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  • priyanshusinha 4d


    We used to walk with our hands together.
    Now our eyes are apart.
    We used to talk for hours.
    Today she posted on insta, "Delhi guy tool my heart"

  • priyanshusinha 1w


    "Please let me go! That creature will eat us both"
    "Just shut up! This is my house. No one else lives here. And you are my patient so you have to follow what I'm saying"
    "This is your house but that thing is.. that is...."
    Doctor gave him the injection which left him asleep.
    The night was here.
    "How long I've been sleeping?"
    "Like 9 hours"
    "That's not good. It will come to eat me"
    "Nothing is going to happen"
    "But that creature..."
    "There isn't any creature."
    They both heard a big thud from the next room. Doctor was confused but, the patient was scared. He was screaming, "It is coming to eat me. It is coming for me"
    "No! Its not!"
    "I know its coming for me.."
    "It's already behind you, stupid"
    The whole house was filled with his screams and doctor's laughter.

    THE END.


  • priyanshusinha 2w


    I was scared to listen a knock at my door. Well, knock at the door isn't scary but, it was almost midnight and I was alone at home.

    I went to check the door. Through spy-hole I saw that no one was there. Then I realized, the knock was from inside of the house.

  • priyanshusinha 2w


    "Hey Dad, I made a new best friend in our school"
    "Woah that's cool. How is he?"
    "He is good. I swear you too will like him."
    "Well, then call him for dinner"

    At dinner,
    "How's the food son?"
    "Too good"
    "Nice. I too like the meat today"
    "Told you, you are gonna like him"

  • priyanshusinha 2w

    Teddy's Eyes

    "Papa, I want this teddy bear"
    "Ok baby, you may have it"
    The child was too happy on having that cute teddy bear. As they returned, her mother was creeper out of that teddy.
    "It's eyes are like real ones"
    "Haha" both laughed.

    It has been 10 days, that child was again playing with that teddy. But she was confused a bit.
    "Papa, I think it's eye colours are changed"
    "Maybe he wore the colourful lenses" he said jn mocking way.
    Knock knock, a neighbour was there. He was panting.
    "What happened?" Child's father asked the neighbour.
    "Mr. Saah is been murdered by someone."
    "Yeah and... and.. his eyes are not in place"

    "Daddy, why my teddy's eyes are bleeding?"

  • priyanshusinha 2w


    There was a legend in my town that, if a student is getting low marks then they will die before the next exam. Each of the students were working hard to get more marks.

    The one who had got less marks was still not studying. He was scared at all of being killed. I came out of his closet and made a slice.

    From next day, again each of the students were getting high marks.

  • priyanshusinha 3w

    दोस्तो ने कहा मुझसे
    मेरा ऐसा क्यों हाल है
    जिसको देखो उसके जुबान पर
    बस यही एक सवाल है
    फिदा हुआ कैसे
    जादू हुई क्या किसके कलम से
    क्या बताऊँ उनको
    मोहब्बत हैं तेरे नाम से

    खूनी दिमाग वाले को
    प्यार का अहसास हुआ
    सारी आवारगी छोड़
    तेरे ही आस-पास हुआ
    तेरा ही सवाल हैं मुझसे
    मेरा ऐसा क्यों हाल हैं
    क्या बताऊँ गोरिये ये तो
    तुम्हारा ही कमाल है
    काला कोई अण नहीं काली ये दाल हैं
    दिल के हरकदार में बस तेरा ही नाम हैं

    छुप-छुप कर देखा तुझे
    तुझको ये खबर नहीं
    गले से अब लग जाना हैं
    होता है सबर नहीं
    इम्तिहान कई हुए अभी
    और कोई बहाना नही
    कब तड़प आ जाऊंगा पास तुम्हारा
    इस पागल का कोई ठिकाना नहीं

    अवारे को सुधार कर रखा
    किसी जादू की किताब से
    तेरे प्यार में डूबा हूँ
    मोहब्बत हैं तेरे नाम से।

    #priyanshusinha #poem #love

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    मोहब्बत हैं

    तेरे नाम से

  • priyanshusinha 3w


    I saw her in party. She was good but her smile made me fall for her. The melody of the music plus she. I never admired any girl like this before. So I invited her for a dance. She rejected my invitation but with a smile. An angel in pink with wearing the most beautiful smile ever sae jn my life.
    That night was unforgettable. But, now I'm bored looking at the same smile again and again.

    I should have paste her face on my wall as well. Just the lips aren't working.

  • priyanshusinha 3w


    I apologized.
    I left my ego back.
    I was on my kneel in front of you.
    But that doesn't matter for you, isn't it?
    I was meant to be in darkness.
    And you were made to be chopped.

  • priyanshusinha 3w


    We were in relationship for 3 months. Then she realised that we shouldn't be together because of my usual behaviour. She started behaving different.

    So, I changed her hanging position from my bedroom to store-room. Now have place for someone new.