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  • proper_noun 7w


    a leashed cat
    beckons an anomaly

    a rabid dog
    counts the bullets

    the lean pigs
    delay the feast

    a sheared sheep
    warms many a heart

    birds in cages
    make up for the silences

    fish in a bowl
    label it a home


  • proper_noun 7w

    'Did you have a good world when you died?
    Enough to base a movie on?
    I'm getting out of here.
    Where are you going?
    To the other side of morning.'

    - Jim Morrison

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    One moment
    it goes gu-gu-ga-ga
    cradled in comfort
    with all the concerns
    amounting to none,

    and in the next
    it sits by the window sill
    all distinguished and genteel
    pondering over the piquance
    inbred and unaccounted for,

    there's a maggot in my brain,

    a modest plesantry
    shying away from anomalies
    hiding behind the crowded conjectures,

    and quite vainglorious
    when it assumes pronouns
    and comes out for the sake of poetry.


  • proper_noun 8w

    Pardon the stop,
    for we are lost!

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    I am bad with directions
    all around the distances
    indiscriminately innate to the innuendos.

    I keep forgetting
    the places we have been
    or the ways to point
    when someone asks of my whereabouts.

    I can't seem to remember
    the vicinity of any roundabout
    or its repercussions.

    It's only the hysteria I recall
    of a ripple in yore
    searching for a shore
    having been departed from its genesis.


  • proper_noun 8w

    na-ummeedi badh gai hai iss qadar
    aarzoo ki aarzoo hone lagi

    - Dagh Dehlvi

    qayaas - presumption
    zad - target
    azaab - agony
    hubaab - bubble
    kafan-bardaar - shroud bearer

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    zindagi mein kai qayaas rahe
    iss zad pe kai nishaan rahe

    humare be-hukm kai jawaab rahe
    ek maut mein kai azaab rahe

    hubaab mein kai kirdaar rahe
    hisaab mein kai kafan-bardaar rahe


  • proper_noun 8w

    They ask after arriving
    and doubt after departure.

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    Greetings & Grievances

    An arrogant nod
    with folded hands
    and gazes gauging for disapprovals.

    With sly smirks
    their benign belligerence
    hushes the disagreements.

    Sips of schooling
    licks for a leverage
    and chweing disappointment for dinner.

    The kith and kin
    always steal the spotlight
    juggling their judgmental jargons.

    An apparent necessity
    but outrightly redundant
    a societal semblance of disgruntlement.


  • proper_noun 8w

    Ilzaamon ke libaas utaar
    sach be-zaar hota rha

    na usne nazrein pheri
    jab khud pe rota rha


  • proper_noun 9w

    kabhi jo khwab tha woh paa liya hai
    magar jo kho gayi woh cheez kya thi

    ~ Javed Akhtar

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    मतरूक (Abandoned)

    A creature of calamitous connotation
    carries the cryptic curses
    reciting the vilified verses.

    A wishful reflection
    for a wistful darkness
    tracing the parted ways.

    A sempiternal insatiateness
    spurred in its elusion
    beholding the broken beckonings.

    A lorn symphony of 52-hertz
    douses the seas in blue
    searching the sunken that never resurface!


  • proper_noun 9w

    A forgetful afterthought
    lost in remembrance.

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    We count down
    for a start

    we ask out
    for an abandonment

    friends catalogued in secrets
    foes knowing it all

    rubies on slippers
    bullets in head

    kids in brothels
    animals in day-care

    truth in cages
    a crown of pretenses

    we have made our peace
    with sympathetic synonyms of disparities

    this circle never collapses
    the cornered troupes forever await!


  • proper_noun 10w

    ham ko maaloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin

    dil ke ḳhush rakhne ko 'ġhalib' ye ḳhayaal achchaa hai

    - Mirza Ghalib

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    Be-baaki mein sabr hai yahaan
    Khamoshiyon ki qadr hai yahaan

    Falsafii ko sukoon hai yahaan
    Sach ke kai saaye hain yahaan

    Raqeebon mein gumaan hai yahaan
    Ki waahid ek ishq hai yahaan

    Ek sifar ka hisaab hai yahaan
    Har khuda pe masla hai yahaan

    Har qatl jaayaz hai yahaan
    Hum waqt ke mureed hain yahaan


  • proper_noun 10w

    Hum ko jo taane dete hain,
    ham khoye hain in rang-raliyon mein
    Hum ne un ko bhi chhup chhup ke
    aate dekhaa in galiyon mein...

    ~ Anand Bakshi

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    Suo Moto

    He didn't write back
    she waited to read otherwise.

    She kissed one too many
    he hoped his was the last one.

    On a need-to-know basis
    albeit deranged
    let's speculate it as love!