,
    you breathed,
    in an art of writing!


  • proper_noun 2w

    Don't pat on my back,
    for my spine has turned brittle!

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    A bearded monk (self-proclaimed),
    having proclivities for deceit and falsehood,
    his magnanimity sprawling in statues and stadiums,
    misleading masses on misinformation and martyrdom;

    / He has these petty priorities,
    catalogued for the catacombs,

    an abominable appeasement over air,
    which the mandatory mask aptly accentuates,

    elections before examinations,
    for the disparity between the words and their worth isn't
    yet worrisome,

    vanity over vaccines,
    for paparazzi don't take mugshots,

    and God before graves,
    for there might still be a fruition in faith; /

    A mangy mongrel (duly labelled),
    in a purgatory of bread and livelihood,
    his melancholy subdued in scorn and scandals,
    migrating betwixt the bedlam of announcements;

    // He has these onerous obligations,
    cuarated as the curses,

    queues and questions,
    where the festoons of patience is necessitated,

    a carpet bombing of laws,
    while being choked on the barbed wires of immorality,

    a ruckus of responsibilities,
    when bread blocks the bed,

    and a death before dawn,
    when the ambience actuates an early departure! //


  • proper_noun 3w


    Sieve the day,
    for the heeds of helplessness,
    hide in the night,
    with the deeds of indecision!

    Shake the stasis,
    to defy the statistics,
    re-read the silence,
    to redefine the recidivism!

    Sell an emotion,
    to buy a remembrance,
    shed some tears,
    to bury the recurrence!

    Scribble a miscalculation,
    to explain an aftermath,
    misplace the dots,
    in a knee-jerk reaction!

    Search for the advices,
    but be wary of their side-effects,
    that hold a placard of placebo,
    till you run out of illusions!


    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Too often, a silhouette in the mirror says,
    'I told you so!'

  • proper_noun 3w


    I slept a bit late yesternight,
    may be I should self-diagnose,
    and declare it as insomnia;

    I didn't feel well this morning,
    I heard depression is the new fad,
    may be I ought to get some too;

    I had a good read about Van Gogh,
    on Wikipedia,
    and my ill-mannerism seems justified,
    for they apparently worship Bukowski for the same;

    I have figured out,
    that sadness sells better than anything,
    especially when it comes to poems and proses,
    may be I should write about all of this,
    and throw a bit of LoVe as icing on the cake!