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  • priyanshi_t 1w

    You shut me down, In the middle of the mist
    I called you back again
    With the hope that you'd pick
    The piece that i left
    A soft part of my cage
    But there you are playing
    With my sins and my brain
    But did you know, for what its worth
    You're just another, piece of dirt
    But you say my name, like I've been a stranger
    And you liked the way, you tore my fame
    But there you are laughing
    When i call you up and you ignore it
    You rode me high, on that merry wheel
    Late christmas night, you were holding me
    Oh the curious children
    Looking right at me and you
    We forgot we were kids too
    And put ourselves out there as fools
    And i remember the time when we
    Fought our last glee
    When you left me standing there
    In the hallway, running free...

    @_amy__ @purvijoshi_ @vinitfeels @your_boy_king @chitra_009 @blurryface__14 @writersnetwork @maiatamarain @itskhushi_ @seraphic_pristine

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    A Moment of Happiness
    Realized When it passed...


  • priyanshi_t 7w

    Oh my dear love
    What should i do?
    The word passed
    When world was asleep
    But i was wide awake
    What should i do?

    You made my heart flow
    Like water from the river
    In the paradise of my eyes
    Every night i wait for you
    The word passed
    When the world was asleep
    Tell me what should i do?

    I'll be the mad hatter
    And play fool for you
    Through the magic of my brown eyes
    I'll make you forgive all your sins

    I am a poisoned wine
    Cold like the dawn
    If i manipulate the way I've flown
    i am a raging flood
    And i am capable of cutting
    The mountains into pieces

    Even in the times of misery
    You are the way to my ecstacy
    Amid the sparkling stars
    You are my only moon
    The word passed
    When the world was asleep
    Tell me what should i do?

    Oh my dear love
    What should i do?
    The word passed
    When world was asleep
    But i was wide awake
    What should i do?

    Thought I'd try something different;)
    @_amy__ @your_boy_king @writersnetwork @maiatamarain @blurryface__14 @pink_berry @seraphic_pristine @itskhushi_ @its_smn

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    Crazy Lover

    I'll please you when you take offense
    I'll burn all the drapes
    When your cold heart will melt
    Only then I'll be called a lover with craze

  • priyanshi_t 7w

    When you put on that silent face
    All you prayed for was grace
    You did not leave the dirty ones
    Hanging on tree with guns
    You tried to stop the storms
    By learning them the norms
    Of the world full of wounded good
    Meeting their despairs, you withstood
    Then you met me
    With broken wings, a disguised bee
    And we spent our time together
    You called me a Purple Heather
    It was like the war that couldn't be ended
    So I just went on and pretended
    Instead of flying and humming
    I pained you like a Scorpion sting
    You wanted to leave
    And couldn't be more relieved
    I painted your bliss blue
    When i tried to stop you...

    @_amy__ @maiatamarain @your_boy_king @chitra_009 @ps__ @blurryface__14

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    I painted your bliss blue
    When i tried to stop you...
    When you put on that silent face
    And all you prayed for was grace...

  • priyanshi_t 7w

    To My Old Friend

    So we met again, today
    It was good, like the old times
    You were happy, had a haircut
    I was okay, got a vehicle
    You described your day, and
    I did mine
    It was like nothing ever happened between us
    We shared a moment or two
    Some civil convos
    But at the end i realised
    You never left
    You were always there
    Supporting me secretly
    Praying for us to be fine
    You tried a small talk and failed
    I understand, I've been there too
    But one thing led to another and then another
    It was nice, and kind
    Funny too
    Maybe you didn't notice
    You got me out of my nostalgia
    Or maybe i took you out of the guilt
    Happy and sad, i have mixed emotions
    I thought you thought the same
    Magic was not there but yes the peace
    Of taking to you and seeing you at least
    Sitting in the same room
    I felt it was okay to be done
    But i know you will never forget me!

  • priyanshi_t 22w

    I deserve me!

    I can be the perfect one
    But i don't want to run from my life
    I have a heart of gold
    But it's locked, it just hides
    From the pain, from the tricks
    And all the wrong ones
    From the fears, and the tears
    And all the wild ones
    And me, i might not be the one
    But i still have it together
    I'm not the flawless one
    But i still reach out
    I can get a little rough
    And get into all the don'ts
    But i swear i can be loved
    That's what i promise to myself
    I deserve someone
    Who would pick my brain
    And read all my thoughts
    When I don't wanna talk
    And i deserve someone
    Who would bend my chest open
    Just to reach my heart
    And stay there, forever...

  • priyanshi_t 25w

    They say "all men were born equal". But what about women?
    #women #goddess
    @writersnetwork @chitra_009 @your_boy_king
    @itskhushi_ @_amy__

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    What about Women?

    Who pray for love, but are just being misused
    They're the ones to introduce it
    They are the best examples of
    The idea of love and humanity
    But why do we not notice
    That it is artificial for men
    Majority of them just dominate
    The future of the creators
    They might not know the answer
    That a woman has the power
    To bring a child to life
    Be it a girl or a boy
    Who grows into another woman or man
    But who had this power before?
    Gods or Men?
    I think we know the answer
    Feminist is just another word
    To distinguish humans from those
    Who stand up for our mothers
    It should've been woman-kind
    It should've been woman-made
    Because they are the ones with power
    To believe in beasts and monsters
    And they're the ones with heart
    Who believe those beasts still are humans

  • priyanshi_t 27w

    "I'll be your voilent overnight rush"
    - Lorde
    @writernetwork @your_boy_king @itskhushi_ @chitra_009

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    For my sister

    I don't care about the world
    These boys and those girls
    They're useless and pathetic
    But there is this one human
    That i can't live without
    She's beautiful and kind
    She's strong from her mind
    I know i can never be her
    Cause she doesn't know how precious she is
    I claim I'm more free, but she is more mature
    I claim I'm happier, but she is happiness itself
    I claim I'm better, but she is the best
    She's more than a safe heaven for me
    And I'll die for her, and I'll kill for her
    And I'll be her fearless little kiddo
    I'll be her partner in crime
    They say we're secretive
    But they don't understand this peace
    This peace is what we're looking for
    Only the world couldn't give it to us
    So we gave ourselves the world
    If she's my power, I'll be her strength
    If she's all mild, I'll be her wild
    I pledge to never let her go
    I pledge she'll never be alone...

  • priyanshi_t 30w

    Unpredictable Truths

    What are we waiting for?
    For the world to be decisive?
    It will never be so
    Not as long as the lovers are treacherous
    And not as long as the children are delinquent
    We run away from reality
    But dare I speak the truth
    That we hid our feelings better
    When we were younger
    And now all we do is pry
    Into what someone else might be feeling
    And dare i speak the lie
    That we are healing
    Because we are capable to heal others
    Pardon me people, but this ain't how it works
    It's the beginning not the end
    That we're dealing with deception
    Its an unpredictable truth
    About what might come next.

  • priyanshi_t 35w

    If only...

    If only you knew
    What i thought of you
    You must have stayed
    If only you could read my thoughts
    You would have fought your mind
    And stayed
    If only you saw what I believed in
    You wouldn't have counted the favours
    If only you lived my life
    You would have known your worth!

  • priyanshi_t 35w

    I like observing him
    The way he smiles
    As if he's got the purest
    The way he walks
    As if he's in love
    The way he adores nature
    As if there's no one else alive
    And then suddenly
    He closes his eyes
    And sighs
    As if his dream is just about to end!